Adam: Victor Newman, the man, the myth, the legend – Friday 3-15-13

It appears that the new writers are really nailing it with Adam’s “voice”. I know there’s probably a bit of adlib that goes on, but if so, the adlibs and the written dialogue are totally in sync. Adam is smart, insightful, witty, and has a razor sharp humor. It’s delightful. Especially when he wields that razor in conversation with his erstwhile “family”.

The entire bit about getting that newspaper article framed, delivering it as a gift on the evening of the wedding rehearsal, and then the return of the “gift” was hilarious. “Somebody else get you the same thing?” Ha!

It’s so much better when father and son have actual conversations instead of just exchanging threats, and Adam does much more of that than Victor. Why does Victor always have to threaten Adam? I wish he would take Adam’s advice, “I think you should just kick back dad. Work on your golf game a little bit.” Please.

Did you notice in the scene later with Nick and Victoria, that they started in on Adam and he didn’t even SAY anything? He walked up behind them and Victoria said , “Adam” And all he said was “My big bro and my big sis. Hope I’m not interrupting anything.” That’s it. And Nick immediately started threatening him and Victoria told him she knows what he’s up to. He’s planning to ruin the wedding tomorrow. And their mom is so fragile, he better not! And they walk off in a huff, flinging final threats. What the hell? All Adam did was walk up. And be hilarious. He’s not so good with family events, but the bonus is, he doesn’t get invited to many. Come on, that’s funny, I don’t care who you are! And so was the “Do you take a personal check?” schtick. A little levity goes a long way!

I know what they were going for with the prison scenes, and having Leslie/Valerie face her father after all these years. But they definitely need more to go on than just Avery “I know it in my heart” and Leslie “I can see it in his eyes” to convince me that Gus is innocent. Didn’t Avery mention DNA evidence at one point? And didn’t Leslie see her father during the trial? I guess she hadn’t developed her x-ray vision yet back then because she was so sure he was guilty, even though he professed his innocence from the beginning. I suspect the man really is innocent, but if Avery thinks she can get him off by telling people that her heart convinced her he was innocent, that’s not gonna fly.

Nick needs to really back off. The way he is berating Avery and forcing her to explain herself to him all the time, and placate him is offensive. I get that he’s worried. I get that he wishes she would drop the case. But his bullying her constantly and pressuring her is not an expression of love, it’s an expression of his control and manipulation.

I don’t think even Nikki believes that Victor is the most romantic man she’s ever known, so it’s hard not to laugh at them eating strawberries and having mushy conversations. I thought she was going to have a coronary, though, when she opened up the gift from Victor. Oh, surprise! More jewelry.

So, I have to comment on the Chelsea/Dylan hookup. The gasping and panting and clutching was mercifully short, although I had to chuckle at how shiny and smooth Dylan was and how it seemed like the light bouncing off of his pecs made Chelsea lose all control. That was funny. Their awkward conversation afterwards was actually very well done. By both of them. It was a little funny and almost seemed sweet. Until I remembered how it was all a con. Chelsea decided back at the bar that she was going to con Dylan, and she worked it.

Later, when she met with Chloe, she gave a tiny little sly smile when Chloe said “You found your baby daddy!” And I know “it’s a soap opera” but I just hate this stupid storyline. Adam isn’t the “idiot” who “ended it with” Chelsea. Chelsea is the one who walked out on Adam and refused his every effort to reconcile. He didn’t cheat on her. He didn’t want his marriage to end. She did. And he doesn’t deserve to be deprived of being a father.

And now, more than two months pregnant, Chelsea knowingly has unprotected sex with a man grieving the death of his father so she can have a “baby daddy” that’s supposed to fool Adam who knows how to read a calendar…

This is so lame. And Chloe is a real piece of work too, isn’t she?

I like it that Adam’s got a woman private investigator, but I don’t believe for one minute that there was a witness who saw Adam dump the body. Why wouldn’t this witness have come forward back on New Year’s day? We’ve already had several scenes where investigators have told Victor that there is absolutely nothing, no evidence at all of Adam’s involvement. I think it was a lazy way to set up a blackmail scenario. Or Victor is just bluffing.

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23 Responses to Adam: Victor Newman, the man, the myth, the legend – Friday 3-15-13

  1. soccermommy says:

    If someone witnessed the body dump, why wasn’t that person found weeks ago? It wasn’t as if no one was looking. I agree, EE, it looks more like Victor found some fake witness and wants to blackmail Adam into leaving NE. Of course, that could happen, and Adam could be forced out. The major flaw with all of this is if Adam lets the board know Victor set the whole plan in motion to humiliate Jack, what’s going to make them welcome Victor back with open arms?
    Is this man that short-sided that he can’t imagine people NOT wanting him? Yup. Which is why he should be spending his time tending to Nikki, finding a cure for MS, or just retiring to any place.
    I’m beginning to feel a little sorry for Nick and Victoria. They don’t even know they are so wonderful subjects for ridicule. My husband compares it to “shooting ducks in a barrel” which is his shorthand for really easy targets. But what really got me is the subtext. Adam wishes it weren’t this way, even as he knows better. I wish he’d realize it ain’t worth it.
    And all the anvils falling are making sinkholes. Something is up for the wedding, naturally, and Adam is going to do something that helps Dear Old Dad. And probably gets hurt, and definitely gets no thanks. I just wish he’d have a heart-to-heart with Nick and whoever else, and finally put some of this animosity to rest. Yes, the snark is entertaining, but the whole situation is so tired. And I’m tired of it.
    Dylan and Chelsea? I actually didn’t mind it, except Adam is going to be the victim. I can’t believe I liked Chadam, because I’m beyond annoyed with Chelsea. And this storyline.
    I think we should start a drinking game every time something happens that we’ve seen umteen times before. Or predicted based on watching the same old, same old.
    I’ll start with wine everytime Nick threatens Adam.

  2. kelsey22 says:

    I think Victor “found” someone is code for Victor “paid” someone to say they saw Adam. I would like just once for someone to say they found it on a traffic cam or security video something. Soap opera towns must be the only towns in America without cameras everywhere.

    When Avery first took the case I don’t remember that she was so focused on Gus being innocent. She was focused on the fact that even if he was guilty that he didn’t get a fair trial because of how the case and evidence was handled and that she could get the conviction overturned. That is more in line with what a defense attorney would be concerned with. It was only recently that she has been going on and on about how she feels it in her bones or her gut or her heart or some other body part that he is innocent. Someone should remind her that she felt the same way about her father for most of her life and she was wrong there.

    I think if we took a sip of wine every time Nikki said something about a wedding we would all be legally drunk by the first commercial break. No more Nikki weddings.

  3. danacarlino says:

    I think that Wheeler is the one they killed Leslie’s mother and that’s why he is so into keeping the father in jail for the crime. The mother was probably having an affair with the Congressman couldn’t risk that coming out and harming his career.
    Nick is doing the same thing he did to Sharon to Avery, being bossy and controlling and it’s really annoying.
    I can’t stand that they put Dylan and Chelsea together and now she is going to try to pass Adam’s baby off as Dylan’s. Why is she taking advice from Chloe and why us Chloe giving that advice??? Look how well it worked for Chloe when she pulled they stunt.

  4. lovesmylife says:

    Ugh. I cannot WAIT for this idiotic baby storyline to be over and maybe, just maybe, the punishing of Adam for his past sins of baby stealing will be over once and for all. He lost his first child which reflected what he put Sharon through when she thought her baby died and now, he is going to not know about his new baby because another man will think he is the father, just like Ashley thought she was Faith’s mother and Sharon had no idea the baby was hers.

    Sadly, something tells me that even after this storyline, there will still be people out there who think he’s the devil and wont let the man have redemption.

  5. Gotham says:

    The gent playing Gus just nailed it. He knocked it out of the park in 5 minutes. Looking forward to seeing more of this character and can’t wait to see his interaction with Tyler. I like Avery and Leslie together as lawyers. Very interesting to see how this plays out. Adam had some great lines. And Nick and Victoria are apples that didn’t fall far from the Victor/Nikki tree. Yawn on all four characters. I am still a bit weary of Adam skulking around on the outskirts of his family. He’s successful. Living well is the best revenge, my friend. You know, Chloe is actually redundant. We don’t need her verbalizing all her crazy theories to Chelsea. This isn’t Chelsea’s first rodeo. The scenes between Dylan and Chelsea were fine. It seems as though Chelsea initially clicks with a lot of characters. And, hey. The Neil intro was fascinating to watch, no?

  6. sueb says:

    I agree completely about Gus – wish there was some way to work his character into the show.
    I am starting to get a little worried about the new writers; at first things really seemed to be on the right track, but lately I find myself wanting to hit the fast-forward button. Especially any scene w Chloe, Lily, Cain, Avery(that’s 1/2 the show right there) Victotia, Nick, Nikki and Victor. Maybe all the flashbacks to better days and better stories are resulting in unfair comparisons with the current storylines. Maybe there were snooze-worthy storylines back then, but I have forgotten them. The story that had 1/2 the cast running all over the world looking for that damned was pretty lame. Maybe there were others….

  7. SiervaMaria says:

    I said this about Wheeler like a month or two ago! Wheeler killed her or had her killed and I also said Tyler WILL be his son. I believe that 10000%

  8. SiervaMaria says:

    I’m trying to hang in there but man is it getting hard. I just finished catching up on this weeks shows and there’s just no storyline you can trust and way to much “test-pairing and re-pairing that doesn’t work anymore.” Adam and Chloe seem to be the only characters any fun (yeah, Chloe!). PB and MS are awesome actors but GAWD! Jack and Phyllis trying to find wuv again is snoozeville! It’s OVAH! Let it go please and take Navery with you. I’m also getting kinda bugged by Michael hopping around…..I mean, physically hopping around like he cracked open four 5hour energy shots into his Starbucks Bold!

    Did Gus bury himself? Is he still in GC’s freezer? Not one mention by Dylan about arrangements and yet he’s got time to get coffee, a few beers, have sex, get more coffee….

    Nicki needs to find new doctors. Twice she’s been told “you’re good to go” and then she not 10 minutes later she’s grimacing! Oh but suddenly she got her grip back because she DID hold on to those rocks Victor gave though didn’t she lol.

    So Paul’s the new PC and Chris will be the new DA. Whaddya town!

  9. teamAdam says:

    I know there are alot of fans who like Adam, but many still hate him for what he did. I blame the writer’s for constantly letting other character’s throw Adam’s past in his face. Threating and calling him names is getting tired and old. Why are other character’s past misdeeds forgiven and forgotten? But Adam has to continue to suffer from his mistakes? Even Sharon seems to suffer the same fate. Adam has apologized many times and is remorseful for what he did (unlike some characters). I think it’s time the writer’s should just move on and leave his past (and MAB’s horrible s/l’s)in the past.

  10. SiervaMaria says:

    teamAdam, it’s the same for Phyllis too and as her fan, I’m fed up with her past constantly being brought up while others are glossed over or excused away. My fav’s are Adam, Sharon, Phyllis and to a lesser degree Michael and Lauren, Jack and even Kevin’s grown on me and yet, Phyllis is still in my opinion dumped on way more with Adam pulling up the rear. They all have blood on their hands in one form or fashion and either the writhers AND fans need to spread the wealth when judging or, equally let it go. If Sharon has forgiven Adam, then no one else should be tripping.

  11. sueb says:

    Flower, they were looking for a rare flower….

  12. teamAdam says:

    Yes, so true. I really hate it when other character’s, who have done horrible things, trash and berate Adam or Sharon. The name calling really has to stop too.

  13. Gotham says:

    You guys make a good point. We all have our favorite characters and most of them have done or contemplated doing some crazy things. But there are always a few characters I can count on to point the first righteous finger at another character. And they are no saints.
    The righteous gang I can barely tolerate anymore are: Victor/Nikki/Nick/Victoria/Katherine/Neil.

  14. LucyLou says:

    Someone once speculated that it was Tyler who killed his mom. Could it be that he found out about her affair and that Wheeler was actually his dad and lost control, killing his mom? I mean, that could be kinda far fetched. But not as far fetched as Chelsea conceiving a baby on NYE and now that it’s almost APRIL she is going to try to convince everyone it’s Dylan’s. That’s gonna be one chunky premature baby!

    I FF through all the Victor and Nikki bullcrap all week long. EE, I feel for you that you had to sit through that for the sake of your blog.

    Things I’m loving:
    1. Paul as Chief of Police with Alex as Detective
    2. Adam and Sharon as besties
    3. A more mellow Victor
    4. The intros with the different actors giving us a bit of history
    5. The suspenseful build-up of Michael finding out about Carmine, even though I dread seeing him hurt.
    6. Victor and Adam interactions

    1. Seeing Victor and Nikki get married everyday. They’ve had enough wedding as it is. No need to add more.
    2. Abby leaving the show. And Kyle too
    3. Any conversation between Chelsea and Chloe.

  15. deelj says:

    If we do that drinking game..NO ONE would be standing after the first 15 minutes..we’d all be tore-up-from-the floor-up. I absolutely love these retro openings by the actors who play the characters, They should keep them forever. Or after the episodes they could do “inside the episodes” as they do on HBO’s Girls. It adds such insight..but then I remember.. oh.WE HAVE EE! Never mind!

  16. deelj says:

    yeah, and remember that something..I still don’t know..that one made me almost comatose…I think they might have had another writer to get them off to a quick start, but whomever is writing now doesn’t seem to understand character motivation and history..snoozefest..unlike some of you, it’s been hard for me to get into the leslie/father murder story..I don’t think she’s a very good actor..but I’ll certainly keep watching.

  17. SiervaMaria says:

    Mine is Christine. This is why I can’t stand how she makes Phyllis out to be the devil and yet forgave Michael (who I do love btw).

    “In 1991, Christine Blair went to work at a prestigious law firm, for hotshot lawyer Michael Baldwin. The charming Baldwin took her under his wing, guiding and training her. At first, chris was appreciative until he kissed her one day after a court victory. when he suggested a more friendly relationship in exchange for her moving up in the hierarchy, she began making inquiries at the firm about sexual harassment. the promotion disappeared, and Chris filed a sexual harrasement lawsuit. she also learned that he had done the same to several other women, including her neighbor Hilary Lancaster. To make himself look better, Michael wooed and married his old flame hilary. but he still had his eye on chris, and when she and Danny Romalotti broke up, he asked her to accompany him on a business trip to los Angeles. Once there, he made sexual advances. Chris (whose breakup with Danny was staged) caught his behavior on audio tape, he was fired, and Hilary left him. He quickly got a job at another prestigious firm, but Christine went to their disciplinary committee, who agreed to hear a case against him. Michael wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He claimed Chris had entrapped him by continuing to work at the firm after leaving his employ. He paid a women named Rebecca to drug Danny’s tea and get photos of her and danny appearing to be having sex to show that Danny and Christine’s marriage wasn’t as happy as they claimed. Later rebecca was found dead in her apartment just after we saw Michael threatening her not to blackmail him. But all was for naught, because michael was found guilty of sexual harassment, lost his job, hilary divorced him and left town. Michael apologized to Christine, announcing his plains to leave town, but his real plans were much more sinister. While Danny was out of town performing, michael bluffed his way into Hilary’s empty apartment and got into Christine’s apartment by digging a hole in the wall where he hid in the closet, waiting to attack her. Fortunately when he made his move, Paul Williams raced in caught him on top of christine in her bed. Michael turned, tried to shoot Paul and missed, paul shot michael and he fell limp and bloody, pinning Christine to the bed. Michael was sent to prison, and even though he claimed insanity, stayed there for four years.”

    Sorry for the long explain (courtesy of Wiki) but I want someone to tell me why it’s not even mentioned ever by Cricket.

  18. SiervaMaria says:

    I agree with all the things you love. I can’t believe I like the Chloe-Chelsea convo’s. I’ve always liked Chloe (mostly) and Chelsea has her moments. I guess I’m starving for plain old fashioned soap platonic interactions and this is about as close as I’m gonna get. I keep getting teased with Lauren/Phyllis being bff’s and I miss Phyl/Michael SO much! Today’s wedding was the first one I actually found tolerable. It wasn’t to bad for their one hundred and thirty second time up at bat (thank you Adam!). Abby going is so messed up it’s not funny and I was thinking today that the actress has chemistry with EVERYONE! CBS screwed up bad. This Kyle? I never liked him and I’m not happy about his replacement either, oh well.

    I have to add any Navery scene/Nick. He just doesn’t work for me without Phyllis and I don’t even want him with her anymore.

  19. LucyLou says:

    I always really like Chloe. But since they hooked her up with Kevin she just lost that flare. I’m really hoping that they find their way back to the Chloe I once loved. I actually really enjoy Chelsea also (minus her sudden unmerited fear of Adam). I can even handle the baby daddy drama. I just don’t like how she and Chloe put him down with the childish name calling and that’s all they seem to do when they’re together. Ladies, you just started a business. Go sew or something.

  20. Gotham says:

    Loved your assessment! I used to like Chloe, too, and am hopeful that she gets a chance at getting her regular groove back. And Chloe and Chelsea plus Gloria working together and landing the gig at Jabot was making me happy. (I accept the soap opera reality that almost nobody has much fashion biz ackground at Jabot.) Even Chelsea getting biz advice from Cane. Wish they hadn’t made that a threatening Cane’s marriage thing. Tyler was even interesting in that context. Some of the above business friendships were really getting my attention. In a good way. Boo. Missed opp, IMO

  21. SiervaMaria says:

    Chloe and Kevin are another couple who I love more apart than together (Jack/Phyllis for one) even though sometimes they’ve been a hoot. I think I’m the only one who thought the “bag o money” was kinda fun. I dug how Chloe was checking out the cop the other day but I am growing fatigued with the writers using cheating to cause division in couples.

  22. deelj says:

    Does anyone understand what is going on with Lauren? I get that she was mad at Michael about Fen and that she continues to be tempted by Scarmine..but is it a mid-life crisis or something ? How can things have gotten so bad, so quickly? She was a bully in her younger days to Traci Abbott, but the writers haven’t really explored that. I used to think she had so much.

  23. SiervaMaria says:

    deelj, I think this will be general enough not to spoil anything (really nothing to spoil) but for the first time since she’s bumped nasties with Carmine, I got the feeling today that a hint of remorse may have crept in but not enough to not knock boots with the bartender one more time. I have a strong feeling this is going to come to a head with Michael actually seeing them in action.

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