Farewell Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott – sweet angel

Not spoilered, but it’s quite clear poor Delia isn’t going to miraculously survive.

I could go over this point by point, and explain my disappointment, but I will simply say that I hold one person to blame for this cruel, dark and unnecessary story. And that is Jill Farren Phelps. Your idea of drama, Ms. Phelps, is sick.

I have no doubt that the actors we love will do a wonderful job of portraying the unimaginable grief, pain, regret, guilt, hopelessness, anger, despair and sheer misery that this accident will cause. But just because they are talented and capable, and can deliver heartbreaking performances, doesn’t mean we will enjoy this. There is no one who will enjoy this.

If little Connor Newman needed a cornea donor, it could have been from ANY unknown, offscreen tragedy where a child was killed. It didn’t have to be Delia Abbott.

If Adam and Billy needed some drama and angst between them to establish the next generation of Abbotts vs. Newmans (although, why?) it should have been over some business thing. Or Victoria. Or poker. THIS? This is not rivalry or drama. This is an unmitigated tragedy that people never get over.

How lovely Delia’s life would have been. How sweet were Billy’s daydreams of her future? If only we could have seen them actually live out those stories over the years. How cruel and devastating to see all that and then lose Delia at 8 years old?

And it better turn out to have been someone else who hit that poor child. Adam doesn’t deserve this. This kind of tragedy – though an accident – is something you never get over. Adam will never get over it. Billy and Chloe and Victoria and all of Genoa City will never get over it. The viewers will never get over it. So it needs to be someone else’s fault. It can’t be Adam’s.

I think they left it ambiguous and open ended so they could test the waters and see what the fan response would be. May I encourage you to make your feelings known? Tell TPTB how you feel about them killing off Delia and making it Adam’s fault. And keep telling them. Maybe they’ll decide to add a twist that shows it was someone else.

But even if they do, and Adam is exonerated, we’ll never get over this brutal and unnecessary violence. I think Jill Farren Phelps needs to be replaced. ASAP. Before she completely kills this show.



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49 Responses to Farewell Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott – sweet angel

  1. adamlives says:

    I thought Jill Farren Phelps had already been let go, but we are still seeing episodes that were written during her regime so she is still the person to blame if you want. I agree killing Delia shouldn’t have been anyone’s idea of entertyainment but you have to hand it to Billy Miller and the child actress and older actresses who portrayed Delia. They did an incredible job with the daydream sequences and while I too would prefer it not to happen at all, the daydream sequences for Billy were very tastefully done and well executed. I don’t think Adam ran down Delia but that’s obviously what they are going to have us believe for a while. I don’t think they showed Nikki driving for no reason but it could have been someone else too. I think Delia was possibly run down before Adam swerved to avoid the dog or maybe even after. Not sure, but I think there will be more to do this, but we won’t find out the truth anytime soon.

    The last thing Adam fans want is for Adam o be even more despised, but it doesn’t surprise me that they are doing it.

  2. ElliEmma says:

    It was head writer Josh Griffith who was let go. Jill Farren Phelps is still the Executive Producer. This is her baby.

  3. noraoxford says:

    ElliEmma I agree with with you intirely I was so sad all day Friday, I couldn’t sleep Friday night may sound silly to you but it really upset me, that they would then play the piece with Billy seeing her grow up that to me was unconscionable like rubbing salt in a wound.
    Adamliveson said it was ” tastefully done!” no way to me.
    I hope they do not let MM have done this that will be too much to bear, there were a few other drivers on the road, hopefully they will have a better solution, I cannot see how they can do this to us it has been so upsetting, I cannot even write her name it is too sad.
    We will have to see how it turns out I hope that the PTB will listen to you.

  4. noraoxford says:

    Forgot to thank you ElliEmma for writing TPTB I just hope they heed you.

  5. Lauren says:

    EE…I know you posted a contact email for TPTB not too long ago, but could you post it again? This has pushed me over the edge. I cannot for the life of me imagine what possessed them to write this storyline. I really hope everyone takes your advice and writes to voice their disgust. I know I will, and I will KEEP sending them. As I said in my previous post- even most primetime TV shows and feature films don’t kill off children…it is something people just cannot deal with, even in “make-believe”. This may be the end of this show.

  6. blee911 says:

    I completely agree with everything written here. On Y&R’s facebook page there are over 8,000 negative comments about this storyline. It was completely unnecessary and to make Adam the villain, just when things were going his way with Connor, is completely ridiculous and NOT WHAT THE FANS WANT. It was time to give Adam some happiness, particularly after he used realized how unimportant his father and Newman Enterprises were in his life. Chloe and Kevin were just getting back together, and Victoria and Billy were blissfully happy. However, it seems that Ms. Phelps is a sadist and wants all of us to suffer through yet another child dying on daytime tv. This is NOT what daytime tv is about – its about romance, intrigue, young men with older women, beautiful people wearing beautiful clothing, and happiness. Yes we need a bit of drama but in their warped minds thinks killing a child is drama. PLEASE SONY do what is necessary and kick Ms. Phelps to the curb. Is it too late to make this all a very bad dream?????

  7. blee911 says:

    I just noticed that there are now more than 9,400 comments on the Y&R facebook page, and scrolling through them indicates they are all negative. Obviously the producers, directors and writers of this show don’t care what the fans want, but surely SONY cares – they own the show and don’t want to lose viewers. Please SONY do something about this abomination. BTW I apologize for the typos in my previous post!

  8. marqui says:

    This is going to be a sad story . But I have to admit it did not have the emotional impact on me that the death of Cassie did. The impact of Cassie’s death is still being felt 10 years later. For me that was when the show began to go downhill.

    The only thing that bothers me about Delia’s death is the possibility that Adam is responsible.

  9. adamlives says:

    I meant Billy’s dream sequences seeing Delia grow up were tastefully done. I did not in any way mean to imply that the actual death of Delia was tastefully done. I don’t agree with killing Delia off in this way by any means. Surely from time to time traumatic things need to occur because there needs to be conflict, but killing off children as a way to spark off that conflict is totally unnecessary especially for daytime programming. I found Billy’s dream sequences to be touching and poignant though. It doesn’t make up for killing off a child character the way that they did, but it showed us a glimpse of what was lost for Billy’s character.

  10. c07111 says:

    So agree w/everything you said EE. The s/l is not even original or creative. I have no doubt each player in the the s/l will kill it and probably get emmy reels for some, but somethings aren’t worth it. I was still excited about the fact Adam had finally gotten his son, and than BAM…he’s going blind s/l and needs a donor. I knew a child of Adam’s would never be free of grief. It’s almost like they were running out of reasons for people to hate Adam, so some genius writer was “I know we’ll have it seem like he hit a child. Then we’d have reason for Billy, Chloe and Victoria’s ….heck all of GC to continue to hate on Adam.” I’m reference Chelsea’s lame excuse of depriving him of his son was bogus, Victoria’s hatefulness was over the top, Chloe’s hatefulness was weird & Billy allowing Adam to go to possibly get convicted for a rape he knew he didn’t commit, out of character. Wonder what character will die next year November sweeps time. Other than that the little actress who plays Delia did a great job.

  11. sparkyman says:

    As I said earlier, if the writers have to resort to killing off little 7 year olds to create drama then that is pathetic. Seriously, they should be hiring persons off the street because there is not skill or talent involved.

    I found it quite disturbing. I know it is only a show but so unnessary. I watched it just before I went to bed and then had disrupted sleep. I was thinking about my 7 year old niece. It was painful to watch. I am actually thinking about not watching for a while until this immediate crisis passes. Watching this kind of pain is not what I want to watch after a hard days work.

  12. sparkyman says:

    I am going to a complaint of YR Facebook site.

  13. teamAdam says:

    I thought this show couldn’t get any worse, but I guess I was wrong. For some reason after the New Year, the show just completely fell apart. Now the killing of Delia, another Abbott, to help another Newman is just so wrong. I am glad I’ve stopped watching this show, cause I know I would not stand to watch any of those scenes. If Sony wants to save this show (but for some reason I feel they want it to tank because how would they explain the hiring of JFP) they need to fire her as soon as possible. Not saying MAB was any better, she was just as bad, but something needs to be done. The show is completely unrecognizable and a waste of time to watch. It’s sad to see so much talent and possibilities wasted. But it’s really sad to see a once beloved show reduced this way.

  14. stlrfan says:

    In an interview with Michael Fairman, MM said the Delia killing SL was in the works for almost a year and that this was JG’s idea. In the interview MM seems to love the SL and feels it is very character driven, hmm…. I love MM and think he will do great with this SL but this all seems like plot drivel to me, and a basic carbon copy of the Jake story on GH which even makes it worse for me. TIIC couldn’t even come up with an original idea they had to borrow one from GH.

    EE, I agree with your blog 100 percent and I think we should all make it known that we want change to happen on this show, unfortunately I think all CBS and Sony are about is “buzz” and they will take the bad buzz as much as the good buzz. I am doing my part by not watching the show, it is a complete mess right now, the only thing that would make sense coming out of this would be for Adam to turn to his best friend Sharon in his time of need, much like she turned to him last year. Hopefully Sharon will get back on her meds ASAP and will be there to support her friend. But who am I kidding, this show has taken huge steps to dismantle the Shadam friendship so I am probably just wishing for something that will never happen.

    This show is just so dark and dreary and depressing right now, with Delia dying, Katherine Chancellor dying, Carmine being murdered, Phyllis in a coma, Dylan’s PTSD, and Sharon’s emotional chaos, why would I consider this entertainment? I want daytime soaps to succeed but with horrible writing like this, I think I will stick to my primetime soap opera, Scandal. At least they know how to write an amazing “tortured” “forbidden” “angsty” love story in Olivia and Fitz, something I used to describe for Adam and Sharon…

  15. SuziG says:

    If only it would turn out to be Victor, and everybody hates him.

  16. Lauren says:

    EE…thank you so much for the contact info.

    Everyone…I love this blog and the fact that we can share our opinions, but it’s time to take action and let TPTB really know. Also, a ratings dip would certainly help!

  17. soccermommy says:

    I’m out of town watching my grandson this week. I’ve been FFing the episodes I’ve missed. I’m sure I have missed some great acting, but I just haven’t had the heart to watch closely.
    This ain’t entertainment. Anyone who has ever lost a child, or just loves one, isn’t going to enjoy this totally unnecessary storyline. And since I lost a child in the month of October, I just…..can’t.
    And to totally make this unnecessary….we’re supposed to think ADAM did it?Why not Victor? I’d the the first to get the tar and feathers if it were him, but no…..and Alex has already condemned the driver who stopped. You know, the one who didn’t want to hit a dog. BTW, what happened to the dog?
    Thanks for the links, EE. I have never written to a show or a network, but I will this time.

  18. Elle says:

    Thanks EE for posting the contact information. I emailed CBS and posted on the facebook page. I found it interesting as soon as I posted about my distaste for this story line I was almost immediately attacked for my opinion and told to “relax” because it’s just a show. I’ve been so spoiled by visiting this site that I forgot how other boards operate. Another thing I noticed on the FB page is the alarming number of people who wished it had been Faith. Apparently they don’t like her. I can’t tell you how upsetting (and shocking) it was to read comments like, “Why couldn’t it have been Sharon Jr? I hate that little brat”.
    ElliEmma I can’t thank you enough for creating an environment where we can discuss the show like rational viewers. I’m sure I speak for all when I say how much we appreciate you and the time you dedicate to this site!

  19. deelj says:

    Geez, when you list them all like that, it’s really, really bad isn’t it? I can’t watch anymore and I’ve written everyone possible and will keep writing..But I’m done. There is enough sadness and hatred already in the world. I don’t need to add one hour of Y&R’s disgusting storylines to the mix. I’ll still check in with you guys..but this is just too much and totally unnecessary. More than heartbreaking..bone-chilling and I don’t mean that in a halloween way either.

  20. sharonfanfirst says:

    Sorry for your loss Soccermommy! I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a child. ((H))

  21. bugaboo says:

    The dream sequences were tastefully done and if they make her death a dream and she comes back, it would make sense, but to kill off another major character’s child, its senseless and I refuse to watch the show anymore. They have lost a faithful viewer all these years.

  22. bugaboo says:

    The only way I would come back is if they made this a dream. I have watched this show for 30 years and NO MORE. This episode could have been played out if Dee Dee was going to make it and the drama from that fall out could have taught some valuable lessons about leaving children in a car. But the way they handled it? Terrible writing, terrible consequences for the future on couples who were finally making their way back to each other. Adam being the one responsible? Why him again with child drama! I am sincerely done with this program and its a shame, all the time I invested in the characters and concern with preserving this show. I am afraid the show won’t last too much longer and thats sad. This was a show I wanted to chill with after a long day at work, not feel so terrible afterwards that I couldn’t turn it on again. Sad. Bye YR.

  23. bugaboo says:

    Me too Sparkyman, me too. I can’t watch this show again, I am turning YR off for a long while, unless they make this a dream and we get our beloved characters back.

  24. bugaboo says:

    I have been an avid fan of this show for 20 years but enough is enough. Killing off major characters children makes no sense! We just lost Mrs. C! We don’t need this upsetting storyline, it does nothing to enhance any of our beloved characters, its depressing, unnecessary and honestly just awful. We lost Cassie and Colleen, if we keep killing off the characters children, who will be left to carry on the show. I am done watching this for awhile myself teamAdam, I am done watching it myself.

  25. bugaboo says:

    I am DONE, too, for all the obvious reasons you all are saying. My soap book subscription runs out at the end of the year and I will not be renewing that either. I doubt the Actors would say they disagree with a story anyway, they are still getting paid and I will say, they are doing some wonderful acting for some of the worst storylines YR has ever had. Goodbye YR, it was a sweet ride, with some wonderful memories. But like any bad relationship, the memories of late, are awful and I will be moving on to other programming.

  26. Lauren says:

    As I was watching my recording of yesterday’s episode (and crying), I was thinking about how there is not one happy character on this show anymore. Everything is just depressing, depressing, depressing. If I want that, I’ll just watch the news. Something has got to change or this show is a goner.

  27. Someme says:

    I still feel it is possible there will be some twist to come and it won’t have been Adam who hit Delia, but the damage is already done to the Adam character and I don’t think it can be undone. The hate comments and the pitchforks are out in full force on the soap boards, so any tiny progress Adam had made by the sheer force of MM’s acting skill (certainly not by any shred of decent writing) has already been lost and no twist will ever fix this. It will always be said that even if he didn’t do the deed, he “thought” he did and didn’t come forward.

    I am about ready to give up on this show and hang on only for the Adam character now that Phyllis is gone. The lack of any ability to on the part of so many viewers to see beyond the superficial and learn to read a character is just abysmal. I really need to stay off the boards, but love to talk about my soap with other viewers, so I go back. I wish there were a board for daily back and forth conversation where it was permissible to nudge fellow viewers, in a constructive way, toward a less black and white view of each character. Any attempt on the board I frequent to discuss the attitude of viewers toward a character or a story line is quickly deleted and a reprimand and/or threat of banishment soon follows. Of course, thinly veiled insults are hurled at the actors daily and though those comments are not permitted, are often overlooked or condoned. Because of all that, I love this blog and hope it never goes away.

    I used all the contact info listed with this blog to complain and then complain some more. I’m in shock at what tptb are doing to Yand R.

  28. noraoxford says:

    ELliEmma thank you for the information I have done my best to complain to TPTB for
    what good it will do, it will not help this S/L we are so upset about as it is already written weeks ago, but hopefully it will not be repeated again.
    The acting has been incredible which in my humble opinion has made it more difficult to watch.
    I am sure it must have been very stressful for the cast to have had to perform such a difficult subject
    The sweet little actress. ( who’s name escapes me ) was so good and such a darling it seems to me that they were crazy to right her off, I always enjoyed her scenes.
    I am wondering will I be shedding more tears today ? I just dread watching but I have to know what happens to MM ( Adam)
    ‘ Bye for now everyone.

  29. catwoman1047 says:

    I agree that the show is even harder to watch because of the superb acting.

  30. beachbear says:

    I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one having trouble sleeping on Friday. I was up for hours in the middle of the night with that awful creepy music playing in my head, thinking about the poor baby on the side of the road.

  31. beachbear says:

    I don’t even remember seeing Nikki driving the car, but I don’t believe Adam could have done it. There was no thump and he definitely did not drive over something. He would have known. I know if I drive over a stick or an acorn, so I don’t buy for a second that he wouldn’t have gotten out of the car if he had hit something the size of a child. Also, if he’d just bumped her, he had just come to a complete stop so I don’t see how the force of a bump could have killed her. It just doesn’t add up, and if they make Adam guilty of this accidental murder it is terribly written.

  32. beachbear says:

    Adam is my favorite character. I’m glad someone else sees as much good in him as I do. It drives me crazy when no one, viewers or characters, wants to give him a break because he made mistakes in the past. I know his mistakes were pretty big, but what ever happened to forgiveness? He’s a compassionate person and anyone watching the show should be able to see that despite the characters’ narrow-minded view of him.

    I adored Phyllis, too. I can’t believe she hasn’t been recast yet.

  33. beachbear says:

    I hope people were saying that because if a child had to die on the show, they would choose Faith over Delia. But I agree about the insensitivity of these people. A lot of viewers really judge these characters way too harshly.

  34. beachbear says:

    I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. I agree that this is not entertainment at all, and I’ve been totally stressed out about it since it happened. You’re also the first person outside my own family that I have heard mentioning the dog. I wonder what happened to him, too. I wrote a comment at the bottom saying why I believe in Adam’s innocence, too. I can’t believe they would make it look like he was responsible. These writers are sadistic.

  35. beachbear says:

    I think it’s criminal for them to kill a child, especially this way, and even more especially after the REAL-LIFE death of Jeanne Cooper that fans have just had to mourn. As for the other story lines, Phyllis should come out of the coma once she is recast (my fingers are still crossed!) but the other two you mentioned haven’t been done the justice they deserved. PTSD on top of losing Connor seems like too much for Dylan, especially with him all alone. At least he will get a new mom, but that will add more trauma in itself! The Carmine murder had potential but I think they are running it into the ground. It seems too open-and-shut to me.

    I, too, am very irritated at the dismantlement of Shadam. They are/were my favorite couple on the show, and Chelsea is SO not Adam’s soul mate. I wish the writers and characters would wake up and realize that.

  36. sharon1188 says:

    In the days preceeding Delia’s death, I could see it coming and I was troubled and soooo saddened. But there was nothing I could do about it, so I settled in and prepared myself to ride out the storyline. But I couldn’t even fully experience the tragedy because when I saw Adams car coming down the road, all I could think was “Oh no, they’re not really doing this to Adam???” My sadness about Delia has been tempered by my anger about the Adam situation. They did show Nikki driving down that same road, and I hold out hope that it was her or anyone else that did the deed, not Adam. Just please wrap up that storyline as soon as possible. It’s torture.

    Off topic – Peanut is THE. CUTEST. BABY. EVER!!!! I’ve never seen such expressions from such a young baby! More Peanut!!

  37. noraoxford says:

    I agree I am really upset about them making Adam responsible for Delia’s death as if he hasn’t had enough to worry about with ” baby peanut ” going blind ! I do remember Nikki driving down the road that night, so it is possible they will blame her, but Ican not see how as Adams car light was damaged and he found the scale Delia was wearing on the school play.

    The awful thing is they keep showing us Johnny with Victoria and Nikkie it is heartbreaking I am not sure how much longer I can watch YR it is so depressing and really disturbing, we are really having to endure this for far to long, the acting is good but the effect on me is too much !

    My biggest concern is how will things play out for Adam ( MM )

  38. karpo says:

    I hate this storyline. Please make it a bad dream. I can’t watch it anymore. Make it go away!!!

  39. glenn says:

    At first, I was trying to understand the angle.
    I initially thought, horrible things happen and the writers were trying to show us the unfortunate side of life. However, it’s reading as a cheap way of gaining ratings. The show will get the weekly boost they wanted but at what cost? I honestly feel this trick will knock the show off the 1st place position for the first time in 24 (or whatever) years.
    The actors are doing a fantasic job with the “material” they’re given. Going after Adam is another stupid way of getting people pissed off enough to watch. The powers that be are using anger as a method of keeping us watching. I’m so mad… I have to find out what they did to…. Not smart kids.
    The direction of the show has changed. The development of character and story has been replaced with fast paced “punch” sloppy writing. Also, they’re about 10 stories going at the same time. 8 or so, nobody cares about.
    Let’s hope it’s another telfon coated Neuman other than Adam. If they clear Adam, they’ll go after Jack on the way to Nikki.. the one (it seems) did it.

  40. Someme says:

    I totally agree about that adorable baby!! The scenes with that baby and Adam are just about the only saving grace for this show at present.

    I read an interview yesterday from Michael Fairman posted on Twitter, and it made me so sad and so angry. Shelly Altman’s answers to Fairman’s questions about the show and its direction were infuriating. She doesn’t even know the history of these characters so how can she write for them a credible story? She said something about ‘humanizing’ Adam with the death of Delia. What on earth is she talking about? He hasn’t been written as a monster since his first months on the show and that was years ago!!!!!! Adam had made huge strides in character development and he had already been written as softer and kinder but Shelly Altman doesn’t know that? This thing with Delia will forever ruin Adam regardless some dumb twist they throw in there now. It will always be said by some narrow minded viewers that even if he is innocent, when he thought he was guilty, he hid evidence and kept quiet. What a huge mistake!

    I have little hope for Yand R and only think the superb talent of the actors invoved in this story keep the show afloat. What amazing actors and what pathetic, lousy writing and development!

  41. sparkyman says:

    Aside from the stellar acting, this show is quite dark, even morose right now. Wasn’t it enough that Delia died, why did Adam have to be the one hit tried to avoid a dog and unknowingly hit her. This story line is beyond painful. The deep pain have keeping this secret, knowing that if he tells he will be burned on the cross in the town square. This story is over the top. Any other character would have bee forgiven but I can’t see how Adam will live this down.
    So much sadness in this show right now.
    And our beloved Sharon, still seeing her dead child and have delusions.
    This Shadam fan is thinking what a state of a mess for our favorite lovers.

    If Sharon were not in such a dark place herself, Adam would likely confide in her and she could advise him. Not to be as MM and SC do not appear on the screen together anymore for some strange reason.

    Anyhow, this show is currently harsh too watch. Almost as harsh as Homeland S-3. Carrie and Brody are both in their own hell.

  42. sdl2003 says:

    Just had a viewing/crying marathon of the Thurs/Fri/Mon episodes. Some random observations:
    *Although the Nikki giving up a baby that she forgot about for 40 years storyline is an absurd way to try to tie Steve Burton’s character to the canvas, I have to admit that I really like the character of Dylan. He is just a really good and for me, very engaging guy, and I did have a little moment of being excited by Victor maybe finally having met his match. His match should have been Adam, but still, I’ll take it.

    *The show with Billy going through all of the ages of Delia was of course incredibly poignant, and that final shot was absolutely heartwrenching. But even though I was pleasantly surprised by the way that episode was done (starting out with the home video of Delia) I think it mostly points up that the show could have a lot more of that, and how much more charming it would be. Billy’s moments with Delia have always been such a bright spot, and the storyline of Delia being the wicked witch was adorable. And then to see the teenage Delia and how she acted with Billy–wonderful stuff. Why did they throw that away?

    *I can’t imagine where they go from here that isn’t dark and dismal. Were they under the impression that the audience needed more of that in their lives? Billy will never be the same–his heart has been broken. If they try to show him goofing around with Johnny the same way, or even eventually give them another baby, it will always be tinged with sadness.

    *I thought from what people said that there would be some ambiguity about Adam having hit Delia, but what I saw onscreen aside from a very quick shot of Nikki behind the wheel was pretty clear-cut. I’d like to be wrong, but it really did look like Adam was the one to hit Delia. Again, VERY dark and dismal.

    *They do not know what to do with Victoria. Actually, Nicholas is in worse shape than Victoria that way since they more or less replaced him with Dylan. But with Victoria, they don’t seem to be able to write her as a character in her own right–she is a plot device to continue the Newman/Abbott feud. I have loved the romance with Billy and Victoria but when they keep having Victor do horrible things to them and then have Victoria forgive him and be duped by him again, it just makes her seem like an idiot…but I don’t think she is so I just don’t buy it.

    *The whole Chancellor/Newman/Jabot thing is beyond tired, but to have Vicky rhapsodizing about having Chancellor Industries’ new make-up and fashion lines was worth a good laugh. They actually could write something sort of interesting by focusing on the industry part–Victor’s frakking operation, say– but they’re chicken to go there.

    *Poor little Delia. Poor Billy. My eyes hurt. That was incredibly sad. I really liked that kid.

  43. stlrfan says:

    Sparkyman, I totally agree with you. Everyone probably knows that I am an unabashed Shadam fan and if the writers’ really stayed true to character, they would have Adam turn to Sharon much like Sharon turned to Adam almost a year ago to this day…and I am not even thinking about a Shadam romance right now, I just want that friendship back but it seems as though Adam and Sharon have fallen off the planet for each other.

  44. deelj says:

    I liked Delia too. She had a lot of personality. Where are these writers minds? And let’s talk about “imaginary” Cassie. The Cassie we knew was a sweet, loving, innocent child before she died. She has no resemblance to this calculating, devious, person that Sharon talks to. It’s so out of character for that character. That re-enforces the idea that these writers really don’t understand their history. I am so mad @ Y&R I could just scream. They are systematically and startegically blowing up this show. Sad commentary on the once great Y&R. I was pissed when they killed John Abbott, but this is just too much. I stopped watching. I buried my mom not too long ago and I simply can’t watch this. It hurts too much because grief is real. I bet many of these writers have not lost anyone really close to them. They could not write such a story if they had.

  45. beachbear says:

    I like Dylan too. I don’t know why a lot of people don’t, because I think he’s a really good character in a lot of ways. His outlook is different from a lot of the others on the show, as is his background, and I agree with you that making him Nikki’s son is not the best idea. I was really hoping it would be Stitch instead.

    I don’t see why they’re willing to ruin these characters with this, either. None of them will ever be the same again—and there are temporary options for showing the fear of losing a child without ACTUALLY losing the child. Not as intense, but does it really need to be?

    If the writers wanted to teach viewers a lesson about leaving kids in the car or driving too fast or even wearing reflective clothing, fine. But what they should have done was injure Delia or even put her in a coma, NOT kill her. Why not make her life even more precious to everyone who loves her instead of ending it? And the corneas for Connor aren’t a good enough reason, because guess why? They could’ve used CARMINE’S corneas! Remember the guy who just got murdered like, two soap days ago? How hard would that have been to write in?

    Victoria drives me crazy. I was a huge fan of her and Billy at the beginning, but ever since the Lucy storyline back in 2011, they’ve never been the couple they used to be.

  46. catwoman1047 says:

    I may be in the minority but I like Victoria most of the time and I think Amelia Heinle is doing an excellent job. She especially is good in the emotional crying scenes and portrays a mother’s anguish perfectly. She doesn’t get good storylines a lot but I really enjoy her and yes, her hair, too. She seems like a real person to me, unlike, say, Avery or Abby.
    Billy Miller is killing it. I just wish he could stay the happy-go-lucky guy that seems to be so natural to him. Those days are gone, I fear. But what a bravura performance with this dark sad story.
    But…..it’s Muhney all the way for me, so intense…..he is a shining star with glowing aura.
    These wonderful actors are making me as heartsick as if Delia was part of my family. And I will miss her so much.

  47. sharon1188 says:

    I LOVE Michael Muhney. I could watch him sleep. But I can’t stand to watch scene after scene of him suffering, thinking he killed Delia. Please move this story along quickly!

  48. Lauren says:

    I haven’t liked the character of Victoria for a long time now, but I will say that Amelia Heinle is doing an amazing job with this storyline. To me, her acting is showing more real grief than some others in this storyline. As a mom of two, I cannot even fathom the effect something like this would have on my entire family. I won’t name names of characters, but I just don’t feel the real emotion from some. The entire storyline is unneccesary, as is most of the others these days.

  49. sharon1188 says:

    Lauren, I echo your sentiment. Not really a fan of Victoria (more so her storyline – I like Amelia). But her grief is on point. Expected tears, even for the stepmom. I’m surprised more of Delia’s relatives aren’t in shambles. Can’t wait to see Traci.

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