Billy Miller quits Y&R

Billy Miller, who plays Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless, has apparently decided to leave the show.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that once Billy’s contract expires this summer, he’s gone.

IMO, Billy Abbott is a popular character with the fans, and is a hunky primary character in the right demographic. He’s also a “legacy” character, being John Abbott’s son and Victoria Newman’s husband. So I expect to see the 31-year-old Texan recast. I don’t think they’ll kill him off.

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3 Responses to Billy Miller quits Y&R

  1. adamlives says:

    This is very bad news. Both my wife and I enjoy watching Billy Miller. She has been watching longer than I have so she remembers other actors in the role, but Billy Miller’s portrayal of Billy Abbott is one that cannot be easily replaced. I agree with you that they will most likely recast Billy rather than kill off a “legacy character,” but the chemistry he had with Victoria may not be easy for another actor replicate. The writers will probably have Victoria break up with Billy when she finds out the truth about Lucy so that they can explore what kind of chemistry the new actor will have with other characters on the show.

  2. ElliEmma says:

    And there’s always the possibility that this is a contract negotiation tactic. It ain’t over till it’s over!

  3. adamlives says:

    Found this info here:


    “After talking to its own insiders, Soaps In Depth reported that Miller and show executives are still engaged in contract talks. The magazine hints that one of the key negotiations might involve the ability for Miller to do projects outside of daytime. In the past, the networks have been reluctant to let their contract players appear in primetime and movie projects. That’s not the case anymore, as networks have been working to find a middle ground in order to keep top-name talent.

    Another setside source tells that this might be another case of show brass trying to negotiate via the media. Contract talks are typically closed-door meetings. Y&R, however, has had several very visible and very high-profile negotiation sessions in the past few years, including those involving Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman), and Jess Walton (Jill Abbott).”

    Looks like the announcement was a bit premature and that this could really just be a negotiating tactic just as you said. For what it’s worth, I hope Billy Miller stays.

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