Victor: Newman and Son, Adam: Newman and Father – Tuesday 4/16/13

Victor is just insistent on taking over again, isn’t he? Stay strong Adam! Victor should never be more than an advisor, a consigliere anymore at Newman. That’s the perfect role for him going forward. But I like it that they parry back and forth and laugh about it. Until Victor goes over to Newman and sits in the chair. Ugh. Adam should put him in the men’s room.

I desperately want Sharon to get a pound of flesh out of that old lecher, Victor. It is SO unfair that she is the one criticized – heck, demonized – for marrying him. HE was the one who pursued her. And now it turns out that she wasn’t even mentally healthy. So when he waltzed into Adam’s house and said “What the hell are you doing here?” without even looking at her, I liked it that she had a bitchy response to him, “Well hello to you too”. No one deserves her scorn more than The Great Victor Newman.

So, Adam’s a little crabby. Who can blame him?! He seemed to be trying to draw a line for her – they’re friends, they trust each other, and he definitely wants her at Newman. But he’s not in the mood for romance. I loved her warnings to him about Victor “I know he would turn on you in a heartbeat if he ever felt crossed.” She’s right. And Adam knows she’s right.

I also think she’s right about leaving Newman and I’m surprised Adam wants her to stay. That would be hard on her and unpleasant for everyone. So, of course, it will probably happen.

Did you notice that as NuAbby walked onscreen it was MM who announced “The role of Abby Newman is now being played by Melissa Ordway”? :)

It was hilarious watching Victor tell his other three spawn that he and Nikki are inviting Adam to Nikki’s birthday party and they just have to suck it up. “This is about family, okay?” Of course, Nick had to say “Have you forgotten that he kidnapped Faith?” “No,” I groaned, “you won’t let us.” But then Victor(!!!!) said “And her mother has forgiven him. Why don’t you?”

I had to pause the TV a moment, just to let that sink in. Did Victor really say that? Amazing.

Speaking of NuAbby, I’ll definitely give her time to make the character her own. I was completely underwhelmed, but it was her first day. We’ll see. I’m a bit disappointed that she’s taller than Alex.

Victoria also surprised me. I’m not sure why she came to Adam’s house to invite him to Nikki’s birthday party. It’s not her place. But the back and forth between them was great. “So Dad’s gone. You can drop the act.” Yet Victoria seemed earnest. Adam was extremely reluctant, but also kind of wanting to be convinced that he should go. Nice little scene there.

Loved Sharon and Chelsea’s scene. Sharon has been nice to Chelsea and encouraging. And she has spent a lot of energy encouraging Adam to get back with Chelsea. She was absolutely right when she finally said “Adam is no longer any of your business. You never wanted any part of Adam’s life if it didn’t have to do with you.” Chelsea rejected Adam so many times, I lost count. If she wants to know how he’s doing she can call him.

I don’t want to talk about Chloe and Chelsea.

I’m at a loss for words over Kevin.

I muted the TV for ALL of Avery’s scenes. Do NOT care about her and Nick or her and Dylan.

I got a little chill watching Billy play with that poker chip. I don’t even know why! I surprised myself.

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14 Responses to Victor: Newman and Son, Adam: Newman and Father – Tuesday 4/16/13

  1. Lauren says:

    I was good and didn’t post until you wrote about yesterday’s show. I really don’t understand the whole thing with Victor coming back to Newman. Even if Adam is CEO, doesn’t Jack still own the company and have final say? How would he ever allow that? And why would Adam, as much as he wants Victor’s approval, let him anywhere near that office? Victor threw down the gauntlet with Jack on the phone…does Jack not know that Adam is bringing Victor in? Did I miss something?

    Hate Chloe (though I like EH as an actress), hate Chelsea. Hate Kevin. I was never a fan of Kevin to begin with. The storyline with Chloe and Chelsea is ridiculous, considering Chloe tried that with Cane and look where that got her. And Kevin, with the necklace? Absurd. I hope he and Chloe wind up in jail. Didn’t like the last writers, and so far the only thing I like about the new writers is the return of the old Sharon. But Adam still has the best lines ever. He must ad lib them.

  2. c07111 says:

    When Sharon’s hands inched up from Adam’s wound on his back to his shoulders and Adam said “Sharon I didn’t get shot in the shoulders.” I literally laughed out loud at the line and Sharon’s expression. It was like she didn’t realize her hands had made it to his shoulder. These two are just awesome together. Adam was a little snappy but he was in pain, it just showed how Sharon is comfortable with whatever mood he is in. She knows him better than anyone and he her. What they have is nameless. Sharon was right to warn Adam about Victor, but somehow I think it’s Victoria who will work diligently to make sure the a wedge will continue to be between Adam and Victor. And why she’s working to do that Billy will fall right back into the gambling thing. Just my prediction though. As far as Chelsea and Sharon, glad Sharon put her in her place. And of course Chelsea pouting because someone was mean to her as if she wasn’t mean to Adam for months. What is with the purse dropping and prenatal pills showing again?

  3. catwoman1047 says:

    MM and SC are just simply the best. So believable in their characters and the interplay of their conversations and body language. More, please.

  4. soccermommy says:

    I absolutely loved Victor dictating to his children that they would accept Adam’s presence at family events. Way to go Victor, you just insured that he wouldn’t be welcomed.
    Then, after seeing TEVN sitting in the office “big” chair, I wondered, is that what he wanted? Using Adam’s need for acceptance to grab power, and by the way, punish him again? Or is Victor conflicted for once in his life….I almost fell over hearing him admonish Nick to forgive.
    Actually, I don’t care if Nick forgives Adam or not. I do wish Adam would finally offer a sincere apology, because that’s what you do to try to make restitution. I don’t care if Adam has a good relationship with Victoria or Abby. They don’t like him. He doesn’t like them. I’m with Adam, I don’t like these judgmental hypocrites either.
    Words fail with Kevin. That was one huge insult he gave Chloe. Why is she with this twit? Okay, why is he with her? This is one relationship that has to end.
    I can’t wait for Phyllis to get back from Istanbul. Avery needs a reality check, and Phyllis is just the one to do it. In the meantime, well remotes come with a FF button for a reason.
    Finally, Adam! Not sure if I want the beard to stay, don’t care for beards and it hides his face, but I’ll take what I can get. As for Sharon, I was wondering….does she unconsciously caress and touch if the man in her life isn’t making nice? Or is it just her way to comfort? I truly didn’t know how to take Adam’s crabbiness, except he’s in pain, but he got crabbier when Chelsea’s name was mentioned.
    I didn’t mind the scene between Sharon and Chelsea. She told Chelsea some things I wanted Chelsea to hear. Chelsea’s flip-flopping on the baby issue is driving me insane. Just tell the man already. But I bet Sharon is going to be the one who does.
    Remember this, Chelsea. Adam can count.
    Thanks to all of you for the kind words. I wasn’t personally affected, but I know people who were. Boston is a strong city. We’ll get over this. But it will happen with the help of all of us.

  5. kelsey22 says:

    Sharon needs to steer clear of the Adam and Chelsea situation. But I am sure she will tell Adam about the baby. I think she should. She doesn’t owe Chelsea anything but she is Adam’s friend and he has a right to know that either he is going to be a father or that Chelsea may have cheated on him when they were together. I am sure this means Chelsea will lie about the baby because Sharon “forced” her hand. I am not looking forward to a Dylan being conned storyline but if thinking he has a baby on the way stops him from standing around looking wounded over Avery and Nick then I say go for it.

    I don’t know about new Abby. I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume the blank facial expressions and flat line delivery was because she was nervous being in a big scene with the Newmans and not evidence of a lack of acting skill.

  6. blee911 says:

    Seems like you feel the same as I do about certain storylines. I can’t even watch the Chloe/Kevin Robin Hood story. It is the sleaziest thing I’ve ever seen on Y&R and I’m sure that they will disappear very soon. There is no way to redeem this couple, not in my opinion anyway. I’m also disgusted by the Chloe/Chelsea find a baby Daddy story. We have all come to love Adam and like Dylan so why would the viewers want to see either of them screwed this way. Again Chloe looks absolutely sleazy and Chelsea is looking like the grifter she once was. Where is Anita – she’d fit right in. I am LOVING the new Newman family dynamic including Adam – this is where focus should be. Also loved the Jack/Phyllis scenes in Turkey – they are very cute together. Nice to see both of them happy for a change. I too hate Avery – we all know she’ll go back to Dylan so why drag it out any further. Love your blog as always.

  7. blee911 says:

    Sorry – forgot one thing – Lauren is a skank and deserves to have Michael and Fen turn their backs on her. She can be with Carmine – bet that won’t last long when everyone else is disgusted!

  8. Elle says:

    Great post as always. I haven’t been very enthusiastic about the show in the past week or so. I’ve loved EB and MM’s scenes, but there are so many other storylines I can’t get behind. I used to be a big Chelsea apologist, but I just can’t take this character any longer. All the missed opportunities to tell Adam she’s pregnant, conspiring with the horrible Chloe. Ugh. Now just as we learn about Dylan’s lost child with Avery we get to look forward to Chelsea ripping his heart out with the baby-con.
    While I like Dylan, all these scenes with him and Avery I could do without. We just met Dylan, and Avery still seems so new to me. When he’s pleading and she’s gulping I’m fast forwarding. I hate to sound callous, but I’m not emotionally invested in them…at all.
    Kevin is all over the place. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s on his way out because how can he be redeemed from this? There’s no excuse this time. He’s not being held captive in a small dark space, or being forced into crime against his will. Plus that comment to Chloe? Whoa. I didn’t expect that (nor did I feel sympathy for her with all the “advice” she’s been giving Chelsea).
    My favorite scenes? Anything with the lovely Sharon Case. Her wandering hands (ha!), and finally putting Chelsea in her place (holla!).

  9. sparkyman says:

    I too am enjoying the Victor and Jr. exchanges. Victor seems to laugh a lot during those exchanged and that is kinda refreshing. Feel for Adam as he wades into the sesspool which is the Newman clan. This can’t possibily go smoothly.

    Vicky is soooo annoying!! And I was just thinking if Adam was with Chelsea, how awkward it would it be for Chelsea to be at family gatherings for everyone and poor little Johny as he got older. Chelsea would be there but not be his mother. Okay, that could not possibly work out.

    Avery… seriously, I was laughing at her sighing, crying and heavy breathing. My eyes almost got stuck up in my eyeballs. Enough, change the record!

    Thought it was quite realistic that Adam was a bit cranky after being discharged from hospital. And sharon was bit bitchy.. maybe that could have been for several reasons as Victor treated her like dirt . Again, I just love SC. She is my favorite character and tops the list of actors on that show- IMO. And Chelsea had it coming as far as I am concerned.

    Myself, I am tired of the whole Ch/Shadam triangle so they can go which ever way they please , don’t care anymore. I know we have both Chadam and Shadam fans on the blogs and everyone has their own reasons for liking that pairing. However, IMO I don’t get what Adam would want with Chelsea, what heinious crime did he do to lead to divorce and lose a son? He showed compassion( one kiss)to an ex-wife and saying her name when she was the last persn he saw before going into a coma. Wanting to stay in his hometown is not a reason to divorce. Sharon nailed it when she said, Chelsea was only interested in the parts of Adam that involved her.

    On the other hand, Sharon has hurt Adam but he has done some heinous things to her. She forgave him, understands him, supports him in every way and always has his back……..
    Over in Instanbul!!, Phyllis and Jack are bonding. They are cute right now. But we all know, Jackie has no luck in love.

  10. deelj says:

    Everyone’s posts are on the money. I love this blog as well and I love EE ruling as the velvet hammer. Kevin lost me back in his chipmunk days. Lauren is extremely disappointing, and I really don’t understand her motivation for cheating on Michael. If you take vows and you hit a few work through it. You don’t necessarily sleep with the bartender. I used to have so much respect for the character, but it simply disgusts me to see her pining over Carmine. Can someone explain her actions? Is this a mid-life crisis? Michael and Fen survived and have moved closer. Lauren jumped off the roof.

    I’d hate to see her in a real crisis. She held it together during Shelia and she can’t get past this with Michael? PULEEZE!

  11. Lulu Sue says:

    This episode made me SO happy. Happy to see Adam & Sharon together – the signs that Sharon still wants him & the fact she has his back & understands him better than anyone. i could watch SC & MM together all day long – they really have a great performance short hand & I have always been a SC/SN fan, but have you noticed that MM has really upped her game? Fantastic scene. And I hooted when Victor came in & growled at her & she rolled her eyes – I LOVE that she doesn’t truly care what the Newman patriarch & matriarch think about her. It matters not to me that Victor will never see her as anything other than the would be destroyer of his family, it matters only that the girl is healthy & mentally strong. You GO Sharon!

  12. Lulu Sue says:

    Yes – Sharon Case is terrific. I laughed at her wandering hands & I also loved the scene with Chelsea. I too gave the Chelsea character a long rope but unfortunately, she hung herself with it. Sharon has been extremely generous to Chelsea – extremely encouraging – I love that she shut Chelsea down finally. Chelsea & Chloe are like the mean girls you want to wipe the floors with – and Chloe, honestly, if you are going to call someone whack a doo, then you might look at the chap beside you – you know, the one you married.

  13. Lulu Sue says:

    You know, I agree with you – I think the writers need to do a better job explaining why Lauren jumped in bed with Carmine & why she just can’t help herself. Fen did a despicable thing, Michael did his job (in the real world, this had conflict blasted all over it & he would never get to do that, let alone conduct an interrogation in his living room – ha!) However, its a soap. Lauren basically blew off the whole bullying thing as a non issue & jumped in bed with Carmine. Where’s the logic? Ok, is it too much to ask that there be some linear flow to the action & motivations of these characters? Y & R is the best soap because it has always been so character focused but to me, this story has been a major fail. Not because of the acting, but because the writing for the actors has not been there.

  14. ret2go says:

    Sorry I posted too early on my comments yesterday. I had watched a whole week’s worth at once and didn’t realize…

    Adam should not have been “showing compassion with one kiss” to an ex-wife when he was married and his wife was devastated by a miscarriage. So I think ol’ Chels is well within her rights to be hurt. But not telling him about this baby is not right. If she was thinking like her old self at all, she would be seeing that she could get him back but good just by telling him. IMO he was too compassionate with Sharon when he should have directed that compassion toward his own wife.

    That being said…I love MM’s interpretation of the role. Always edgy.

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