Adam’s mom Hope returns to Y&R

Signy Coleman

Adam's mom Hope to make an appearance

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Signy Coleman will be making a guest appearance on Y&R in February. They’re saying she “will be back on February 17″, so that could mean she’ll be in just one episode, airing that day, or perhaps that is the first day of a multi-day story… Not sure.

This means, of course, that there will be some character development for Adam. Whenever Hope shows up, there are major things happening in his life. This has me excited for February!

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4 Responses to Adam’s mom Hope returns to Y&R

  1. LaChavalina says:

    Now here’s a casting note I’m happy to see! I’ve barely been watching since the beginning of the year, but I’d tune in again. She’s such a great actress, and I’m glad they’re finding ways for her and MM to share scenes.

  2. catwoman1047 says:

    I remember when there were flashbacks to a college-age Adam with his mom, I loved that episode. Michael Muhney was able to portray an enthusiastic happy young kid getting ready to leave for the city. It was a glimpse of him as he was before Hope died and he found out he was a Newman. I can’t wait to see Hope again.

  3. sparkyman says:

    Maybe, she will appear to Victor to challenge him on his vendetta with her son. Although, scenes between Adam and Hope would be more interesting. Adam as a boy with his mom would be great. Now that Sharon is lost to Victor( not for long, hopefully) Adam really needs his moral compass. Hope is that.

    Really hope Adam does not end up in jail for the third time… come on!!

  4. sparkyman says:

    They could do a Dexter and Harry thing where she is guiding him and thinking what his mother would think.

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