Michael: How did this happen? – Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I would think it should be obvious to Michael, but Lauren has been coming unglued for a long time. He didn’t do enough to protect his family, in my opinion. As a super lawyer, he should have been able to EASILY get a restraining order against Daisy. It is some kind of heinous torture to have to see, live by and tolerate the person who victimized you. The fact that Daisy chose to live in their apartment building, out of all of the places she could have lived, should be evidence enough that she is still torturing Lauren.

That being said, Lauren Bregman does crazy very well. She’s quite convincing as a woman who is damaged and equally brave and afraid at the same time. Daisy’s taunting about Fen was the last straw. And now she’s locked up in a cage again. Very compelling.

And Michael’s reactions to her are very believable and realistic. Even people who are happily married and in love get impatient and frustrated by their spouses. And when he admitted to Avery that he was terrified, and he broke down crying, I believed him. I don’t want this to end with him in Avery’s arms, but if it does happen, I already know I’ll forgive him.

I LOVED how upset Michael was with Phyllis for not telling him about Lauren’s gun. Phyllis deserves for Michael to get really angry because what he’ll never know is how she encouraged Lauren and practically told her to kill Daisy. It was creepy. I don’t blame Nick for telling Michael to step back, but Phyllis has to know that she deserves it.

Best line: “I love you Mrs. Baldwin but we cannot continue to live this way.”

Ashley, on the other hand, is not as sympathetic a character. She’s strident and bossy. But even so, I have to agree with her position on this. Tucker is her husband. Jack is her brother. Tucker is way better off than Jack is, and he doesn’t need Beauty of Nature. He doesn’t have a lifelong rivalry with Victor. It makes no sense that he’s so determined to buy that company when he knows how much it means to his wife that he keep his nose out of it.

I think Tucker was a bachelor too long. He doesn’t know how to be married. And since this is a soap, and people can’t be domestically happy for very long, apparently it’s time to shake up that relationship. Compared to Adam and Sharon, Tucker and Ashley have had an incredibly long-lasting relationship!

Neil is just a skeevy horndog and he is consistently out-acted by Debbi Morgan. I’m not sure if I like Harmony or not or the writing for her, but DM is a skilled and talented actress.

Jeanne Cooper is so wonderful lately. I just hated how mean they made Katherine during the mentally-defective Tucker storyline. And I hate when she’s really mean to Jill. But that is all so long ago now that I’m really loving how wise and funny she is. She even made the silly scene working the counter at Fenmore’s look good. You just can’t fool her.

A request:
I know I’m slow to get my blog posts up after each day’s episode, and I don’t mind if you come on here and chat in the comments about the current day’s episode even if I haven’t cranked out my opinions about it yet. That’s perfectly okay with me and it doesn’t spoil anyone since the current day’s episode is fair game.

But please don’t bring spoilers here about future episodes or storylines. If I had a way to mask the spoiler comments, I’d say go right ahead and post them and then whoever wanted to see them and discuss them could, and whoever wanted to avoid them could. But so far I don’t have a way to do that.

Thanks all! You are welcome here! I love you and appreciate you and all your great discussions and I’m continually amazed that anyone cares to read my opinions about all of this :0

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18 Responses to Michael: How did this happen? – Wednesday, April 25, 2012

  1. soccermommy says:

    Hey, ElliEmma, I don’t mind how long it takes you to post, I’m just glad you do! And, please excuse me if I spoil something….sometimes it’s hard to know what’s coming up or just what’s been repeated, and repeated, and repeated….
    I feel so conflicted about Michael. I know he was a lot of karma coming for doing Victor’s dirty work (sometimes gleefully), doing it so well, and doing it to the detriment of his personal life. Yet, this guy is coming unglued. He’s got Victor on one side and Daisy on the other, and poor Lauren is self-destructing in the middle. My one hope is he realizes there is a life without Victor, and it’s a pretty good one.
    As for Victor, funny how he thinks one phone call can stop an SEC investigation…as CEO of one of the companies being investigated, it’s not that easy. It’s high profile (like everything in GC matters to the rest of the world!), and it’s an election year. So this one call to some higher-up might not have the conclusion Victor might be used to…and doesn’t he have a not-so-pristine reputation with them anyway?
    We know Phyllis basically goaded Lauren about the gun, but Michael doesn’t. There’s a lot of blame to go around, Phyllis, Jill, but Michael himself has a big share….and I think he knows it. It was the pointing finger with the 3 facing back at him.
    I used to like Ashley and Tucker, but as time goes on they’re showing they might be incompatible. I think you’re right about Tucker…he’s had things his way for a long time and it’s hard to change. On the other hand, Ashley has gotten a little strident herself. Both of them need to bend a little, but maybe they can’t. But I don’t know how executives of different and sometimes competing companies can keep work and personal life separate.
    I really don’t want to discuss Harmony and Neil. I hate this pairing, and it’s nothing against the actors. DM can make just about anything work. Well, maybe not this.
    I hear that there’s an Adam sighting this week! We can have Victor 5 days a week, but no Adam?

  2. sueb says:

    Neil just isn’t a good character without Drusilla. They really should bring her back…

  3. iamcee says:

    Regardless of what Michael has done, CLB is a fabulous actor, and he could make me like him reciting the alphabet. The writers – especially when he’s with Kevin and Gloria – have given him some GOLDEN lines, and his delivery is perfectly twisted, considering the family he came from.

    Victor is going to fire Michael. This is no doubt. That’s where this storyline is headed, although I don’t know why. When I mentioned the possibility to my husband, he suggested TGVN might hire Avery, which wouldn’t get him such gleeful bidding at his many wrongdoings. Same with Leslie. Now Vance Abrams might be another story…

    And I absolutely LOVE that they’ve made Lauren and Jill believable as sisters, but there is no need to continually prop them up holding each other facing the camera. I get it. They’ve evolved. Just a little pet peeve I have about that.

    Lastly, Neil/Harmony. Ugh. What is the attraction. I’m not saying that KSJ isn’t a fine looking man (just not my type), but it’s not enough for all these GC women to be dropping drawers for. Can’t they bring in another viable African American character with MORALS? Unfortunately, IMHO, they’ve written Neil into this “skeevy horndog” corner, and I don’t think there’s anything they can do but keep him sniffing around every new African American woman that shows up in town.

  4. Gotham says:

    Wow. You are spot on regarding so many things. I am loving the Michael/Lauren scenes and agree it feels very believable in terms of their emotions. Both actors are doing an incredible job. It’s great to see them back onscreen. I am also relieved to be loving Katherine again. I have no idea why they chose to make her so shrill during the early Devon/Tucker episodes. It was painful to watch. To me, Neil is just interested in whomever he can’t or shouldn’t have. His maturity range hits right about that of a high school student. And Chelsea and Adam are really bringing it. Well done.

  5. marcar112000 says:

    As a Phyllis fan I’ve wanted to ask this for a long time, so here it goes. Why does everyone dislike/hate Phyllis? I realize she has done some questionable, bad, illegal, selfish, and/or misguided things, but I really don’t think she is any worse than a lot of characters on this show. I think a lot of her problems are due to the fact that she is desperate to hold on to some type of family to make up for her dysfunctional parents. I don’t excuse some of the things she’s done but I just think viewers hate her with such fury even though a lot of people on Y&R have done things equal to and/or worse than she has.

  6. catwoman1047 says:

    ElliEmma, we love your take on Y&R and appreciate the chance to join in. I confess I get caught up in the visual beauty of the people, fashions and sets and sometimes parts of the plot slip by me. I can always catch up on whatever I missed by this blog. So thanks!
    Of course my focus is laserlike when Adam is onscreen…..
    Jeanne Cooper is as fabulous lately as she ever has been. Love her!

  7. kelsmith says:

    Hi marcar;

    For me, it’s not what Phyllis does that makes me dislike her so much, but rather her hypocrisy about it and never admitting she is wrong. For example, she acts like Adam is evil on stick as if she is somehow better. Another example, crying about Lucy being ripped from her arms, when she had no qualms about doing the same to Villy. And she still hasn’t acknowledged she was wrong for doing that. I could go on but you get the drift.

    I don’t hate Phyllis and I could root for her if she would just show some real remorse for her actions and stop being such a hypocrite. I love MS and hate that they are writing her character so badly.

  8. tulip45 says:

    It’s fantastic to watch Michael/CLB with this story material. It would be tough to see Michael turn to Avery, but the CLB fan in me would be just fine with it because I know he’d make it compelling.

    I think soap fans can go along with a certain amount of tomfoolery by writers who are trying to give us an entertaining hour every day, but the fact that there hasn’t been a restraining order against Daisy is one of those particularly glaring plot points that REALLY annoys me. Especially when SHE was able to get one. I had almost forgotten about those scenes between Phyllis and Lauren and the gun. They were indeed creepy.

    I like Ashley and Tucker. I think the difficulties they’re having are realistic (even if I don’t quite see where his BON obsession comes from – it must be something in the water in GC). After enduring so many years of Jack and Victor’s destructive shenanigans over companies, I’m sure Ashley doesn’t have the stomach to watch her husband go much farther down the same path. Tucker straining at the reins of marriage was only a matter of time. I like how SN plays the character’s self-doubt. It makes me feel some sympathy for him.

    I wish I could say the same for Neil. That story is really distasteful. I don’t care how much Sophia wants a father for Moses, she would be so much better off without Neil. I don’t know if it’s in the directing or in the portrayal by KSJ or what, but Neil appears to barely tolerate Sophia’s company at times. In a way that would make sense if it were out of guilt, but that’s not how it comes across.

    Katherine is another character I struggle with because of her Victor love. I can love her one minute, but get mighty provoked with her as soon as she becomes a Victor apologist. I can’t imagine GC without her though.

    The thought of Victor hiring Avery makes me laugh, considering how she’s supposed to be a crusading defender of the wrongly accused underdog, but I can see it happening. If it’s written well, it could be an interesting set-up.

  9. tulip45 says:

    Hi :)

    To me, Phyllis has too large a share of all the negative aspects of most soap characters/histories, and not enough of the positive ones. She’s definitely not alone in having done bad, but she’s done more bad than most of the characters I tend to like, and the show has written around a lot of her “stuff”, so she also ends up appearing more hypocritical (in a town full of hypocrites, of course) than many. I also find her more selfish than most of the characters, so she’s difficult to feel sympathy for. I have to say that her role in Lucy’s story last year really did a number on the character for me. I don’t know what would have to happen now for me to feel positive about her again. Having said that, the fury that I see expressed for her (or any character, because there are a few others who get it too) on some boards has always mystified me. The energy some put into negativity is sad.

  10. soccermommy says:

    Why don’t I like Phyllis? It’s not that I hate her, it’s just that I’m annoyed with her more than I’m entertained by her. Phyllis at her best is strong, opinionated, knows what she wants and goes after it, and doesn’t bow down to Victor. Phyllis at her worst is headstrong, opinionated (and lets the world know it via her blog or RS), knows what she wants without considering the consequences or the hurt inflicted, and doesn’t bow down to Victor (unless Nick got him to do something to benefit her). What she did to get Lucy, even if it was for a good reason (get Lucy away from Daisy), in effect brought Daisy out of hiding back to GC. She got Daisy’s parental rights restored, trashed Daniel’s reputation on the stand, and still failed to keep Daisy in jail. Thus the mess we’re watching. But it was all for Phyllis’ need for “family”.
    Phyllis can be cruel, judgmental and needy at the same time. The problem is she doesn’t know or accept herself, and has no desire to try. That description fits a lot of people, but most don’t have the bully pulpit of RS to shame or humiliate others. So, that’s why I’m not finding Phyllis particularly sympathetic right now.
    I’m really annoyed at Sharon, too, but that’s another story.

  11. catwoman1047 says:

    I am dismayed that Sharon and Adam are so distant right now and it seems to be at Sharon’s wish. I know that Chelsea is there for him as a friend and probably more but they will never have the heat that Adam and Sharon had. BUT I am more than ready to watch Adam’s story play out no matter what.

  12. catwoman1047 says:

    I wonder if KSJ likes what they’ve done to Neil. I can’t imagine that he would.

  13. marcar112000 says:

    I do think the writers need to tone her down a little bit. Maybe not make her so impulsive and loud. They definitely should make her a bit more humble and sorry for some of the things she’s done.

    I sorta think she tried so hard to get Lucy because she honestly thought Daniel would one day regret giving her up/she didn’t want Lucy to feel abandoned by her family like she does by her parents. That being said, I hated the whole situation and hoped she would quickly change her mind and give Lucy back.

  14. tulip45 says:

    I always wonder how actors might balance their happiness at getting more story with their feelings about what their characters are up to.

  15. marcar112000 says:

    I guess I can’t completely disagree with what you said. I do think she can be selfish and a hypocrite at times, but I don’t think she’s the worst one on the show.

    I agree that some of the comments people write about Phyllis and/or MS are unnecessary and weird.

  16. marcar112000 says:

    I really hope Michael doesn’t get involved with Avery. Besides Katherine and Murphy (who we never see), Michael and Lauren have the only long-lasting, stable marriage on the show.

    I never saw Phyllis as encouraging Lauren to kill Daisy. I just saw it as her commenting on how it would be better if Daisy were dead. There are a lot of holes in this story, mostly involving all the laws that are ignored/made up.

    The writing for Sophia has been terrible lately. The version of her that first appeared on the show would never settle or Neil.

    I don’t understand how Katherine can continue to defend Victor after everything he’s done.

    I haven’t seen any signs that Avery is this amazing lawyer they made her out to be.

  17. marcar112000 says:

    Well when you put it like that it’s hard to disagree lol. But honestly I think the writers would have to make Phyllis do something really horrible for me to dislike her.

    On your comment about Phyliss not bowing down to Victor: I don’t understand how Phyllis or Nick can still have anything to do with Victor after he was responsible for bringing Patty to town which led to her almost killing Summer.

  18. tulip45 says:

    I thought one of the things that was so creepy and enthralling about the Phyllis/Lauren/gun conversation was the way the writers left it open to our interpretation. Those scenes were very cool – they reminded me of old film noire scenes. MS and TB were really good in them.

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