Phyllis: That’s wrong. That’s disgusting. Truly – Tuesday 11-13-12

Wait. Let me see if I got this. Ronan tells Phyllis that someone is bullying Jamie online, telling things about his past (albeit TRUE things) and mocking him to everyone else. Phyllis is appalled, I tell you! Right? That’s what we saw?

Okay. Just checking. Because this is the same Phyllis who used her bully pulpit at Restless Style to expose things (some true, some lies, most OPINION) about too many people to count. With nary a thought for how it would affect their families, especially their innocent children, her own step-children. For years. Right? Okay. Moving on.

Sorry new writers, but having Victor be the head bully in charge is just not must-see-TV. Who the hell does he think he is to tell Billy “She is no longer your wife. Your marriage is over.” That just doesn’t fly. He has a right to be upset. He has a right to want to help. That’s his daughter. But in typical Victor fashion, he thinks he is entitled to have total power over everything and everyone. It’s tedious.

And Nikki, completely falling apart and telling all to Victor, crying and apologizing? Pitiful.

Nice twist to have Phyllis show up at Avery’s asking for moral support. I felt equal parts pity for her and admiration for her manipulative skillz. I think she was both completely honest that she needed her sister and completely devious, knowing how it would impact the proceedings if Avery were there. And completely Phyllis, blaming Avery and trying to heap guilt on her. Ever the victim, Phyllis!

She even managed to blame everyone for her sleeping with Ronan. “I needed to know someone cared.” Because all of you mean people didn’t care about me! So it’s your fault I slept with Ronan!

Also, Tedders? And a crib mobile that Nick made? Was that just another attempt to heap guilt on Nick? I’m thinking Phyllis needs to visit with Sharon’s doctor.

Also crazy is the recurring ghost of John Abbott. It’s silly and I just can’t go with it. If they had Jack fall asleep and dream about conversations with his dad that would be one thing. But the way they do it where Jack is awake and his father just appears in the flesh and harps on him and then disappears… No.

Nice stuff from Summer in this episode. I was happy to see that she was suffering pangs of sympathy and guilt for her mom. It would be completely unbelievable if she didn’t. And she admitted that it hurts. Her scenes with her Dad and her Mom were well done. It was also good to see that Fen got through to her and she decided to stop bullying Jamie. Oh, oops. I guess she changed her mind on that!

I nearly forgot that Cane and Lily were still on the show. And the entire purpose of their scene today was just to explain Genevieve’s absence? Lily was sympathetic to Genevieve and Cane was like, “Eh, whatever.” so nothing’s changed.

Hi Jill! Hi Sarge! Hi Leslie! Oh noes, don’t put Leslie back in Neil’s orbit!

Line of the day:

Billy, to Victor: Without world domination to focus your mind on, you’re goin to some strange places.

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64 Responses to Phyllis: That’s wrong. That’s disgusting. Truly – Tuesday 11-13-12

  1. soccermommy says:

    But, EE, Phyllis is a journalist! You can spread the truth anyway you want if it’s true! And she actually got paid for it, so it must have had validity, right?

    Double Hell to the No! Phyllis is so oblivious (or in denial) to her own behavior she can’t see that Summer learned from the master. But I will give her props for at least figuring out it was Summer behind the vileness, because I guarantee you Nick won’t believe it.

    And, okay, for a nanosecond, I did feel sorry for Phyllis. She really is alone now, sniff, sniff, except for Ronan when she isn’t kicking him to the curb, and finally reaches out to Avery, who has professed (pre Nick) her desire for a relationship with Phyllis. Actually, these two sisters are pretty well matched when it comes to manipulation, though Avery isn’t as obvious about it. But she’s a trial attorney, and good ones have to know how to read and use people. I think that’s why I’m still not warming up Navery. I don’t think Nick stands a chance between these two….and that could be fun to watch.

    Doesn’t Victor have an island, or yacht, or someplace else to be? I hear Cannes is lovely in the fall. Tahiti might be even better. It’s almost summer at the South Pole. I don’t know what’s worse, Victor at NE manipulating people, or Victor stalking them and barging in their homes haranguing them. I do know he isn’t going to make things all better this time, and I’m still wondering if this is a prelude to BM leaving the show.
    All things considered, Victor and Nikki once a week is plenty. And why, oh why, did Billy go to Nikki, of all blabbermouths? She wasn’t even snockered when she told Victor, either.
    Meh to Neil, and whoever he tries to hook up with, and I really don’t care what Cane thinks about his mother. Imo, the wrong Ashby left, because Cane is a true product of both his messed up parents. Once a week would be plenty to see him, too.
    But Adam? I could handle seeing him every day. That’s one thing we can bless the new writers for….seeing the gold amid the dross.

  2. mmandmusic53 says:

    “Oh noes, don’t put Leslie back in Neil’s orbit!”…

    AMEN! I second that. They dated, I blinked, it was over. Too little, too late their time has passed for me. Turn Leslie into a female Michael. I can live with that but a love interest for Neil…Oh please no. Come on writers buy a vowel and get a clue because that pairing is too contrived. If it’ strictly biz and nothing more, cool but find a strong woman that will challenge him. Leslie would have to do a complete 360 to be that woman and there isn’t evidence (or reason) to think the writers would put that sort of time into her character.

  3. mmandmusic53 says:

    …but, I am a Neil Winters fan so I ‘d like to throw my 2 cent on the table about the character and the man who plays him.

    On the superficial side, KSJ is aging exceptionally well….seeing him on my screen always brings a smile to my face…with or without a shirt!!!!! On a more serious note, he’s a 20 plus year vet who has been on contract almost from day one. I’ve seen recurring actors receive more screen time so I think it is a travesty what they have done to him and his character.

    Drucilla and Neil were gold together. As a couple they went through hell, high-water and back and they were married for approximately 17 years; factoring in both weddings, give a take a few years. In soap world that should be considered wedded bliss and stability.

    Although he played kissy face with some icky random woman after discovering he had been lied to for years about Lily’s paternity, he NEVER committed adultery while with Drucilla. How many husbands in GC managed one full marriage without cheating? The scene where he and Drucilla are in bed after making love and he FINALLY owned up to his attraction to Carmen Mesta took my breath away it was so honest and beautifully done. When the crap hit the fan and Dru went batshit crazy, he stood up for her like a man truly in love would have. Heck, homie told the pilot to gas up the jet for goodness sakes. Straight lace Neil Winters was ready to do whatever it took to save his woman, including breaking the law. But… it took Dru longer to hit the water than it took the (former) writers to hook Neil up with not one but two wives and a bad acting (with pretty eyes) piece on the side.

    Based on the crappy way he’s been written since Dru’s death, it stands to reason many viewers are turned off by the character but I think Neil Winters needs a meaty storyline, something with substance. Whether KSJ sinks or swims in such a role would be up to him but after all the time he has put in, his multiple Emmy nominations and two Emmy’s, he deserves better than what he’s been given since VR’S untimely dive over the cliff. (Literally and figuratively) IMHO

  4. kelsey22 says:

    I think I could get behind Neil and Jill as a pairing. I liked their scenes together.

    Ghost John is seriously getting on my last nerve. It was a nice gimmic when it happened once a year or so but to bring him on to constantly nag Jack is ridicuous. It’s not like John never made any bad choices that hurt his family. Gloria anyone?

    So Victor is now the grammar police in addition to everything else he gets to rag on everyone about.

  5. mmandmusic53 says:

    OMG, I thought I was the only one that thought about a Neil/Jill hookup. Plus back in the day they had some great scenes together as well. He even gave her advice about getting back with John. She’s older but what the heck… The history is there and it makes sense to me.

  6. ElliEmma says:

    Wow. Thank you for all of that detailed background on Neil. I like KSJ a LOT, but in the 3 ½ years I’ve been watching, Neil has been a completely unsympathetic character and hasn’t had a business storyline of any importance. Newman, Jabot, Chancellor… I can never remember where he’s working at any given time. The whole Sofia thing? Horrible.

    I would never have known that he and Dru were married 17 years and he was faithful the whole time. That’s amazing! They have ruined him in the past few years. It’s a terrible shame.

    And I completely agree that he is in amazing shape. For any age.

  7. ElliEmma says:

    I meant to comment on Victor figuring out that Victoria didn’t write that email. That was actually very astute and I love the idea of it. It’s just that coming from Victor, it seemed ridiculous. He loves to say “ain’t” and talk in common slang and it never sounds realistic or natural. It always sounds so out of place for a man of his position and also with his German accent. So it just seemed far-fetched that HE would be the one to catch such a common grammar mistake.

  8. ElliEmma says:

    Regarding Jill and Neil, in real life KSJ is 46 and JW is 63. Not that I have anything against older women getting with younger men. My hubby is younger than me by a number of years! But I just don’t see those two romantically paired.

  9. mmandmusic53 says:

    You’re welcome and I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about the character….since VR left they’ve made the character so unrecognizable people find it hard to connect to him anymore. There was a reason Devon said he had integrity…he really does but you wouldn’t know that based on the cartoon they turned him into….and yes once again….the man is FOINE….LOL

  10. LucyLou says:

    I couldn’t get behind Neil and Jill. Just don’t see anything there. But Leslie? Yeah, I could. I’ve liked her since the first little 5 second stint they gave her. Give her character some more depth. Get Neil back to NEIL. It could work. She’s a beautiful, intelligent woman. Give her some fire and she could snap Neil back to the Neil we all loved years ago.

    Everything else–I pretty much agree with everything the rest of you said! :)

  11. mmandmusic53 says:

    I understand why people might not like it but she looks fantastic for her age and they’ve already made him a grandpa. Ditch the die they put in his hair and mustache and I would buy into it. LOL
    It could be a May/Dec thing in reverse and a timely story for the adults. I doubt it will happen but it did cross my mind when I watched them the other day.

  12. mmandmusic53 says:


  13. sparkyman says:

    Just a few comments:

    EE, great blog. I love your take on Phyliss. It is always so spicy. Isn’t Phyliss like the world’s biggest hypocrit.
    I agree with thoughts on Neil. He was so much more central to the show. They need to think about how to bring him back.
    Of course, they had that reallly hot guy playing the smoooth Nathan. Now he was hot!! They really need to take another shot of recasting Nathan.. and get it right this time.
    Really love that the new writing has Adam front and central in love and business. That was a right move.
    Disappointed there is no change in Victor but then he is too long in the tooth to change in GC or in real life.
    Really hope they treat this cyper-bullying story with integrity as this is truly as serious topic and should be treated as such.
    Liking the new Noah but still he is too old to be Sharon and Nick’s son. Crazy. He is cute with little Faith. So glad to see a bit more of her. Hope they don’t SORAS her for some time as there are plenty of teens/ youth in GC.
    Where is Kyle??
    What happened to Abby? Did she leave without a good – bye??

  14. sparkyman says:

    One more thing… absolutely no to Jill and Neil. Of course that’s IMO.

  15. kelsey22 says:

    I’m just grasping at straws to keep her away from Tucker. That was a pairing with no chemistry.

  16. mmandmusic53 says:

    If Tucker hadn’t dumped Jill so callously I could have lived with them together but the Jill I know wouldn’t run back to him after that. Although they did have her all gooey eyed over Colin.

  17. sueb says:

    Totally agree with your take on Neil and Dru. I wish they would bring Dru back. I understand that the original actress will never return or will not be asked back; but why can’t they recast the role?? The character has been off screen for so long and no body was found so it isnt implausible. Vicki was successfully recast as were other characters. Heck, if they can recast Terry Lester’s Jack successfully, almost anyone can be recast….

  18. sueb says:

    Yes, what on earth happened to Abby. We heard something about Kyle and an internship but no word at all about Abby. It is really bugging me that she basically evaporated…

  19. mmandmusic53 says:

    I can see a recast for Dru. There are plenty of women out there that could bring justice to the role. It would take time for many old fans to adjust but I adjusted to Jill, Ashley, Adam, Billy…. and lawd knows I loved me some Terry Lester but I got over that as well so yep, it can be done.

  20. lynnet says:

    Its funny I actually started watching Y and R round about the time Dru died and I was relaxed about it because well she went over a cliff and no body was found so that meant she was coming back right?Wrong, years and years of waiting and no Dru return sucks ;I still remember that she died while having a cat fight was it with Phyllis to defend best friend Sharon’s honour ,I loved her she was a great mother, great friend and wife and I loved her attacks on phyllis they were some of the best scenes ever !

  21. lynnet says:

    Oh EE, I loved your commment on Phyllis whining about how its everyone else ‘s fault that she slept with Ronan because she needed to know “someone cared’. If Sharon said something like that the very same Phyllis would blast her for being insecure and wanting some man to rescue her from the agony of living with herself ,Lol. I am so tired of waiting for the writers to give Phyllis her comeuppance that I no longer pay any attention to her anymore ;as far as I am concerned she is a mad woman , a ticking time bomb people keep mistaking for a sane and reasoning woman . I would have respected her more if she had said she felt she couldnt trust or believe in Nick anymore due to the way he behaved before, I would have been more convinced if she had said there was a part of her always waiting for him to leave her and run off with Sharon so subconsciously she felt better if she ruined their marriage before he did (I would definitely use the same excuse for Sharon ) . Its the reason I wasnt really surprised when she cheated on Nick that would have been my excuse!

  22. mmandmusic53 says:

    You should have seen Dru and Phyllis when they first met. Phyllis was an accidental model for a minute and Malcolm teamed Phyllis and Dru up for a shoot he had to do. They couldn’t stand each but they were hilarious. They were oil and water from that day forward and their scenes together were always priceless.

    I expected Dru to return as well but that bridge seems to have been burned as far as VR playing the role. In spite of VR making it her own and putting her spin on it, Dru was such a strong and pivotal character I can’t see why the character can’t be resurrected.

  23. YRAdamLover says:

    I think John’s ghost is Jack’s conscience.
    I love the line/quote of the day!

  24. suzigeer says:

    I thought that Victor’s heart transplant (with the heart of an Abbott) was such a good opportunity for Victor to change, at least occasionally when divvying out his revenge and/it orders to everyone. To see him with an ounce of second thought would at least make him more interesting. But he never changes, and so it’s tedious to watch.

  25. suzigeer says:

    A little more history on Neil. He was a very angry drunk for a while, but I don’t recall the trigger. I think it was before Dru went off the cliff, but I’m sure one of the others here can fill you in.

    I liked Neil with Harmony. I remember no one else liked her, and no one liked the scene in Devon’s studio when Harmony got Neil to dance. I LOVED that scene .. she brought his child out. Debbie(?) Morgan would have made a terrific Drucilla if Y&R was going to recast her.

  26. suzigeer says:

    EE, aside from Neil being a drunk as I mentioned above, he was engaged to Victoria when that role was played by Heather(?) Tom. He’s a very good actor and I too hate to see him go to waste.

  27. mmandmusic53 says:

    Yep, he is a recovering alcoholic. He first started drinking after his friend died. I believe the guys name was Ryan and he worked under Neil at Jabot. Anyhoo, at this point if memory serves, he and Dru were divorced and she and Lily were living in Paris. After Dru and Lily returned he got his act together but he did fall off the wagon after Dru died.

  28. mmandmusic53 says:

    Oh …and I agree, DM would have been perfect as a Dru recast. The sad thing is they could have kept her as Harmony and she still would have been perfect for Neil. IMO.

    There were things I didn’t care for about the way she was written initially, actually I found then down right insulting but Harmony eventually grew on me and I could really see the potential in her character and the character’s growth. That was a really wasted opportunity.

  29. mmandmusic53 says:

    You know, I think some of the best scenes between Victor and Jack were when they were getting along. At one point they actually liked and respected each other. I think on a certain level they still do but it’s pretty hard to tell these days.

    Victor was a SOB from day one. I still can’t get over his locking his wife up in a cage but they do tend to soften him up every now and then. He always resorts back to type though. :)

  30. mmandmusic53 says:

    I remember that but the truth is I’m not a big Heather Tom fan. Nothing personal against the actress and I liked her as a kid but not an adult Victoria. I liked the scenes between Neil and the recast Victoria though.

  31. mmandmusic53 says:

    I know a lot of people didn’t like Abby but she cracked me up and brought a lot of fun to the show.

    Considering she had so much stock in Newman it’s really strange the way they had her go poof. I could care less if Kyle ever comes back but I’m going to miss Abby.

    I’m also wondering if they have had a change of heart about keeping Sarge. I hope so.

  32. deelj says:

    Nick doesn’t believe Summer is a cyberbully and Phyllis can’t convince him. Phyllis–try this- “Nick, she’s MY daughter”. Nick “ok. done”.
    Please, please bring Victoria Rowell back. The fans love her and who better to give Phyllis her due? Enough time has passed. Whatever the problems, everybody get over it. I can’t go with a recast. There just is nobody better. Let Neil get involved with Leslie or Jill . I don’t care..then bring Dru back. Now, that’s juicy!

  33. deelj says:

    BTW why is Adam’s house so ugly? Young couple, lots of about some modern furniture and light? It looks like they’re living in a funeral parlor.

  34. mmandmusic53 says:

    LOL….it does look dreary. I guess between Avery’s new digs and the new restaurant set there isn’t any money in the budget. :)

    I was also surprised Victor and Nikki ended up living at the club. They should have moved in with Katherine, everyone else does. :)

  35. mmandmusic53 says:

    ElliEmma, talking about Neil and Dru brought back a lot of memories and just to fill you in on Dru….as strange as it sounds, she didn’t intentionally cheat on Neil.

    He was out of town on business and they were talking on the phone. After their call she took some meds for a cold and her last thoughts were of her husband. When Malcolm came in to check on her, Dru was pretty groggy and out of it. She REALLY thought it was Neil…again, strange but true. One thing led to another and oops, Lily was conceived. In her defense, it’s a tad difficult to explain to your husband, you slept with his brother by accident. LOL
    I was more upset with Malcolm although his claim was, I thought you knew it was me…yeah right Malcolm. I can still remember the look on her face when Neil came home the next day….it was , oops, what did I do.:) I felt really bad for Dru because she loved Neil Winters with all her heart.

    I brought that up because, as GC couples go, they were pretty solid. They had their issues and drama (sometime a lot of issues and drama) but they were a good counter balance to all the other shenanigans going on in GC. That balance seems to be missing from GC these days.

    I hope Adam and Chelsea break the cycle. I can see them eventually breaking up (maybe) but I hope it’s not because of infidelity issues.

  36. sparkyman says:

    Wasn’t there a character called Nathan..and..a child called little Nate? Am I getting confused with another soap? Can someone refresh mymemory

  37. mmandmusic53 says:

    You’re right. Nathan was Olivia’s husband. Olivia was Dru’s sister. Little Nate was their son but he’s now a doctor like his mom.

  38. mmandmusic53 says:

    More background on Nathan while we’re waiting on the next episode. LOL

    Nathan started out as one of the good guys. He worked with Paul at the PI agency. Dru had the hots for him initially. Don’t know if you remember the scene where Dru was in the psyche ward and reading a passage from Shakespeare but it was the same passage Nathan used to help teach Dru to read. That’s what made the book and that scene so special but anyhoo. Nathan eventually cheated on Olivia with this chica who was HIV Positive. (It irks me so many soap folk engage in unprotected sex) and when Olivia found out of course they divorced. Olivia did everything she could to keep Little Nate from his father. Nathan ended up kidnapping Little Nate but eventually had a change of heart and decided to bring him home to Olivia. In the process he was hit by a car and that was the end of Nathan

  39. mmandmusic53 says:

    Something else crossed my mind. There are a lot of gaps in Neil’s background that have never been explored. He and Malcolm are actually half brothers. They have different mothers I believe it is but I remember Malcolm saying, he use to idolize Neil and follow him around when they were kids. Don’t know how they ended up in the same household. Maybe it was explained at some point and I’ve forgotten or missed it but that has always irked me.

    I know they came from Chicago which I thought was funny since KSJ came to Y&R from the soap, Generations where his character lived in Chicago. LOL

  40. sueb says:

    If memory serves: when Nathan first came on the show he was known as “Kong” – a tough guy type who did indeed work for Paul and Andy Richards. I can’t remember if Diane was introduced as Andy’s wife or if she just ended up married to him…

  41. mmandmusic53 says:

    I’m so looking forward to Wens recap I can’t stay away. LOL

    Victor, Victor, Victor….being a bully is and has always been his stock and trade. Add manipulative and controlling as well. When he first hit town the man kept his wife locked in a cage to keep her from interacting with people. The Victor you see telling Billy Victoria is no longer his wife, goes back to the very beginning of who Victor has always been. Love EB but Victor is NUTS! lol

    I’ve shied away from talking about Phyllis. Some days I feel sorry for her and other days I simply want to strangle her and be done with it. Her character has always carried that vibe for me. A testament to MS acting of course but still… I’ll give her a break about the way she’s treating the cyber-bullying thing simply because it’s a, do as I say, not as I do situation. That’s believable and she’s always tried to be a good mother.

    I’m still not feeling Summer. I understand the importance of addressing Cyber-Bullying but she’s too much like her mom for me. One Phyllis is all I can deal with. LOL

    I’ll give ghost John a break cause he’s an oldie but goodie but I really wish he wouldn’t be so tough on Jack. Aside from the way he treated Ashley, I don’t understand what Jack did that was so wrong. Business is business and it’s not as if Victor would not have done the same thing. Jack didn’t manipulate or steal anything to get the company. If you think about it, Tucker set things in motion, Jack simply took advantage of the opportunity.

    Cane and Lily….well, they are Cane and Lily. Shouldn’t they be at worked though?

    I wonder will we ever find out about Daisy? Didn’t care for the character but I am curious what happen to her. Is Eden gone? Will Lucy be a pre-teen next time we see her?

  42. mmandmusic53 says:

    Andy Richards…Gerald Ford’s son. I had forgotten all about him.

    My memories of Andy are vague. I just remember he was kinda goofy.

  43. mmandmusic53 says:

    I remember the name Kong but there are some things I selective choose to forget…that name and passing a Black man off as an Italian mobster are just two of them. :)

  44. mmandmusic53 says:


  45. mmandmusic53 says:

    I don’t want to offend anyone so let me qualify something. There are some things that are simply a part of Y&R history and I get that. Some things I like, some things I don’t. It’s not that big of a deal though and I hope my opinions don”t step on anyone’s toes.

  46. deelj says:

    I hear ya. Nathan(Kong) has a big burly baldheaded brother named Jazz…pretty stereotypical names and characters for African-Americans. For me, it was hard to watch. But I loved Dru and Neil together.

  47. mmandmusic53 says:

    Yeah the names really turned me off too but putting a Black man in white face makeup almost sent me over the edge. THE ONLY redeeming thing that came out of that story for me was when the love interest discovered he was Black (how could she have missed that…duh) and said it didn’t matter what color he was. Not to say the moral justified the actions but I was at least able to say, no harm no foul.

    There have been some blips on the road and I haven’t always been happy with the AA characters. I loved Dru dearly and madly but even her ghetto gurl thing use to be a bit too much at times but the original way Neil was written helped to smooth over a lot of rough edges. It’s why I’m so outdone with what they have reduced him to.

  48. debizhere says:

    And, once again, we see how shallow Neil is. He destroyed his marriage and hurt Sophia horribly because of his “feelings” for Harmony. She’s not gone two days and he’s trying to pick up Leslie. We all know where his “feelings” originate. He and Nick should compare notes.

  49. debizhere says:

    Let me add my thanx as well.n I wasn’t watching the show during the Neil/Dru years . I, too, had no idea he had been faithful to his wife. In that case, you are correct…the writers did a real hatchet job on this character.

    Hopefully, the new team will get him back where he belongs.

  50. debizhere says:

    Just my personal opinion…nope, Phyllis is not the world’s biggest hypocrit. That position is held, and always be, by TGVN.

  51. debizhere says:

    Jack made a reference to Kyle last week. I believe he said that Kyle was doing an internship in NYC. My question…an internship for what/who? He was an employee of NE until he had his fight w/Sharon and quit.

  52. debizhere says:

    Or, considering the fact they hate Sharon…couldn’t they have kicked her off the ranch and moved into her house? Doesn’t matter if she owns it or not…that never stopped Victoe before.

  53. debizhere says:

    ITA….I mentioned that the minute he bought the place. I posted that I hoped they’d redecorate the place…way too dark/dreary for a young married couple.

  54. sueb says:

    Oh wow, I had forgotten about “Jazz”!!

  55. sueb says:

    I just googled Andy Richards – wow can’t believe he was Gerald Ford’s son – never knew that! Gosh I love this blog!!!

  56. mmandmusic53 says:

    Yep, it was one of the best relationships in GC as far as I was concerned. Dru could really drive the man and everyone crazy but for the most part he stuck by her.

    If I’m not mistaken the only reason they wrote in the first divorce was because VR wanted to leave the show but when they got back together, Neil really hung in there although he had his moments of being exasperated and even disillusioned.

    Don’t get me wrong, Neil is not perfect. He can be pretentious and pompous at times but heck, up until Dru died, if that’s the worse you could say about a man in GC that’s pretty good.

    Most men in GC would have immediately walked out if they found out a child they thought was theirs wasn’t but although he was totally hurt and pissed, he never even talked about divorcing Dru. In the end, he apologized to HER and said he didn’t need an apology from Dru…who in GC does that? It still breaks my heart they aren’t together.

    He wasn’t anywhere close to being over Dru when he hooked up with Karen. That’s probably one of the few things the writers slipped in from time to time and got right….and I can’t even talk about Neil and Sophia….or Tyra without shaking my head and asking, WTF?

    I like Sophia’s character but there was ZERO chemistry between those too and Tyra was a pretty woman but the actress was totally out of her league.

  57. mmandmusic53 says:

    AMEN sister woman (as Michael would say) LOL

  58. mmandmusic53 says:

    True, so true!

  59. mmandmusic53 says:

    You know what’s been on my mind lately though? When Neil was going through his alcohol stage (the first time) he was beaten up by a character named Jazz. (Todd Bridges) Never could figure out if that was suppose to be the same Jazz from back in the day. I don’t remember what happen to him, I know he had a thing for Amy Lewis, Paul’s secretary at the time.

  60. mmandmusic53 says:

    I disagree. Neil Winters came on the show as a Stanford MBA grad. Truth be told he was attracted to Dru from the minute he bumped into her in the mail room but she came in with a street vibe that made even me cringe at times, and I don’t have an MBA.

    He and Dru became friends though because she wanted to break Nathan and Olivia up….her plan was to make them jealous and that way Neil could end up with Olivia, the doctor and she would have Nathan.

    In the end true love won out and Neil and Dru were together and they both learn things from each other. That’s what made them so special.

    I can actually understand an attraction to Sophia because she was on the same playing field as Neil in biz as well as on the same educational level but Neil Winters doesn’t belong with a female Neil Winters. It’s just not he’s wired or how he was originally written.

    My thing with Sophia, she had passion and confidence in the board room but I didn’t see that same passion and confidence outside the board room which left Neil and Sophia with zero chemistry. Heck I didn’t see it with Malcolm either and I didn’t like the recast Malcolm at all.

    Maybe it was the way Sophia was written or maybe it was the way the actress choose to play her but it wasn’t happening. I’m glad they put that relationship out of it’s misery.

  61. mmandmusic53 says:

    …not how he’s wired…

  62. mmandmusic53 says:

    that also should be “learned”

    and I feel the same way about Leslie as Sophia, I haven’t seen any passion from her…that could change and maybe in the end it could work but I still think it’s too contrived.

    The Neil Winters that first arrived in GC in 1991 was a good man, in my eyes he still is…he was never a dog and the fact they turned him into one is a shame. IMO but …to each their own…shrugs

  63. mmandmusic53 says:

    Something else occurred to me. I really believe Neil cared for Sophia but he was never in love with her. He only married her because of Moses and remember, Moses is Neil’s only biological child. I also remember even Devon tried to tell him he didn’t need to marry Sophia simply to raise Moses. So Devon knew the deal too. Harmony or no Harmony, it was never meant to be for those two.

  64. mmandmusic53 says:

    One more thing and I’m out….LOL

    There WAS a moment I wanted to pop Neil Winters upside the head. The way he came down on Sophia when she wanted to take the job in New York was soooo wrong. Personally I would have welcomed that custody fight and told him to bring it on but Sophia backed down. That was her decision.

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