Adam: You want to help me light my candle? Monday, 4-30-12

Well played, everyone. Well played.

Except for a bit too much Abby, today’s episode was nicely done. I like juxtaposed scenes like Jack and Abby talking about Kyle while Kyle is with Victor, talking about Jack. And I liked the scenes at the end, where we see decisions being made foreshadowing life changing events:

  • Kyle comes to Jack’s to pick up his things and move to Victor’s.
  • Adam knocks on Chelsea’s door with the birthday cake.
  • Sharon drops her papers on the floor and Victor swoops in to pick them up.
  • Nick gives Phyllis an engagement ring.

Before we feel too sad about Sharon, let’s not forget that she was the one who bailed out on Adam when he was blind and completely alone. So while I think it was nice of her to get him a birthday card, and it tugged at my heartstrings to see Adam thinking about calling her, I’m actually glad they didn’t go there. I hope it’s a long time before we see sad, guilt-ridden, apologetic, rejected Adam again.

There will always be love between those two, but theirs is a toxic relationship. How could it not be, given the way it started? And I’m not a fan of relationships where one person loves and needs the other person much more. It’s not on equal footing. And that’s how I’ve always felt about Adam and Sharon. She would have moments of saying “It’s us against the world! Bring it!” but it always felt like it was Adam who desperately needed her and pursued her while she didn’t really need him. Being with him was about being defiant and independent. It wasn’t about needing him like he needed her.

So while I don’t like the writers dumping more pain and rejection on Sharon, I also don’t want to see Adam living alone, in rejection, pining for her anymore. I like seeing him smile and laugh. And he wasn’t the one who went out of his way to hurt her feelings. He was in his hotel room with Chelsea, privately sharing an innocent kiss between two single adults, when she came knocking on his door.

Unlike Nick, who immediately had to run to Sharon to tell her the news. Perfect illustration of what’s wrong with Phyllis that the first thing she wanted to do was send Nick over to Sharon to tell her. You can use the excuse that Sharon needed to be told because she and Nick have children together, but Phyllis’s motivation is obvious. And please, it could have waited. She said “Yeah, I guess” and practically pushed him out the door to tell Sharon all in one breath.

And good for Sharon, calling him out on his motivation. “Are you marrying her because she lost Lucy?” I don’t think it’s about Lucy, specifically, but I do think Nick loves Phyllis in victim mode. Poor Phyllis, they took her granddaughter away! Poor Phyllis, her sister was so mean! Poor Phyllis, her father was a criminal! Poor Phyllis, Daniel messed up and now Daisy has custody! Poor Phyllis! Ricky betrayed her. So she turns to Nick and he can be the hero. I guess she decided to take a page out of Sharon’s book. Clearly that’s what turns Nick on.

I like Kyle. And Blake Hood appears to be a capable actor. I’ve been enjoying his scenes.  I hope, however, that the writers plan to reveal to young Kyle exactly how Victor Newman treated his mother. The only person in town who was decent to Diane was Adam, and I’d like for him to find that out.

Utterly disappointing what they’ve done to Avery. And even after constant apologies, Phyllis rejects her. Wow. I don’t even know what to say about that scene. What Avery did, by getting Daisy out of prison, was nothing compared to the things Phyllis has done. If Billy and Victoria can forgive Phyllis, she should certainly be able to forgive Avery. Clearly she has forgotten that Daisy would be hiding out somewhere in Canada and Lucy would be safely living with Victoria and Billy if she hadn’t lured her to town. Stop apologizing Avery!

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21 Responses to Adam: You want to help me light my candle? Monday, 4-30-12

  1. kelsmith says:

    Great summary EE!

    I like seeing Adam smile and laugh too, but oh I still want Shadam together in the worst way. When Chelsea and Adam were kissing, the heat was a 2, but as soon as Sharon walked in, the heat went up to a 10. Chelsea became mousy and nearly invisible in that scene. Sharon Case did a great job with the awkwardness and looking like she had just been punched in the stomach while trying to hide the pain till she could get out of the room. I was hoping Adam would make that call to Sharon, if only just to thank her for the card, so she would know he was thinking of her.

    What is Sharon going to do now that both men who worshiped her have moved on?

    I have to admit, it’s nice seeing Nick not being wishy washy for a change, even if I am furious with Phyllis right now. His bed hopping and indecisiveness was a big turn off.

  2. ElliEmma says:

    At this point, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sharon and Adam together someday in the future, after they’ve both worked out their issues and there’s nothing left that Adam is hiding and that Sharon could abandon him over. But they’re not there yet.

    I’m not expecting the same kind of heat with Chelsea. It’s not the same kind of a relationship. Plus, it was just a first kiss.

    And I thought that Chelsea’s deflated mood was entirely believable and understandable. She’s at a very low point in her life right now and her friendship with Adam is very new.

  3. iamcee says:

    Aw. I thought EE was going to go harder about Avery’s apology! :-) I simply could not believe she said it was ALL her fault.

    Sharon did that awkward scene flawlessly. I’m not sure what she expected though, considering she’d just seen Adam and Chelsea in the lobby together earlier.

    I am going to loathe this Victor and Sharon pairing, just like I did before. It’s his ex-DAUGHTER-in-law for Pete’s sake.

  4. glow says:

    One more vote here for continuing with Adam and Chelsea! Although I have always thought Muhney was attractive, I realized watching this episode what’s different. With Sharon, Adam is positioned as weak: he’s desperately in love with her, needy, so often pleading with her in a somewhat unmanly way. With Chelsea, Adam is HOT– he’s laid back, they have an easy banter, and he’s clearly having fun without any real pressure. Adam as a man in control is a sight to behold, and I want more of it!

    I’m glad you enjoyed NuKyle, because I thought he was great also. Those were some intense first scenes to step into, and he held his own with the veterans of this show. His final scenes in the house with Jack seemed very true to an angry, confused teenager pushing a parent away– “It’s whatever.” Definitely looking forward to seeing where they take him.

    And I agree that the Phyllis propping is beyond out of control– though I do blame Avery for getting Daisy out of prison just to spite Phyllis, I can’t believe they have everyone apologizing to her as though she played no role in what happened. However, based on some down the road casting news, I think Phyllis might be about to get hers– some people from her past are coming back to remind everyone of a time when Phyllis was the furthest thing from a saint! However, it should make for some great scenes for us– MS said recently that we are about to revisit one of her favorite story lines she has ever played as Phyllis, so I’m excited!

  5. catwoman1047 says:

    I never saw Adam as weak with Sharon. He wanted her, he pursued her, yes. But a man revealing his feelings to a woman is brave! And HOT! Especially after Adam had nothing but rejection in GC. That said, I am OK with him looking for another relationship. A nice easy relaxed one, for awhile.
    LOVE Kyle. He carried himself so well with every character, this is gonna be a good storyline. I want to see him with Adam.

  6. soccermommy says:

    I have to say, it’s not bad being Nick’s fiance’! That was some nice rock Phyllis got. How many others does she have, btw?
    I’m still not feeling all that sorry for Sharon right now, okay, maybe a little and that’s due to SC. I get that Sharon still loves Adam, but I fault her for not having the courage to stick by Adam. And now she’s sending mixed messages…she hopes Adam “finds” someone else to love…did she mean that or did she mean herself? Is just afraid of being alone? And, yeah, Adam still loves Sharon, but the message on that card reminded him that it just can’t work right now. In a weird way, it was almost permission to pursue Chelsea since Sharon is again sending him away.
    Kyle looks like he could be Adam’s little brother, the resemblance is that strong. He might be a little bratty, but I don’t think so. He’s really hurting. What I don’t get is why a smart man like Jack, who usually is more sensitive than this, didn’t think through all the ramifications of getting involved with Nikki (outside of sending Victor ballistic, normally an admirable intention).
    I still think Chelsea is more into Adam than he is into her right now, but he’s definitely decided to explore the situation! And I like it. Adam is just more fun to watch, younger, sexier (if that’s possible) and the one-liners are still there.
    Poor Avery. May she somehow get involved in finding out all of Phyllis’ little secrets. It might make her feel better!

  7. yrviewer says:

    So, here I am … twixt between my need for Adam to be happy and my undying support for Shadam, which I have no doubt will be back … and not that distant in the future. As you, I am a huge Adam supporter; it breaks my heart to witness the treatment bestowed upon him by the GC elite (although it provides MM with countless opportunities to showcase his talents). For now, it is obvious that Sharon is in turmoil; she needs her own life-altering experience … and I do believe she will get it when she hits bottom (coming up shortly), similar to Adam. In his redemption, so to speak, Adam has found the will, the desire and the means to be the man Sharon always saw in him, but … and this is a big “but” … he is doing it because of himself, for himself and by himself. Sharon will similarly find, in time, the strength to be in control of her life, that strength that only Adam ever saw within her, but … like Adam … she will find it by herself, for herself, because of herself.

    As do you, I want Adam happy. I do not think I could have taken another round of Sharon tearing his heart out. And I do not think he is tearing out hers … although SC’s performance makes you feel, just for a bit, that he is. I think the road back together, as you say, has to be based on mutuality. She cannot keep abandoning him, for whatever the reason … that will destroy any relationship. She cannot be one woman when she is with him and another when she is with “everyone else.” Sharon told Adam it is so much easier and uncomplicated when they are alone … I think those words were foreshawdowing. The reason is because Sharon is not being influenced and controlled by the decisions of others. She needs to be there at all times, not just when they are “alone.’

    Having said that, let’s not give Sharon “short shift” … she has made some pretty unbelievable sacrifices for Adam, and supported him in incredibly loyal fashion more often than not. Her issue is not how much she loves Adam … she has certainly proved that … but how strong she can be in the constant baragement of others. She has in the past … let us not so glibbly take that away from her … she will again.

    But I return to where I started … I could not tolerate another round of Sharon breaking Adam’s heart … so I applauded the entrance of Chelsea; Adam clearly needed someone in his life and Chelsea filled the bill. By now, I must admit, she is getting on my nerves … too whiny for my tastes; and really, at this point, she has nothing to lose with Adam … because (i) no one cares about her one way or the other and (ii) Adam is the very best thing that has every happened to her. It is easy for Chelsea to be “ride and die” … she has nothing to “die” about and nothing to lose in the “ride.” I do not blame Adam at all; I understand Sharon; and I think Chelsea can never … EVER … give to Adam the overwhelming, consummated love he shared with Sharon. He may not like the broken heart, but he sure loved the passion and fury … Chelse will never give him either one.

    I see this going in one direction … and the S/L, in my opinion, does not end with Chelsea. She is the first woman, beyond Sharon, with whom Adam found a giving/taking relationship that lifts him. But the heart wants what the heart wants … that is not true simply for Sharon. In time, Chelsea will understand that she can never replace Sharon … or that part of Adam in which Sharon resides; and Adam will not necessarily want to let go. It is one thing to go share a cake; it is another to go share your life.

    This S/L has lots of twists and turns. Adam is light and breezy with Chelsea, to be sure, but the heights of love, splendor, passion, ardor …. that will always belong to Shadam … and that will be something neither Sharon nor Adam will ever let go … or ever want to. They will always be, in one way or the other, attempting to find their way home.

  8. catwoman1047 says:

    So……you didn’t see Adam as “weak” with Sharon either. I loved them together even though it wasn’t the right time.
    But I will watch MM interact with anyone, and thoroughly enjoy.

  9. yrviewer says:

    Definitely not “weak” … and not debilitating either; there has been give and take with Shadam; in the end they are built on human fraility, each has hurt yet loved the other in terms not often endured or enjoyed. I am sitting back and enjoying the ride. It should be a good one … and MM (as well as SC) will hit it out of the park. I really do not know MCE; I thought she was terrific in the delivery scenes … I am sure the trio (not to mention the “unmentionable” fourth party) will give us our money’s worth.

  10. marcar112000 says:

    I don’t feel Sorry for Sharon because she willing broke up with Adam. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have, but it was still her choice, and I don’t think the reason why she broke up with him was a good enough excuse either. She could get past him stilling her baby and all the other terrible things he’s done but him helping an unstable woman escape from a mental institution was just too much for her to handle? OK. Do most viewers think Shadam are endgame? I think I could go either way on that right now, although, unless she gets back together with Nick I don’t really know who else would want her. Especially if she really does get with Victor.

    Why did Sharon have the right to call nick out on his motivation for marrying Phyllis? Sharon didn’t want to listen to anything Nick or anyone else had to say when they told her to stay away from Adam so I don’t think she should get to go around questioning anyone’s reasoning. Especially when it comes to romance. At least Nick sorta kinda had a good reason to want Sharon to stay away from Adam and Faith. Phyllis doesn’t pose a threat to Faith.

    I agree that Jack and Nikki should both be smart enough to now that they shouldn’t be together and I don’t blame Kyle for hating Nikki. But I am sort of over his hate for her already. He needs to town it down a tad.

  11. LaChavalina says:

    I hope, however, that the writers plan to reveal to young Kyle exactly how Victor Newman treated his mother.

    Doesn’t he already know? He’s angry at Jack for being in a relationship with Nikki, but there’s no residual anger about the fact that Victor lied and made a false confession to the murder in order to protect Nikki? Sheesh.

  12. lorilynn says:

    I am a new commenter, I really enjoy reading all of the posts here and finally felt compelled to join in. I try not to overthink it, but my problem with Kyle is that now that he is 20-ish, didn’t the death of his mother still happen when he was 12…so shouldn’t he have come to grips with the reality of what happened by now ? Writers, if you are going to age someone that much in six months, I think you’ve got to grant us, and the character, the recognition of time passing that goes with it. Hasn’t Jack, or Victor, or anyone explained to him over these interceding “years” what really happened ? And of course he should be still upset by his mother’s death but his aggressive anger towards Nikki seems out of place. I’m not dwelling on it, but just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way.

  13. kelsey22 says:

    I find the whole aging thing confusing. If Diane’s death occured so long ago are we supposed to believe all of the Patty stuff happened ten years ago too? It’s just too big of a leap in time surrounding such key events.

    I would like to see Sharon to have a real crisis over the direction of her life and deal with the consequences and not just let Victor swoop in as he always does as her white knight and make all of her decisions for her. Even Sharon’s career is something Victor chose for her. Running a cosmetics company wasn’t some dream that she had for herself. Victor’s idea of being supportive is to set women up like birds in gilded cages. He did it with Nikki, Ashley and Sabrina. He has tried to do it with Victoria all her life and she keeps rebelling against it.

  14. ElliEmma says:

    I would like to see Sharon to have a real crisis over the direction of her life and deal with the consequences and not just let Victor swoop in as he always does as her white knight and make all of her decisions for her. Even Sharon’s career is something Victor chose for her. Running a cosmetics company wasn’t some dream that she had for herself. Victor’s idea of being supportive is to set women up like birds in gilded cages. He did it with Nikki, Ashley and Sabrina. He has tried to do it with Victoria all her life and she keeps rebelling against it.

    THIS!!! I completely agree. What a beautiful analogy.

    Regarding the aging of Kyle – Diane’s death still took place months ago. We are to forget that Kyle was 12 years old when he left for “hockey” school. And actually, they should have made Kyle this age when they brought him back with Diane since Kyle and Abby were born at the same time. But Maura West couldn’t have pulled off being old enough to be this Kyle’s mom.

  15. ElliEmma says:

    Welcome, and see my comment below about the age thing.

    And I would have to respectfully disagree about the degree of Kyle’s anger and aggression. If someone killed my mother on purpose, especially if it was ridiculously classified “self-defense”, I don’t think I would EVER get over it. Nikki went there looking for a fight. She started it. Not exactly the same kind of self-defense as if you’re carjacked by a stranger or someone breaks in your house and you shoot them.

  16. tulip45 says:

    Nick liking Phyllis in victim mode is so true! In turn, normally ballsy and strong Phyllis almost simpers when she’s alone with Nick – it all comes across as disingenuous somehow. I don’t know how the pregnancy may go (I don’t understand the point of giving them a pregnancy/possibly a baby now – they both seem past that point in their lives – it feels like it was just to force a proposal), but I hope Phick don’t make it to a wedding. I think both characters are more interesting and likable away from each other.

    I rolled my eyes at the Avery apology. She might as well have been speaking a foreign language for all the sense it made in light of everything we’ve seen happen on the show. I don’t know what to think about the news that Phyllis’s old story line is being revisited. Based on what we keep seeing, it’s only going to be re-written to tell us Phyllis was never at fault.

    In the christening scenes, Kyle was civil to Nikki until he realized Jack was “with” her. Then he let rip, and I still understand that, but if Victor gets a free pass from Kyle (whether it’s because we see Kyle choose to give it, or because the writers don’t address the truth about Victor and Dianne’s relationship for Kyle) it’s going to water down the whole story.

    I liked all the scenes at Billy and Victoria’s house. It was fun to watch them settling in with their own little life-changer while others were dealing with major dramas, and I liked that the show addressed Reed’s concern about not being the only boy anywhere. That little guy and AH are cute together.

    I can’t say I felt sorry for Sharon, but I also didn’t take any pleasure in what she was feeling. I just saw a woman who was being forced into a realization about her life that she wasn’t prepared to face. I thought SC was great in every one of her scenes. All the surprise and awkwardness and sadness and questioning looked very real.

    I haven’t made a decision one way or the other about Adam and Chelsea. I need to see more. I have a feeling Chelsea was supposed to look relatively mousy and timid in that scene with Sharon. I know she was dressed solemnly for court, but she’s never looked that dowdy before. I think the terry bathrobe is also going to turn out to be another “transitional” outfit for Chelsea. I’ll bet that very shortly she’s going to be blossoming into someone who could believably compete with Sharon.

    I don’t know if Shadam are endgame or not. I can watch each character on their own with no problem whatsoever, but the pairing turned me off. I know soap characters can do horrible things to hurt each other and still go on to great love, but the Faith stuff crossed a line for me, and I feel it should have for Sharon as well. I don’t think I’ll ever see past that to be comfortable with them as a couple.

  17. kelsey22 says:

    Maybe Adam can give Kyle a wake up call about how Victor treated Diane.

  18. tulip45 says:

    That would be a great way to write the story. It would further Adam’s transformation into a trusted character and open Kyle’s eyes at the same time.

  19. Tinimarini says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for months now but I finally decided to get an account to join in on the fun! Great job by the way! Love your writing!

    I normally agree with everything you say but today I found myself saying NOOOOOOOOOO! to some of your thoughts LOL.

    Your analysis of Adam and Sharon seems a little out of left field. I’ve never seen their relationship as toxic…but more tradgic. And whats surprised me more is you saying that you were never a fan of theirs. :/ That you think that one loves and needs the other more is a bit of a shock as well. I think that is farthest from the truth, but hey, the newness of the Chelsea and Adam pairing is making people forget all the hardships BOTH Sharon and Adam has faced to be together. I think YR Viewer’s (great post by the way) post sums it up brilliantly. Sharon has sacrificed, Adam has suffered..Right now they aren’t on the same wavelength but when they are (which I believe may be sooner than we think) they will be great togther again.

    Yes, I LOVE to see Adam smiling but he wasnt scowling with Sharon now, was he? Chelsea is a new friend.actually his first real friendship outside of his thing with Sharon. We’ll see how it plays out now though now that the line between friendship and lovers might be crossed..

    About the episode, ofcourse I felt for Sharon. Maybe its because I am a fan of both individually and together, I can see it from both sides. Ofcourse Sharon’s gonna be jealous..its only natural…shouldnt matter if she broke up with him or not. On the other hand, I didnt want Adam sitting around pining for her either but I would have much rather he kept the relationship with Chelsea platonic (like Diane) and gotten himself involved in business again..

  20. marqui says:

    Phyllis is a threat to everyone and Sharon knows this. I wouldn’t want Faith anywhere near Phyllis. Phyllis has no problem using her friends and family to get what she wants. Look at what she did to Daniel to get control of Lucy. Phyllis hates Sharon and I don’t think she would hesitate to use Faith.

  21. yrviewer says:

    Thanks for the shoutout. As you, I am a full-fledged, dyed in the wool Shadam fan. I love them both; I love them equally; I never blame either; and, when they are together, they remind you beyond doubt why they are both legendary and chemical. When Shadam loves, the fans flock to them with cooing admiration and fluttering phrases. But we Shadam devotees are always there, LOL.

    Now let me say this … and I have not been wrong on them yet: Anyone who thinks for one moment that Shadam is not coming back … and coming back in the not-to-distant future just are not reading the lea leaves plainly let in their cup. They did not have Sharon at Adam’s door with his and Chelsea’s first for nothing. And it was not so that he could “formally” leave her and move forward. Adam is moving forward, to be sure, finding himself for himself, by himself, because of himself. But as foolishly as Sharon may appear, pretending that the last cord has been cut, Adam is not fooling those of us with eyes wide open that, in his move forward, Sharon’s heart moves right along with him.

    To be sure his relationship with Chelsea may appear unfettered, his laugh a little easier and the judments retrained … but they have little to do with the fury, the passion, the intensity of unmitigated love that he has … and always will … share with only one woman. The pieces are being laid so obviously I marvel that few see it. We have Adam moving cautiously with Chelsea; Chelsea aware of the “other woman” and fearful that she commit too much only to lose in vain; Sharon, alone, misguided, heading into the inviting arms of the unmentionable mystery man (board rules permit he remain unmentionable mystery man, LOL, since he has net yet been formally identified); and the unmentionable mystery man himself, of course. They will all buck heads, lock horns, grind gears, create havoc … and, for Sharon and Adam, the longing, passion, desire, denial, jealousy, betrayal, all leading up to an irresistable, inevitable and long-awaited ride home .

    So I ask myself: as Chelsea watches the inevitable unfolding, as all she has never had before … and was just within his grasp … as all this begins to evaporate, how long until desperation sets in and “light and breezy” become redefined.

    For me, I will just sit back, let it all play out and enjoy the ride.

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