Adam: This is not Sharon. This is my mom. And it’s all I have left of her. Friday 7-20-12

I’m a sucker for a sappy love story, and as much as I wanted to see Shadam together and make it work, I’m 100% behind Chelsea and Adam. I can wish all day long that the writers hadn’t taken the story where they have, with Sharon and Victor and Adam. But they did. I think it was a mistake. I wanted to see Shadam stand for what they believed in and make it together, against the odds. I really did.

But the writers took Sharon down a completely different path. And I’m not going to hold it against Adam. Or Chelsea. They’re selling me on their love and I am just so desperate for Adam to have some peace and happiness in his life, and have someone who’s got his back, that I’m happy for them. I liked the sappy, funny, made up wedding vows. I liked the playful teasing. I liked that Adam immediately knew something was up with Chelsea and he didn’t lie. And she didn’t lie. And he fixed it.

The writers will undoubtedly do something to bring stress and crisis into their lives. This is a soap opera, after all, and no one is allowed to be really happy for any length of time. But for now, Adam is free of the Newmans and they have no hold over him, no influence in his life. He is starting a new business venture that is completely outside of their world. And he has married a woman who knows everything about him and who loves him. I like seeing him confident. I like seeing him smile. I love that he wanted to marry Chelsea in his mom’s kitchen. Because that way, it could be like Hope was there. And it wasn’t at Gloworm, where everything happens nowadays. I hope they at least get to have a happy honeymoon.

I’m glad for Phyllis that her family supports her. She’s a main character on this show and she’s not going to be spending the rest of her life (or even the next year) in prison, no matter what she did 18 years ago. So, just like I have to accept that Sharon and Victor are (blech) a couple, I have to accept that Phyllis’s family wants to be there for her. At least they’re all a little hesitant about it. I’m hoping she gets dragged into court, for sure. And I hope it’s established that she really did try to kill Paul and Christine. They can let her off on a technicality, but they better not retcon the story so that someone else did it or she blacked out, or tried to step on the brakes but hit the gas accidentally or some other bullshit excuse like that.

And I will forgive Christine her bitchy, vindictive attitude all day long and twice on Sunday. Phyllis tried to kill her. On purpose. She gets to be bitchy about it. And so does Paul. Loved her snarky remark to Avery “You spend years fighting for the truly innocent and then you have to defend Phyllis.” Heh. So true!

Even though Victor and Sharon both acted all adult-like about the lies between them and the truth about who they really love, there is nothing but deadness between the two of them. Kill this relationship PLEASE! Kill it fast!

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31 Responses to Adam: This is not Sharon. This is my mom. And it’s all I have left of her. Friday 7-20-12

  1. lovesmylife says:

    Well, I will say that you are better than me accepting the Adam/Chelsea marriage so quickly. I know right now Adam fans have no other choice, but I need more time to warm to them as a “couple.” I loved them as good friends and that she defended him, but I never felt a romantic “spark.” Plus, Adam is pretty boring with Chelsea and that makes me sad. He was such a great character to watch before but now, he doesn’t get my full attention when he is on screen with Chelsea. Plus, the idea that they are going to involve him in a storyline with Chloe and Kevin, the most boooring couple/storylines on that show depresses me even more. I know Muhney has said some amazing stories are coming up and so has Case, so maybe one day we will have our Adam back. Sorry for the rant. I’m just so dissappointed that the Shadam days are over for now.

    I will say, I never felt a real strong love that Nick ever had for Phyllis until this episode. Always seemed that the only thing between them really was hot sex, but Sharon was his true love. But when he came back home and told Phyllis he was going to stand by her and be with her, he got me. I finally love and believe this couple. Joshua Morrow is maturing as an actor and I love it. Guess he’s been taking some tips from Muhney. ;)

  2. ElliEmma says:

    I sympathize, really! But I guess as an Adam fan I’m just so happy to see him getting an actual home (can’t wait for them to move into the mansion) and a business venture and a wife who loves him, I’m thrilled that he’s not with the Newmans. It doesn’t bother me one bit that he’s interacting with Kevin and Chloe. He’s still on the board at Newman, and he’s still part of that family, whether they want him or not, so I see this as expanding his circle. Making his place in Genoa City. No more living in the Athletic Club. No more working for Daddy. If he’s ever going to really go toe-to-toe with Victor, he’s got to be on similar footing. With money, a home, a viable business and a family. We’re finally starting to see him get that. Yay!!!

  3. dcamurray says:

    I agree EE! Loving seeing Adam happy and moving forward away from the Newmans. Muhney’s smile alone is what I’m talking about. The drama that I see coming for this couple is Daddy Warbucks interferring in the new couple’s bliss “out of concern” for the Newman name. Adam is gonna go toe to toe with Dad as “Satan’s understudy” if he crosses into his territory, cuz his new territory doesn’t include the Newmans that have shunned him since day one. It’s gonna get interesting. I’m just thrilled that Muhney is back onscreen. So hot!

  4. debizhere says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am definitely a Shadam fan BUT I love the Chelsea/Adam redemption s/l. EE, I agree with you – their happiness will probably be short lived but insure am enjoying it for now. The vows were snakily wonderful…Adam nailed it! And she rose to the challenge perfectly.

    And, I am surprised ( but happy) that Nick “saw the light” and went back to Phyllis. And I loved his comment that neither of them were the same people – they had changed each other. Perfectly said.

    I still don’t quite understand how Christine is able to be the prosecutor since she is the victim…that whole conflict of interest thing. And as for her bitchiness…ok, yeah maybe she does have a right to be that way toward Phyllis…but to Avery? To do what she did in front of Phyllis’ kids? Sorry, THAT I do NOT agree with. Aim your sarcasm and venom at the person who did this to you….not her family.

    As for Victor and Sharon…there isn’t enough Alka Seltzer/Kaeopectate to help that bile stay down.

  5. autographgirl2010 says:

    I’m not trying to be mean, but you do understand that this is just a soap opera, and not real, don’t you?

  6. soccermommy says:

    I don’t trust these writers. The vows between Adam and Chelsea were so lovely, and so happy, they’re going to have something really bad happen. It’s probably going to involve Sharon, though it might be Skye, maybe a little crispy around edges (were they divorced when she disappeared?). It might be Adam losing his money, or more likely, it might be Victor pulling something. I know some think Adam and Chelsea are boring, but I can’t get enough of his almost giddy joy in being loved and accepted. That’s a powerful incentive to marry a girl I do believe thinks he walks on water. I just want it to continue for a little while. Pretty Please?
    I do understand why Phyllis’ family has formed ranks around her, I really do. They love who they think she is, a fierce but insecure mother and wife who can go overboard in defense of those she loves. What they don’t know, or can’t acknowledge, is that the “overboard” can be extreme, and illegal. Avery is desperate to make it up to Phyllis for springing Daisy. But Nick and Daniel know Phyllis is guilty because she told them so, and Avery has figured it out. I still don’t get how the passage of years negates guilt and punishment. And if the death stares she gives Christine are any indication, she’s only sorry she didn’t succeed.
    Speaking of Christine, yes, she’s consumed by revenge and anger. But that’s okay, it makes her less perfect, a little more human. All of this is making me remember I really couldn’t stand the perfectly perfect Cricket, and the airtime she hogged. As much as I detested Phyllis, I did understand her feelings. I also get the feeling she still feels inferior and probably always will.
    It almost sounded like Victor and Sharon were having a mature conversation…at least she didn’t lie or justify herself. He looks old, tired, almost defeated. She looks like she’s about to be imprisoned. Both of them are terrified of being alone. I never thought that could happen to Victor Newman. Age and fatigue are catching up with him, and it’s his own fault. It takes a lot of effort to alienate your entire family. It’s still nasty to have these two together, and I think Sharon is going to go further down the rabbit hole before something dire happens….and involves Adam.
    Okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts…….. didn’t Adam and Sharon look gorgeous?

  7. soccermommy says:

    Ooops, I mean Adam and Chelsea. See, the “sign” at the farmhouse of Sharon descending the stairs got me going. Shadam lovers, it’s only a matter of time.

  8. TheGrandGrace says:

    Well Adam and Chelsea have sold me. As an Adam FF I am happy to see him happy. I actually liked the non-traditional vows and thought it was a refreshing change for this show. Happy that Adam finally has a home and happy that someone loves him for him and that he can be himself around Chelsea. I really hope this business deal with Kevin and Chloe is a success and at the end of the day I hope he is able to go toe-to-toe with his dad.

    As for Shadam, I used to be the biggest fan but with Sharon being with Victor honestly I could never support Shadam again. And it made me question the depth of Sharon’s love for Adam in the first place. I too am very unhappy that the writers went down that path and I too think it is/was a big mistake.

  9. ElliEmma says:

    I think everyone here understands that. To whom were you directing your comment?

  10. sueb says:

    Where is Catherine? And when are we going to get to see Adam and Sharon react to Phyllis’ arrest?? I hope that Sharon will go to court and deny Nick custody but I am not holding my breath after the way people treated Cricket today…

  11. Angie B says:

    The Chadam wedding was really beautiful and heartfelt. Kudos to Micheal Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan for delivering. Chadam is Love in the Afternoon. Like how can you not smile watching them. Big huge cheesy smiles. The thing that stands out most about Micheal and Melissa’s performances is that it’s perfect. I don’t need a insulin shot after watching Adam and Chelsea be totally adorbs. I believe that they are truly in love. I mean good God Adam’s face lights up when he’s with her….Adam Newman aka Satan’s Understudy. Take that in for a moment. This guy is sexier than he ever was in bad boy mode. As for little Miss Con Artist she’s head over heels in love. I see they way she looks adoringly at Adam as if he’s the only man in the world. May I mention that Melissa compliments Micheal very well with the comedic stuff? I love Chelsea’s snark and she has some good one liners. I intend to enjoy Chadam for as long as I can , even if it ended next week, there’s always you tube.

  12. phanofmany says:

    Said it before and saying again…Chelsea was Victor Newmans paid PROSTITUTE. We’ve had this character Chelsea on the Phyllis Newman Show for a hot minute and she GETS IT ALL. Sharon fans get nothing. Not even to watch Sharon see Phyllis go down. Let me ask something, where does Adam get all this money? He didnt have any! He didnt get 500 million from Daddygoat like Abby, Nick n Vic. Im not buying ANY of it.
    Also, didnt take Micheal very long to start committing crimes in the DA’s office did it? Hiding the fact that it was Laurens gun that shot Ricky, then behind closed doors negotiations w Ronan about Pauls case. He will put his weight behind Phyllis too. I want some kind of justice on this show.
    Why do the bad ones win and the good ones get run over? Miss high school drop out prostitute attempted baby seller conartist now the lady of the manor? 10 bdrm 12 bth Estate and Sharon is LUCKY to bunk w old goat Victor. UGH! And Nick taking back Phyllis after attempted MURDER? I dont even love to hate Phyllis anyone, I just hate her. She ALWAYS WINS!
    I need some changes on this show! Very unhappy with where the writers are taking all of it.

  13. marqui says:

    So agree with everything you said. Do not like where any of these stories are going.

  14. Gotham says:

    I have to say that I was really stunned by how well the Adam/Chelsea/Sharon Kansas scenes were played out. The dialogue and acting were just great all around. I was only disappointed in the scene between Victor/Sharon. No fireworks? Shoot. I also thought Phyllis’ family coming together for her, with Nick in the lead, was very well done. Perhaps (?) Phyllis can stop shrieking, take a breath, gain some strength from this support, and own up to at least some of her crimes.

  15. marqui says:

    And I do not understand Nick staying with Phyllis. She really has not changed at all. Does he not remember the things she has done just since they have been together. I have lost all interest in Nick. Whatever happens to him because of Phyllis is his own fault. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been married over 40 years and if I found out my husband had tried to kill someone no matter how long ago I wouldn’t stay.

  16. kelsmith says:

    phanofmany, I agree with you on Chelsea getting everything after being on the show for minute while Sharon gets nothing. Like someone else here said, Chelsea is benefitting for Sharon’s blood sweat and tears. Adam even said it in Hope’s kitchen – Sharon brought him to where he is now. There better be some payoff for Sharon down the road.

    Regarding Adam’s money, I believe he and Jack made a ton of money on the Newman IPO when Adam drove the price down with that scheme with Diane and he bought the stock cheap.

  17. catwoman1047 says:

    I thought there was a tense undercurrent in the quiet way that Sharon and Victor dealt with each other. They were tightly controlled but I don’t believe for a second that Sharon’s Kansas visit will be forgotten or forgiven.

  18. sparkyman says:

    Agree with earlier comments Chelsea( very cute and beautiful smile) arrives on the show as Billy’s baby momma, quickly redemption and benefits from Sharon three years of sacifrice to help Adam becoce the man he is right now. ….And the wedding at Hope’s farm was lovely but it should have been with Sharon…. she got him back to the house which was a catalyst in the redemption…… I am okay with Adam/Chelsea but not okay that Chelsea is sweet and innocent and Sharon is the b and s. Chelsea should get down on her knee and thank Sharon for guiding Adam through this transition and then leaving him……really hope this demeaning of Sharon for the purpose of making Chelsea and Chadam look good ends soon…

    another point.. Chadam is suppose to be a healthy relationship… I know this is a soap and we never consistently apply real- life rules.. but what healthy relationship involves the man buy the wedding gift. deciding where the wedding vows will take place and a house without imput for the wife.. that is an imbalance of power right there………

  19. sparkyman says:

    sorry I meant buying the wedding dress( come on what woman wants a man to choose her dress.. NOT!!)

  20. Angie B says:

    Adam didn’t choose Chelsea’s wedding dress he gave her several options in which she could pick from. I don’t remember all this outrage when Sharon selfishly let her family believe she was dead while playing house with Dr. Sam on the farm. I saw a few poor Adam’s but it was good to see Sharon with somebody who gave her all the things Adam/Nick/(insert name) did not. Funny now that Sharon has no man waiting in the wing and the only man who wants her is a man who can’t have his #1 option. Whatever Chelsea has done in her past Adam has no problem with it, he accepts her flaws in all. I wouldn’t scream paid PROSTITUTE too much when Sharon has gone through the Newman family and had both Abbott brothers.

    It’s not Chelsea’s fault that Sharon walked away repeatedly from Adam since he came back from Kansas. She ignored him while he was blind and he called out to her. Sharon has had months to get Adam back but she didn’t because she was too busy flaunting being TGVN’s latest girlfriend in everyone’s face including Adam. So no I don’t feel sorry for Sharon because she’s weak, needy, and she can’t live without the approval of others. Adam FINALLY grew tired of her bouncing back and forth beteween him and (insert name). Was he supposed to drink himself to death at the bar while wistfully watching her be with his DADDY, until Sharon decided to grace him with her love again? Seriously I have a hard time believing as a Adam fan first that anyone would want that for him. That’s pathetic and Adam Newman is way too fly for that.

    The man is FREE. Free to be HIM. He’s loved and accepted without conditions. At the first sign of trouble Chelsea’s not going to bail on him. She’s his best friend, his lover and wife. He freaking lights up when he’s with Chelsea. How can I not want this for Adam? Adam Newman has NEVER been sexier than h has been with Chelsea. Chadam may go the distance, it might not but, I’m sure going to enjoy each and every second of this.

  21. ElliEmma says:

    I’m a Sharon fan too, so I feel your pain regarding how she’s being treated. But where I draw the line is blaming Chelsea for it. There’s no cause and effect there. She didn’t steal Adam away from Sharon like Phyllis stole Nick. So I’m not understanding the hatred for her.

    Victor didn’t pay Chelsea to have sex with Billy. She was supposed to flirt with him and get video that Victor could use to show Victoria. The sex between Chelsea and Billy just happened. It’s a small point, but an important one.

    Adam’s attitude towards Sharon doesn’t have anything to do with Chelsea. It has to do with Sharon.

  22. kelsmith says:

    IMO – I don’t hate Chelsae and I don’t blame her. I blame the writers for giving Chelsea, a newbie, all the happiness Sharon should have had.

    And as much as I dislike Phyllis, I place the blame squarely on Nick’s shoulders for leaving Sharon for Phyllis. He is a grown man and could have told Phyllis “no”. He wasn’t “stolen” like a purse. He had a choice. He is a wishy washy philanderer and it’s actually a little refreshing to see him stand by a woman for a change, even if it’s Phyllis.

  23. kelsmith says:

    Yeah, Victor advised Nick to “never let a woman make a fool out of you.” I have hunch Victor is going to exact revenge on Sharon.

  24. catwoman1047 says:

    Well said, Angie.

  25. Miracle2 says:

    The wedding was wonderful. I watched with a group of six and we all loved it. The vows suited the couple. Both actors made you believe every word. Kudos to them. You just can’t help but feel happy when watching Chadam. When they smile at each other (and both actors have amazing smiles) you can’t help but smile. I know they will only get a week of happiness. I will enjoy the moments. This show needed Chadam. The actors did a great job with Shadam but there was so much pain and drama that it was hard to pull for them.Frankly as an Adam fan first, I just wanted the back and forth of that relationship to end. It got so tiring. This show also needed MCE. I was a little worried about my favorite being paired with a newbie. No worries. She does a great job. Maybe the show can find another great addition and pair him with SC.
    On to the other Newman brother– He should stand by his wife. Better late than never.
    Last thought on the show–This show is really good right now. I like all of it. The Victor/Sharon pairing is strange but I think it is just something the characters have to do to get ready for the next story.

  26. Angie B says:

    I watched Melissa on AMC and she went toe to toe with David Canary (Adam Chandler) I was sold. The Jannie (Annie/JR) dysfunction was the reason I even watched truthfully. Then there was the inappropriate chemistry with sociopath brother Richie (Billy Miller). I am a big MCE fangirl.

  27. sharonfanfirst says:

    I’m only 43 but maybe I’m too old to enjoy Chadam. Their relationship is too immature for me and I feel like Adam has regressed. He was a man and now I find him acting like a boy and there is nothing sexy or interesting to me about that. When he was with Sharon they had laughs and joked around but it wasn’t so juvenile and cutesy. I’m not into the teen s/l and that’s what it feels like. Speaking for myself I don’t blame Chelsea for what happened between Shadam. I am upset that Sharon had to be trashed so they could sell Chadam an Chelsea. MAB & Co. had to draw in AMC fans & they weren’t going to do it by making her unlikable and it seems the writers don’t know how to do that without making another character look bad.

    Another part of me is extremely disappointed that Adam “fell in love” with Chelsea not because it’s Chelsea but because he fell in love at all. It’s not that I wanted him chasing Sharon or to be lonely or sad, I DON’T, but the fact that he only loved Sharon and wasn’t tempted by other women and stayed true to that love was his most attractive quality to me. If it had been another woman from the start I would have felt the same way it just happened that it was Sharon. I hated how they had Nick bed hopping telling each woman how he loved them, gross. There is nothing romantic about that and I lost all respect for Nick. Now Adam, although not a cheater, has found another woman he will love forever. PUKE! I don’t buy it, why should I, he told Sharon they couldn’t quit each other and many other things and that changed so why should I believe him now. Fool me once……

    If that isn’t enough to kick a Sharon fan when she’s down, Phyllis the woman who tried to murder Chris, has her whole family & Sharon’s standing by her after being alone for what 24 hours. I can’t be happy that Nick is letting her off the hook when he berated Sharon and took her daughter from her for a non-crime. He let phyllis trash and lie about Sharon in RS more than once even though it would hurt his kids and he punches Billy for even thinking about putting Phyllis on the cover for something that is true.

    The Phyllis and Chelsea propping and making Chris & Sharon out to be the bad guys is more than I can take. Ronan has even been sacrificed for Phyllis. All along he has been by the book but that all that is sacrificed for Phyllis. He even has the nerve to compare what happened between Phyllis and Chris to him and his mother. GMAFB They are completely different situations. Nina’s baby was stolen, she didn’t try to kill someone but Chris should move on. Ronan is still rude to Nina so he should STHU.

    I am tired of seeing the bullies and bad guys win and after 31 years of watching it pisses me off that the show has become painful to watch.

  28. bonnie-jean1 says:

    I think I would be better with the Adam and Chelsea pairing if it hadn’t happened so quickly. What was wrong with just letting them be friends for at least a year before they even thought of becoming a romantic couple. Adam was so in love with Sharon and it seems that the writers are demeaning those feelings by having him get over her so quickly and moving on with Chelsea within a nanosecond after they have broken up.
    I hate how Christine is being made the bad guy for wanting Phyllis to pay for her crimes. Just because they happened so long ago doesn’t mean they should just be swept under the rug. Two people were purposely hit by a car and left for dead. That needs to be paid for. Everyone keeps saying how Phyllis has changed but I don’t think she has changed as much as they think. She still has the same feelings of hatred for Christine and thinks nothing of using bully tactics to get her way. The only real difference is that she has learned how to bully people using RS to hurt them. It was not even really that long ago that she was still using physical violence— remember Sharon’s trashed hotel room. She has also just gotten better at using guilt to get people to bend to her will so she doesn’t have to go to the next level. If this is supposed to be her big redemption story I don’t see it really working. Until Phyllis can be honest and admit to everyone everything she has done and accept the consequences she will never be redeemable in my eyes. Even now she is still trying to lie and put a spin on the hit and run to get out of it. I have to agree with Paul when he said she lived along side the people she hurt and never lost any sleep…How cold is that. Paul may have killed his son but her never set out to hurt him and he is sunk in feelings of guilt while Phyllis who deliberately tried to kill two people feels no guilt. She is only feeling anger at her accusers and fear of what may happen to her now that she is caught but no real remorse for her actions that put her in this position.

  29. How on earth is asking that question not being mean? Geez.

  30. ret2go says:

    After Victor and Sharon (barf) leave Kansas and miraculously show up at the mansion (must be time travel), he has the staff get the guest room ready for Sharon. It was then that it hit me…..WHERE HAS FAITH BEEN?

    Nick has been busy with Phyllis and Summer. Not a mention (unless it was so fast I missed it when I got a snack…) of Faith. Is Victor going to be able to do business from home when a toddler is blowing spit bubbles in the non-baby proof mansion? Those nannies must be indentured servants…they don’t get any time off, do they?

  31. My Opinion says:

    In my opinion…Its the most frustrating wasted time to wacth the Ricky?Paul?Eden crime scene which at the moment is totally derailed for other ridiculous wedding scenes.. 1. THE #1 thing at a crime thing that is taken away is the COMPUTER 2. The PHONE & KNAPSACK with Ricky’s Daisy’s & Eden’s finger prints (including on the credit card..remember far back in the past..?)3. SECURITY cameras are just for that :security! AD” too bad you can’t pin point the day….”..go back a month..a year! 4. The MAID..she let EDEN into the apt.3. The Bartender serveda bottle of Tequila with 2 shot glasses to the “victims” who never returned for it.4 THE GUN …all forgotten that it belongs to the cocky idiotic DA’s wife?…..I could go on..but I won’t. Seriously pathetic writing. Bye, bye……

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