Angie: It’s like I’m destroying your happiness – Wednesday 2-22-12

It’s an odd episode when the one character I’m most sympathetic to is Angie.

There is no way that Kevin should still be married to her. It was crazy enough that they spontaneously got married so Dino wouldn’t kill Kevin, but now that they’re back in Genoa City, it’s unbelievable that Kevin wouldn’t tell the police and Michael and Katherine and everyone what he knows about Angelo. For him to bite his tongue and just give up and stay with Angie is beyond ridiculous.

But instead of feeling sorry for him, I actually feel sorry for Angie now, a little bit. Kevvie treats her like dirt, Angelo pushes her around, and she’s trying to make the best of it.

Also don’t feel sorry for Chloe, although it was funny that Daniel would go buy marshmallows and a Nerf gun to shoot at the magazines with Angie and Kevvie on the covers. I’m glad they’re letting Chloe see how clueless Daniel is about Eden, and that Eden is hung up on him. Because it’s so obvious.

It’s rather creepy that Eden is going to let Ricky move in with her, and now I’m a little worried for her.

In other news, while it would normally be kinda cute and a little funny that no one is leaving the newlyweds alone to… reconnect, it was creepy and awkward. And yay, Jill and Ashley give Cane a real job so he doesn’t have to be a bartender at Jimmy’s anymore.

Normally I have nothing but complimentary things to say about Ashley, but the long, parted-down-the-middle hair is not a flattering look for her. And the dry, dark red lipstick looked awful. She can look absolutely stunning, but today was not one of those days.

And finally a tiny bit of give in Devon towards Tucker. Maybe Tucker will realize that as he softens a bit and learns to forgive Katherine, perhaps that karma will come back to him with Devon.

All in all, an unremarkable episode.

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15 Responses to Angie: It’s like I’m destroying your happiness – Wednesday 2-22-12

  1. catwoman1047 says:

    As I was watching I thought the exact same thing about Ashley. Bad hair day for a beautiful lady.
    I like Ricky in his creepiness. But I like Eden too and I hope she doesn’t get hurt (but of course she will.)
    I loved seeing Tucker again, and Gloria especially. This episode reminded me of those I would miss and those I wouldn’t if they never came back. You. EE, can guess which. We both like the same characters for the most part.
    Adam next episode, YAY!

  2. iamcee says:

    Funny, my husband said the same thing about Ashley, and he’s only an occasional watcher. She didn’t look very good at all yesterday.

    I made my prediction 10 minutes into the episode: Kevvie is going to start warming up to Angie, and they wind up being a real couple; Daniel and Chloe are going to wind up being the next couple; and Eden and Ricky were somehow going to wind up a twosome. The episode wasn’t even over and these three teams are gelling.

    I only like Ricky with Eden, and I see them being the troublemaking duo. Lord know, separately, they’re enough trouble; together, the town might wind up in flames.

    I did feel sorry for Angie too. I’m totally fine with her, actually…that is, untill they keep playing a new and improved remixed version of a song that stunk in the first place. The writers usually do a good job with music, but I think they need to stay totally away from a “mainstream” sound and stick to the background music. My 17-year-old didn’t even want to stay in the room when that song came on….even in the background…again.

    And while I am happy that Cane has a real job, I wanna know how you graduate from being a bartender to the head of marketing for a global cosmetics company?

  3. kelsey22 says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter what story they give to Devon I find the character a complete bore and could care less about what happens to him. Cane is at least somewhat tolerable when he is doing something other than spouting romance novel cliche lines to Lily.

    I’m with Chloe, that Burning with You song sucks. Ricky is much creepier than Adam ever was. I’m getting a crazy stalker vibe from him.

    Gloria used to be much more street smart. I can’t believe she hasn’t caught on to Angelo yet.

  4. marqui says:

    A soap needs younger actors to survive in the long run. I just don’t like or care about any of the younger characters. Daniel was more interesting with Amber. Chloe with Ronan and Kevin with his first wife. Ricky shows promise. Kevin and Angie, Chloe and Daniel, Eden and Ricky. I just don’t care. And I guess Cane and Lily are in this group, boring.

  5. bookrobot says:

    I felt sorry for Angelina, but I think they will end up falling for each other. But it is beyond stupid that Kevin doesn’t confide in someone about Angelo threatening Chloe. And I have to agree about the bartender ending up with a corporate job.
    I still really like Ricky, but he might end up giving Adam competition for being the town’s worst citizen. It was a pretty boring episode without Adam, but I loved it that Devon relented about Tucker coming on the trip. I’ve been wondering if perhaps Gloria is playing Angelo. She seems to still be hung up on Jeffrey.
    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Adam and Sharon.

  6. SunnyArizona says:

    If the writers would script a scene where Angelo makes it clear that he knows Angie tricked Kevin into skipping the wedding and knows the marriage is a fake but doesn’t care, for whatever reason, that would help the audience. Or just a scene where Angie and Kevin talk about Angelo’s volatility and unwillingness to listen that explains their fear of him. That aside, I’m enjoying the second half of their story and definitely sympathizing with Angie. Diana plays vulnerability really well. Angelina’s heart is totally on her sleeve right now and she’s shown remorse.

    What I’d REALLY like us for the Baldwin-Fisher clan, including Angie, to sit down and compare notes, realize Angelo kidnapped Jeffrey, and work to put him behind bars.

  7. adamlives says:

    I agree that Angie is becoming a more sympathetic character, and part of me wants Kevin to really fall for her because we all know that Chloe and Kevin had no real chemistry anyway as a romantic couple. What I wish would happen is for Angelo to disappear, go to prison, or get killed, and for kevin to realize that he really does love Angie and stay with her anyway. I’m not sure how much longer the writers plan to torture the audience with Angelo.

    Who gives a high end corporate job as a “wedding gift?” I don’t mind that Jill would want Cane to work with her and make the request of Ashley, but I didn’t like the way they barged in and presented it as some sort of gift. It’s a job offer, and it’s something jill should have talked with cane and Lily about privately before dragging Ashley there. Ashley didn’t look pleased to be there either, and it just looked like she was appeasing Jill.

  8. glenn says:

    I agree with everyone regarding these couples. What’s kinda freaking me out is the makeup on some of the actors. The men (Paul last week, Ricky this week) are looking very orange. Also, the eye shade on Eden.. yuck. What gives makeup people, need new lights in the dressing room?

  9. soccermommy says:

    It’s an odd episode when the best part is the previews for tomorrow’s show!
    I want to feel for Kevin, he’s trying to do the right thing protecting his family and Chloe….but Angelo picked the right chump. Kevin has has had expert training in being the powerless victim, and he’s continuing that by saying nothing. I have to think most of us would be screaming to (if we were so lucky) our brother the lawyer, our rich and connected sister-in-law, the head of Chancellor Industries who loves us like a son…the list goes on. I know Angelo is supposed to be this powerful mobster, but he’s more like a bad imitation of one, so I’m not feeling the menace. And, it didn’t help to see Jeffrey marooned on an island, in Long Island sound (?), for goodness sakes. There are lots of little islands, but there are probably more boats nosing around, too.
    But, I am beginning to like Angelina…it’s just hard to listen when she tawks.
    There’s one good thing about having Ricky and Daisy around…they make Adam look like a saint in comparison.

  10. shirazin says:

    Apparently there was a time before I started watching when Cane worked at Jabot. I’m not sure what his qualifications were then or are now. I’m just glad that he now has a way to pay off that HUGE diamond ring he bought for Lily on his bartender salary! I just hate seeing newlyweds start out so deep in a financial hole.

  11. adamlives says:

    Diana DeGarmo would be perfected for the new 2013 Broadway musical production of Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway based on his 1994 film. I just learned that they are adapting one of my favorite recent Woody Allen films and I couldn’t help to think that DeGarmo would be perfect for the Jennifer Tilly role of Olive, the mobster’s girlfriend who the protagonist is forced to give a role to in his play.

    It’s just food for thought since that was the first thing that sprang to mind when they just announced it.

  12. phanofmany says:

    Love to read al the comments as well as the blog. For some reason, I get the blog in my inbox the day after everyone else. I thought the ridiculous song was ‘running w u’. Wish I never had to dear it agin. I agree w the comments on the usually beautiful Ashley, her makeup was AWFUL. Surely the same makeup artist that applied Gloria’s as well as Edens makeup. All 3 had a big mess of muddy dark eyeshadow, n that dreadful vampirish lip. Nikki and Sharon though, are looking absolutely flawless.

  13. iamcee says:

    Hey phan…
    I get the blog in my inbox a day late as well. I just come here in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee, just in case a new update is posted. I guess I get a little anxious for my daily dose of EE. :-)

  14. Paris07 says:

    I am really starting to enjoy Ricky and I don’t find him creepy at all. He’s a bit of a mischief maker, but at least he’s finally getting a little airtime and making the most of it. I just think he’s smitten with Eden and a little perplexed she only has eyes for Jerry Garcia’s love child. Adam isn’t the only blind resident of GC.

  15. catwoman1047 says:

    I hope Ricky stays!

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