Jill: What are you gonna do? Throw me off a balcony? Lock me in a wine cellar? Wednesday 5-9-12

Thank you Jill (and the writer who remembered) for not letting Genevieve off the hook. She has attempted murder twice already. She is completely unrepentant. She betrayed and abandoned Jack. She is underhanded and willing to break the law and use anyone and anything to get what she wants. And she has the nerve to insult Jill?

I was embarrassed for her though, and for Jill (and for Genie and Jess) for the ridiculous mud fight the writers had them engage in. It had to be humiliating. It’s 2012, writers. Your audience is made up primarily of women. Do you really think they want to see nonsense like that? I could see a slap. In fact, I wanted to slap Genevieve myself. But the mud fight? Come on.

I surprised myself by being happy to see Colin. Apparently he and Genevieve worked out a way to get him out of prison. The writers planted that seed way back when Colin got arrested and taken back to Australia, so I’m delighted to see they didn’t drop it.

Kyle is quickly becoming annoying. I was ready to extend quite a bit of sympathy to him because of the horrific things he suffered but he’s using up my goodwill. I like Eden and so far she hasn’t been┬áthe clingy type who needs a boyfriend to feel complete. I hope she stays that way.

I love evil, plotting, unbalanced Ricky. I want to see him stir things up. Paul deserves it. Phyllis deserves it. He’s not over-the-top or one-dimensional (Angelo) and there’s just enough history (crazy mom, abandoned by his dad) to make you feel a little sorry for him and understand his motivation.

Obviously Daniel has some plan in mind. He clearly is still disgusted by Daisy. In fact, it was so obvious, I’m surprised Daisy fell for it. But it seems misguided at best. Not sure it’s going to end up working out the way he’s hoping. I’m sure he thinks this will get him solid custody rights with Lucy and he’ll have some plan to cut Daisy out of it. But it seems really skeevy to not only propose to her, but actually have sex with her too. How does he think he’s got the moral high ground after that?

Where the heck is Adam?

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11 Responses to Jill: What are you gonna do? Throw me off a balcony? Lock me in a wine cellar? Wednesday 5-9-12

  1. bookrobot says:

    I’m so glad I read this post. I’ve been feeling a little rotten cause I like Ricky so much. I’m really enjoying him and it doesn’t hurt that he looks so good. I really can’t wait till he takes Phyllis down.

  2. kelsmith says:

    Agreed on all points.

    Why don’t we ever see the men in a mud fight or chocolate fight? Adam and Nick in a chocolate fight wouldn’t hurt my feelings. :-)

    I feel sorry for Daniel and what the writers do to him.

  3. ElliEmma says:


    We like what we like, no apologies needed! And if it’s not logical or consistent, well, there you have it. Vive la unpredictability!

  4. catwoman1047 says:

    I love Ricky too, hope he stays. I wouldn’t miss a lot of the other younger actors if they were let go. And a few of the older ones……it needs to happen, and soon. As today’s episode showed, the writing can be effective and good. If there were less characters it would surely get better.

  5. soccermommy says:

    Well, let’s see…first we get Sharon and Victor being amorous, then Harmony and Tucker, and now Daisy and Daniel. What a week….and it’s only Wednesday.
    I’m wondering if Ricky is going to start something with Phyllis which goes out of control, kind of like the “old” Adam used to do. TPTB seem to be setting him up as a nice, normal, nasty villain, the kind everyone can understand. But I’m wondering…when he was talking to Paul, he was trying to pump Paul for information and tried to get sympathy. Maybe, in his misguided way Ricky really was trying to connect with Paul, who is a virtual stranger to him. I know he was bragging to Eden, but it looks like Ricky is going to be a red herring in the nastiness that’s going to ensue with Daniel marrying Daisy.
    And I really can’t hate him for going after Phyllis, our resident martyr of Genoa City. But I’m really disappointed with Paul, who’s getting more sanctimonious by the second, as well as being a lousy father. Well, he really hasn’t had much practice.
    Speaking of Paul, what’s with the great revenge scheme he and Jack have got going, or do they?
    It seems pretty certain Daniel has a plan, which almost makes me feel sorry for Daisy, who really wants someone to love her. But I still can’t get over her taunting Lauren, and it’s obvious she still has an agenda with her, so the sympathy only goes so far.
    I did enjoy watching the DA get his comeuppance, ie. blackmail. Why is it law enforcement people are usually so dumb and nasty? And while we’re at it, why can’t they really go after the guilty?
    Poor Kyle. He might be hot, but he’s not a stud. Actually, that’s not a bad thing.

  6. dcarlino says:

    I’m sorry….I just want Daniel to get his haircut…..then I can focus on his plan with Daisy…..

  7. sueb says:

    Ha! Speaking of his hair: anyone see Revenge last night? I thought that Jack with his flashback long hair looked just like Daniel!!!

  8. marqui says:

    I really like Paul. He and Ricky are a perfect example of what happens when you marry someone who you don’t love because they are pregnant. I look forward to Ricky going after Phyllis. I only hope he brings her down. I am afraid they are just having Ricky go after her to make her sympathetic. Won’t work with me. Poor Paul in my opinion is one of the good guys and he is stuck with a crazy sister and son.
    Genevive is a perfect villain because we have never known her any other way. Glad to see Colin back.
    Why in the world didn’t Michael and Lauren get a restraining order on Daisy. A very simple real world solution to the problem. Oh I forgot the writers don’t function in the real world.

  9. iamcee says:

    It was nice to hear Eden’s confession about things not working out with Daniel. I have never really warmed up to the character or the actress playing her, sorry. It seems like the writers are just trying to find something for her to “do” and failing miserably. To me, she didn’t have chemistry with Daniel, and she doesn’t have any with anyone she’s in a scene with.

    As for Daniel, I like his hair. He’s young enough to pull it off. I keep trying to imagine SN with a different hair cut, and while it’s 70′s throwback, I don’t think I could see him any other way. And it’s nice that he wears the necklace his wife gave him (someone else said that on yesterday’s blog), I honestly don’t need to see it, so he can button his shirt. :)

    I’m on the fence with Daisy. Having Daniel will make her act less threatening toward Lauren? Why do the writers on this show make every single woman’s existence revolve around some man? And then the men only want companies… Like somebody else said, it’s not the dark ages. Women are out of the house, working, having children (that don’t necessarily need to be SORAS’ed to fit a plot line; if you’re a good writer, you work with what ya got, IMHO), etc. The center of my universe is not some man (although I love my hubby dearly). I have a job, I go to school, I have my own life outside of him. It’s starting to make me angry that all these storylines for women are about manipulating a man.

  10. Dee_1023 says:

    I agree.Where the heck is Adam??Not enough of the brilliant Michael Muhney in my opinion.

  11. tori says:

    Loved the mud fight between Jill and GenV,are you kidding – I wish it has lasted longer. Genie and Jess have so much chemistry that any scene they’re in is a joy to watch and I laughed all night over that scene and hope the show creates alot more for them to do. I also love the Cane/Gen scenes(they’ve come far with their relationship and I hope the writers don’t have him hate on her again). I would really like to know Gens background before meeting Colin,we know nothing about her past except for knowing Tucker. What about her family?Siblings/parents. What secrets did Tucker share with her back then? Were they in high school together/how did they meet. If the writers would give us something here,it would probably explain alot about why she ticks the way she does. We know she went through hell married to Colin but I bet there’s alot more there that we need to know. I also want to see more Gen/Tucker scenes as Genie/Stephen have a history and a chemistry that’s undeniable and their my favorites. The fleshing out of characters takes forever, I want some answers here already!!

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