Jack: Damn you Victor! Even dead you somehow manage to stick it to me – Monday 9-24-12

In the perpetual battle of Jack vs. The Moustache, Jackie boy loses again. Apparently someone at Y&R thinks that is entertaining, because they serve it up over and over again.

Personally, I’m so tired of it that even Peter Bergman’s impressive acting skills can’t make me interested in it. Please, new writers, please find something else to do with Jack Abbott. He deserves better than to always be bested by Victor.

In Genoa City, Tucker’s occasional guilty expressions when Sharon thanks him and tells him he’s her only friend show that he’s not entirely evil, but he’s an expert at ignoring any pangs of conscience that might crop up. Nice of him to jump to Sharon’s defense at the press conference when Nikki takes out her bitterness and anger on her. Too bad he’s still just working his scam and using her.

Once again, Sharon looked amazing, and I thought she handled the press quite well. When Tucker encouraged her to step up and stake her claim, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she said all the right things and dismissed the press, handling the situation expertly.

How sad that no one in the Newman family thought of Adam. It was Kevin who had to be the one to break the news to him that his father was dead. His stoic response, kind of closing up and quietly retreating into his own thoughts, was very affecting. Victoria also had a quieter, less emotional reaction. And somehow their reactions were much sadder to me than the hysterical sobbing of Nikki and Abby. And I can’t even remember what Nick did, other than try to control his mother.

And all of this would have had more of an impact if Victor had actually, you know, died.

But out there in L.A., Genevieve, who has developed such an intense concern and fondness for Victor, is the one who has the strongest reaction to his death. Which makes no sense. I didn’t mind the risk they took creatively, by showing the chaos in slow motion, without sound, but it didn’t have the dramatic impact they were hoping for because it was Genevieve. Who is she to Victor? Are we supposed to believe she’s just so devastated? Really? She was paid to go out there and find him, a job she took for the money alone. I just don’t buy her sudden loving concern for him.

Apparently in the United States of CBS, Los Angeles is a 10 minute trip from Genoa City, Wisconsin. Either that or they’ve invented teleportation. Oh, I know. It’s just a soap opera!

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14 Responses to Jack: Damn you Victor! Even dead you somehow manage to stick it to me – Monday 9-24-12

  1. kelsmith says:

    “Please, new writers, please find something else to do with Jack Abbott. He deserves better than to always be bested by Victor.” You said it EE!! Please don’t waste PB’s talent on the same old story.

    And why in the HELL would Billy announce to the family that Victor is dead in front of the press???

    MM did a great job as usual. I can feel Adam pulling away from Chelsea. At least twice in this episode, she was standing behind him trying to talk to him and he was somewhere else. I hope it’s the beginning of the end of their relationship. Sorry, I know that is an unpopular opinion here, but it’s time for Shadam to play out.

  2. catwoman1047 says:

    Michael Muhney can act the pants off anyone. He convinced me that Adam still longs ( and now grieves) for his father. I wonder how this will play out when Victor is back in GC.
    Sharon Case in that ruby dress standing in front of the dark red louvered window was a thing of beauty.
    So many things are out of whack with these storylines but in most cases the actors keep me watching. I can make it till October now.

  3. bookrobot says:

    The writers keep portraying Jack as such an idiot (like getting married to Nicki) that it’s hard to care about the messes he gets into, though PB is great. Now we have to endure the Great Victor Newman coming back and getting revenge, again, and Nicki will be insufferable. So sick of that twisted relationship. God. I keep waiting for Tucker to develop some feelings for Sharon, but I’m starting to lose hope. I agree with kelsmith that they should bring back Shadam, but I don’t think Adam would ditch Chelsea, unfortunately. Now Billy has dug a hole for himself by keeping Vic hidden. That part should be interesting, though I love Billy and Vicki and don’t want them to split up. Did the nun deliberately make everyone think Victor was dead, or was it a mistake? More degradation ahead for Sharon, the writers’ favorite whipping post. Oh joy. Sharon Case is gorgeous.

  4. adamlives says:

    I guess EMTs and police in LA think that a dockside bar is the best place to triage victims after an explosion. Gotta love Y and R’s downright stubborn refusal to create new sets. I’m surprised that Sister Celeste was shown to have her own apartment when they could have just put up a divider in the corner of the bar set and hide Victor there. Listen, I know it’s a soap opera and I know they need to try to save money, but for what it’s worth, the explosion and the aftermath were the climax of this pathetic insufferable story. Why not alter the Hospital set they already have in place to look like a random LA hospital at the very least? Why do an explosion if you’re not going to show it? Didn’t the “bad guys” just want Victor/Christian out of the way? They could have ambushed him in an alley instead of planning an explosion which would surely draw an investigation whereas planning to kill Victor/Christian in an alley would at least just look like a robbery resulting in homicide. Whoever wrote this storyline made absolutely no effort to make it somewhat believable even within the a Soap universe confines.

    I’m a Victor fan and I hated hated hated this storyline with a passion. I’m eager for The Almighty Mustache to return to GC in all his glory and reclaim his throne as “Master of the Universe” as Kyle would put it. As many of you probably already found out, Eric Braeden signed a new multi-year deal so yeah, Victor is not going anywhere (although they could have waited until after yesterday’s episode showing Victor surviving the explosion to announce it). I know this might be frustrating for some of you, especially Elli, but at this point I can’t imagine the show being watchable without Victor and I have to believe that the new writers will make an attempt to avoid some of the mistakes that the previous regime made with the character. They need to make him more reasonable in his attitude towards his family and less of a omnipotent presence bending and breaking laws to have his way without any consequences. This is an opportunity to humanize him. He can still be stubborn and ruthless when it comes to business, but the way to fix this character is to redeem him for his family. Let him be accepting of Billy and Victoria together. Let him not play mind games with Nikki and just be straight and honest with her. Let him actually have a father-son relationship with Adam. He can still be ruthless when it comes to business and settling scores with Jack and Tucker, but if they actually allow Colleen’s heart inside of him try to do right by his family, I think the writers can return him into the good graces of fans of the show.

    I’m sorry, I still enjoy seeing Jack lose to Victor all the time. It’s just something I’ve gotten used to. His wedding day with Nikki was the shortest temporary victory for Jack in history. He still has Beauty of Nature for now anyway. As much as you may like to expound on Victor’s flaws, Jack’s fatal flaw is that he doesn’t realize that he might never achieve happiness as long as he’s trying to beat Victor. I think the second he stops trying to beat Victor, Jack will actually win because he’ll be happy. If Victor and Jack would join forces, they would be unstoppable together. The two of them will just never stop the feud long enough to look at the big picture and see what an unstoppable force they would be together in business.

    Adam’s understated reaction to hearing the news of Victor being dead was brilliantly done. I too am starting to get bored with Chelsea. Adam, Kevin, and Chloe have more chemistry in their TagnGrab scenes together than Adam has with Chelsea. It’s like Chelsea went from being this complex character to becoming completely bland and lifeless. This whole transformation from being a lifelong con artist to being a house wife has actually made her boring. Adam’s scenes with her just lack any vitality. I’m hoping the new writers give Muhney more interesting material to work with and maybe even guide Adam and Sharon towards each other once again. Even if they don’t reunite Shadam, I’d like to see Adam with someone who can inspire him the way Sharon did. Adam may love Chelsea, but when he loved Sharon it was much more intense and way more interesting to watch. They need to recapture that intensity.

  5. sueb says:

    I have been fast forwarding through much of Y&R lately – I thought perhaps I have been missing some important or at least entertaining scenes; so I decided to watch this whole episode – no FF allowed. Well, imagine my surprise when I realized that the show is actually much worse than I thought! This show was more torture to watch than the 25th reunion performance of my cousin’s high school drill team ( at which many of the “girls” attempted to wear their original costumes -ahem.)
    The slow motion bar/triage center scenes were laughable – agree – Genievieve’s reaction was just a little too much… And Nikki? She just makes me gag. This might have been in the previews , but she seemed more distraught over Sharon getting to claim the body than Victor’s death. Which, by the way, I wish were a done deal.
    Jack Abbott always has and always will be my favorite character on Y&R so I wholeheartedly join you EE in your plea for better storylines for him.
    I hope Adam dumps Chelsea (for some reason I just don’t like her anymore – maybe its the bangs) and becomes a worthy opponent for Vic. I would love to see him wind up head of Newman.
    The United States of CBS – LOL!

  6. sueb says:

    Ugh, yes – Nikki is going to be unbearable…

  7. LucyLou says:

    A few things that I wish would happen–
    Put Victor & Nikki together and for the love of God leave it that way. Don’t give them turmoil in the marriage. Just let them be married and center their storylines around something else–their kids, grandkids, NE, their damn dog, I don’t care. Just stop with the back and forth already.
    Either make Chelsea interesting again because I know she can be or do away with her relationship with Adam. It’s too dull. I realize they can’t always have “fire” because they’re giving Adam other stuff to work with right now, but Chelsea herself has gone from intriguing to boring in a matter of a few episodes.
    Either let Jack stop obsessing over Victor or let his obsession be worthwhile every once in a while.
    Don’t get rid of Abby. She brings so many good lines.
    Let Kevin & Chloe return to BFF status. They had so much more chemistry that way.
    Lily is staying—Use. Her. Character.

    What I loved:
    I love when Nikki and Sharon exchange blows. They are both hilarious and do it so well. Their conversation outside of Victor’s/Sharon’s/Victoria’s/Nick’s/The entire Newman staff’s office was so funny. Great job, ladies!

    Eh, not so much:
    The slow motion & silenced clips would have been more powerful had it been someone other that Gen (like, maybe Sharon before this whole debacle changed their relationship) and to the tune of the famous Y&R melody–so I agree with all of you there. They were ok, but nothing that gave me goosebumps.

  8. LucyLou says:

    Oh yeah..and does anyone else get the vibe that Tucker is the one behind the whole dock workers/Moran thing? He’s manipulating everything else…why not this too?

  9. Gotham says:

    Aw Jack. Why did you want BON in the first place? You just got Jabot back. Why did you leverage everything now? How many times have I rolled my eyes over the years at your silliness? People try to warn you and you never listen and you never win. Ever. I am kind of intrigued at the moment at the Tucker and then Adam/Cane/Jabot-Jack biz stories. I think that all of these guys are doing a good job. Really. I like seeing Sofia kind of in the mix, too. Sharon is cray cray but so much fun to watch. Trying to be positive in the midst of so much shenanigans. Nikki, just stop it all ready. Victoria and Nick, you too. Kevin, you are out of your league. Billy, this isn’t going to end well. Same with you Gen. (And can someone tell the director to stop with the bouncing camerawork? The mute scenes were good. But the spinning camera stuff was distracting.) Will the Phyllis s/l ever conclude? Ever?

  10. soccermommy says:

    My major reaction to this show was….they silenced the wrong scenes. I simply have had it with Nikki’s obsession with her abuser. Sorry, it’s just not a love affair for the ages, but I do agree, if the new regime does put Victor back with Nikki, let’s just leave them in the corner billing, cooing, and insulting each other…..and not have a sound track.
    I told you, EE, they do film in Area 51….how else to explain how Billy got back to GC so fast, and how the authorities knew where to send the body! Technically, the body is evidence in a possible crime scene and especially without ID would be autopsied in LA.
    I hate it when they use the term “it’s only a soap” to explain these gaffes. What it is, is rotten writing.
    I just have this overwhelming feeling the writers were just playing out the string…and leaving as much muck as possible. That explains the press conference with Nikki present, Abby as press, and Billy spilling the beans to the family, the shareholders, and the panting public all in one scene.
    The only good part of all this was MM, of course. As much as I’m beginning to loathe Tag and Grab, his scenes with Kevin and Cane were excellent. I loved it when Adam schooled Kevin about business, and finally put him in his whiny place (though Cane as a savvy businessman makes me scratch my head). And when he found out about Victor’s “death”, it had to be Kevin to tell him, since no one else did. I guess since Adam didn’t go along with Nick and Victoria’s sabotage efforts, he needed to be shown, again, that he isn’t really part of the family.
    Adam just….closed down into himself. I saw desolation and decidedly mixed emotions, and funny, Chelsea seemed to recede into the background. Why isn’t this man front and center countering Tucker? It’s not as if Nick and Victoria did such a good job….it took weeks for them to figure out what was up.
    I kind of liked it that Gen did care about Victor. It’s just a shame she likes money more, and if Tucker really is behind this, and he could be, I could even be on Victor’s side when he settles the score….but I think when it comes to Sharon, it’s going to be Adam who’s going to do the settling.
    We’re beginning to see the end of the Reign of Terror, thank goodness. If anyone wants a really interesting trip to the Twilight Zone, read the 10/8 issue of CBS SID and MAB’s exit interview.
    I almost feel sorry for her.

  11. Miracle2 says:

    Hmmm-I didn’t hate the show today. The camera work at the explosion was interesting. The fact that Billy would tell the family Victor died during a press conference was crazy though I thought the reactions by Victoria and Nick at the press conference ( the facial expressions) seemed just right. I was so mad that that not one sibling could call Adam with the news. MM did a great job in his scenes with Kevin and when he heard about his Dad. He seemed angry and alone. I actually thought the way Chelsea let him be alone even so she was standing right there was the right reaction by her. I really like that couple. They seem to have the only relationship on the whole show that is built on honesty, trust and friendship. ( It won’t be that way forever on a soap.) They also look great together especially when they smile.I think Chelsea will be a more complete character someday.
    It is funny, I really hate Tucker now but I think SN is doing a good job in the role.I can hardly watch Sharon. I think MAB made it impossible to pull for either Sharon or Phyllis this summer. The two main female characters are unrootable. I know that is not a word but it is what I am thinking. I wonder what MAB was thinking?

  12. phanofmany says:

    Oh WOW fellow posters to EE’s popular blog! This is a great day for opinions! I want to know, in what universe is it okay not seeking care for a bewildered, injured senior citizen. Its criminal. What a shocker, Jack loses AGAIN. Yep, Billy IMPOSSIBLE timewarp, wow. Sharon is doin an amaZEEN job, but look out! I’m not here to reveal spoilers… Google it! Really looking forward to these next weeks and a new way out of the mess made of our show. I never understood Chelsea w our Adam. Why they didnt reunite him w Heather? Shoulda! Chels n Daniel have much in common. Btw, Chloe w Kevin? A wasted mismatch of 2fun characters I enjoy. Billy USED Deliah. The Abbotts, none of them, would say what Billy said to Kevin.

  13. phanofmany says:

    oh! What about Chloe w Adam? That would be SO FUN! Chloe was sophisticated, when she first came back to GC. Ruined her, imo. She would be GREAT w Adam. If we cant have Shadam, give Adam something fun.

  14. sparkyman says:

    Just a couple of comments…Actually… they are COME ON!!! comments..

    I am thinking that Billy the Enterprize’s transporter from LA to Los Vegas… commme on!!

    How many times has Victor come back from the dead…. Come on writers.. think outside the well warn box!

    Sharon’s behaviour… COME ON!! There is a reason people behave the way they do… the writers better explain this bizarre outrageous personality change.. it better be something good!!! Oh yeh.. she just buried an unknown person. Makes her almost even with Adam

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