Adam Newman has a son – Y&R week of 8-12-13

Adam Newman, son of Victor Newman, CEO of Newman Enterprises who saved his father’s life (and his company) and has been grieving the loss of his first child, has stood by while his ex-wife has deceived him (and the great and wonderful Dylan), finally delivering his firstborn child.

Immaculately, and in record time, I might add.

This child, who was conceived on New Year’s Eve would be a month and a half premature. And in order for Dylan to be the father, after his hookup with Chelsea in March, he is expected to believe this baby is FOUR MONTHS premature and yet looks like a healthy one-month old baby and is going home after a day or two in the hospital. Sigh.

Adam’s discovery of this deception, and claiming his rights as the father of this child better be a BIG, BIG story. And it needs to happen soon. It strains credulity to think that Adam, who is the sharpest knife in the GC drawer, would buy this any longer. Especially once he sees the baby. He should be demanding a DNA test, ASAP.

I am looking for some MAJOR payback to Chelsea, who has been completely hateful in this whole story. I have no love for Anita, but I even felt bad for her, coldly rejected by Chelsea. And I can’t blame Dylan for wanting to name the baby after his father, but lawd a’mighty, they better change that when Adam finds out that it’s his son! No way should Adam’s firstborn son and a Newman heir be named after this newbie who’s eating the show.

A bunch of Rose, Neil, Leslie, blogger stuff happened and I STILL don’t care although I was momentarily blinded by the impressive décolletage of Ms. Conwell.

Billy waffled around with his nonsensical storyline. I’m still not sure what he plans to do, if anything, regarding Adam and Melanie. Revealing all to Victor Newman didn’t seem like a smart thing to do, but then this whole plot is ridiculous. The last thing Billy Abbott has wanted his wife to do was go back to Newman Enterprises and be daddy’s lapdog again. Yet suddenly this is the thing he thinks will fix his marriage?

Melanie needs to disappear, and the sooner the better. I am beyond annoyed with her and the false rape charges. I hope she gets exposed for the lying con she is, STAT.

Where does Tyler work now? It’s all a blur.

First Lily was infatuated with Tyler and jealous that he’s moved on to Abby, and now she’s irrational and jealous over Cane and Hilary. More story I don’t care about.

I love Sharon, but what the hell? Stop the insanity! Way back when she was pregnant with Faith, I saw some spark and chemistry between Sharon and Nick, and I could see putting them back together. But SO MUCH has happened over the past 4 years, I can’t see these two ever being a couple again. And I see no chemistry anymore. At all.

Creeped out by the unrequited love story between brother and sister Summer and Kyle. Even if it turns out that they’re NOT siblings, right now they both believe they are. So the lust and broken-heartedness are wildly inappropriate and nauseating. Not to mention how silly it is, since the two had one date and no chemistry.

Speaking of nauseating, what is up with that tirade by Victor Newman? Threatening Jack about Summer? That hateful old narcissist needs to retire.

I will refrain from commenting on the storyline they’ve hatched to explain the death of Jeanne Cooper/Katherine Chancellor. I’m hoping it develops into something befitting her years and her influence on this show, so I’m going to give it time to play out. As some online have pointed out, it’s completely unrealistic that someone in her condition and at her age would be hiking around exotic locales, but part of me finds it endearing to picture Kay and Murphy globetrotting, hand-in-hand, taking selfies and sending postcards. I wish it were so.

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60 Responses to Adam Newman has a son – Y&R week of 8-12-13

  1. soccermommy says:

    Hey, EE, I’ve been dying to hear your take on the miracle birth. I still laugh and wonder if the wedding dress survived or will it be cut down for a christening gown. Somehow it seems appropriate.
    But as ridiculous as that was, what was worse was Dylan’s not noticing how big and mature that baby was….okay, I get they have to use older infants, but that was the biggest, cleanest, happiest, quietest newborn, premature or not, I’ve ever seen. And no chord, no afterbirth. We should all be so lucky. Okay, we get it, Chelsea and Dylan are having a fairy tale wedding, true love, and little Milagro, er, Terry, er, Connor. It would have been okay if it wasn’t built on such a monstrous lie. And I’m supposed to feel sorry for these two? Forget feeling glad for them. I just felt awful for Adam.
    But there were some good things this week, like anything Adam, especially Adam with Jack. MM was riveting, as always, as Adam quietly and humbly admitted his mistakes while wondering when, not if, Victor would cut him loose. These are the things that keep me watching, not some manufactured drama between Cane and Lily. And although I’m still interested in the Rose saga, it really is moving with the speed of molasses.
    As for Victor, I’m beginning to believe that the real mental crisis is with him. I still think he had brain damage from the beating on the docks. How else to explain that truly ugly rant? Earth to Victor, if Jack is the biological father, he’s the father.
    But Victor, that conundrum wrapped in hubris, is all over the place with the idea of family, and I’m getting the feeling he really wants to support Adam, but just can’t …quite… do it. And probably never will.
    As for Sharon, this week proves that she is being intentionally destroyed. In what universe would she sashay into Victor’s office to announce she won’t support Adam, just to see his face when she sticks the knife in? This isn’t the Sharon I know and it isn’t an action I can blame on bad meds. If they want a resident bad girl in GC, use Chelsea, Victoria, Chloe, or just bring back Phyllis.
    New head writer? I think they need a new executive producer….and I don’t have any particular axe to grind wit JFP, either. But creative differences have to account for the 180 on the paternity story. Unfortunately, I think both writer and producer agreed on the treatment of Sharon.

  2. c07111 says:

    Always knew the birth of Adam’s child would somehow be at a lose to him. How could it not, with droves screaming karma for him to give an excuse to the horrid lie Chelsea has built around so many undeserving people. For some reason when Adam lost his first child, I thought that was enough to even the scale of balance but for some reason because he wasn’t sitting on an ugly green couch crying with Chelsea, he somehow didn’t grieve or care for his son. Therefore to some that loss didn’t count. Which, I wholeheartedly disagree with, Adam was “gutted” by his lose of this son, he just had Sharon’s problems to distract him from that grief.

    I have prepared myself to be disappointed by the reveal to Adam. I think he will blame Chelsea somewhat, but I think is anger will be directed at Victoria, Chloe and even Dylan. Somehow, he will go easy on Chelsea, and that bothers me….because she has no remorse in keeping him from his son. In fact she hasn’t been shown to consider what she’s doing to Adam at all, so it makes it hard to buy into those who say Chelsea somehow still loves Adam. Expecially when she’s clearly saying she loves Dylan and doesn’t want to lose Dylan.

    Not going to lie, I’m intrigued by the blog s/l now. I want to know who it is and why they’re doing it. And why it’s being done to Neil’s family…I’m interested.

    I so wish they would’ve focused on Sharon trying to recover from her illness instead of exploiting it. It seems her and Adam are going tit for tat. Adam was alittle harsh when he broke off the FWB, so now Sharon returns the favor. Why can’t they just be friends, because if they were, Adam would notice she’s off kilter. Plus MM and SC work so well together.

    Love Adam’s and Jack’s relationship. It’s the most stable one on the show. Billy and Victoria, don’t really care one way or the other about them.

  3. catwoman1047 says:

    I’ve seldom seen a birth on a soap that was realistic, but, come on!

    Catherine Bach who plays Anita has totally won me over. She had me in tears when Chelsea was treating her so cold. She needs to stay. Even though her character is a con artist, Ms Bach could be so much more. I would love to see her move up in GC somehow.

    My dear Adam can’t catch a break. Even though Victor claims to support him through the rape charge, that would mean little to me. He needs family and friends but has none, really, except Jack.

    And Sharon has never been so conniving. I love her and now I don’t, at the same time. And she is training Faith to coerce Nick too.

    Billy reliving the good times to persuade Victoria was a rehash of Kevin and Chloe and the picnic on the floor. Seen it already, duh! But I’m glad Billy was successful. I’m not crazy about Victoria but I love me some Billy Abbott.

    I want Adam to have his son, without Chelsea. She needs to make a baby with Dylan so he will find out how long it really takes.

    I will never quit watching but I sure am hoping for improvement. The writing should live up to the fine actors that Y&R is lucky to have. Yes, that’s my MM rave for this post.

  4. stlrfan says:

    So we have Adam telling Jack he regrets losing his marriage to helping Sharon and going after NE? So does this mean last October-March was just a waste of time, if this is all about Chadam finding their way back to each other, why trivialize what Adam and Sharon had? Sorry, as a Shadam fan I feel so used. If we do end up with a Chadam reunion after all this then Adam is no longer the man for me, sorry, I just never bought the so-called grand Chadam love.

    Hope that wasn’t too negative, just my frustration coming through, and I agree with soccermommy, what was the point of Sharon telling Adam “no” to his face, maybe it was supposed to be karma or something but I got the impression it was the nail in the Shadam coffin. Sharon and Nick? Just no, THAT ship has sailed IMO, they worked so much better as co-parents.

  5. teamAdam says:

    I have jumped off this ship for a while now and I’m glad I did. I just felt these writer’s just didn’t know what direction to take the show. So promising at the beginning and I just felt that when MS decided to leave, they had to scramble for a way out for her character and they came up with a crappy storyline. The one storyline that seemed to get twisted and rewrote was Adam and Sharon. They were the only couple that kept me hanging on for so long. But I feel that you’re right stlrfan and now that JG seems to have jumped ship, the promise of a Shadam reunion will never come. I just felt like it was all false hope to keep Shadam viewers to stay.

  6. deelj says:

    I hope this doesn’t happen, but the baby hasn’t opened its eyes yet. What if the baby is blind? That would be a quick reveal to Adam…and a rotten way to go for these writers. They tend to make the dialogue fit the plot they’ve written as opposed to the plot driving the dialogue. Since I don’t see a clear direction with these writers anything(that doesn’t make sense) can happen.

  7. marqui says:

    Loved your headline. Adam Newman does have a son. Amid all the terrible plot lines and bad writing finally something good for Adam. Can’t wait till he finds out. And if the baby is blind as someone here suggested could it have been prevented if they had known about Adams medical history.

    On a side note absolutely hate what they have done to Sharon.

  8. sueb says:

    I too hate what they are doing to Sharon. I haven’t watched in quite awhile but tuned in Friday and today because I wanted to see Catherine’s death storyline.
    Sharon interrupting Nick and Avery’s afterglow today was on of the most awkward scenes I have ever seen. It wasn’t awkward in a campy, soapy sort of way; it was unpleasant. Nick’s reaction was just plain dumb – but considering he’s just plain dumb maybe the scene wasn’t so bad after all.

    I hated seeing billy gravel for Victoria’s love – that whole this is our love take me back skit was stupid. I used to love these two together but no longer… Please put them out of their misery. Speaking of Billy, shouldn’t he have been at the mansion?? Didn’t Vcatherine still think of him as a grandson??????

    This show is wrong – on every level…

  9. stlrfan says:

    It just dawned on me that Chelsea has been pregnant with male offspring 3 consecutive times. Wow that is some magic uterus LOL! And no offense to female offspring!

  10. stlrfan says:

    PS. In reality I think it is the male who determines the sex so this is just a joke!

  11. kelsmith says:

    “just plain dumb” is right. Avery is a smart woman and isn’t fooled for a minute. One would think she would be attracted to the smart brother.

    Agree on Villy. I had to FF.

  12. noraoxford says:

    After reading these blogs, I think I will hang ona few days to see what happens with
    JC trubute I thought Fridays was interesting I am hoping that things will really improve, ( I mean S/L ) once the Will is read.
    I haven’t seen today’s episode yet so fingers crossed, I did read somewhere that they are building a new set A big Park at the Chancelor Mansion where they will hold the memorial service, and this will air on September 2nd. or 3rd. ( not sure which ) they will apparently use it a lot in the fall ??? Have you heard about this ElliEmma ?
    or anyone else read about this ?
    Catwoman1047 that Sharon is conniving you are so right they have made her into something that I no longer like, good actress now tuned into mediocre, I think she is plain bored with her pathetic S /L I know I am !

    Well I will wait for later when I watch today’s episode

  13. noraoxford says:

    Oh me again a few things I should have mentioned the Rose Neil blogger stuff is pathetic, I am sick of the Victoria Billy nonsence why are they going on with this Rediculus plot That stupid Melanie needs to go, this stupid rape charge is I hate!
    As for Tyler like you said EE what does he do where does he work it is a mistry to me, I am not liking anything about !
    I agree with you EE regarding Mrs C and Murphy hiking around the the world
    it seems to me to be so out of sequence and far fetched we hardly saw Murphy ( mores the shame ) I wish we had seen them together more.
    As for Chelsea I hope that there will be grave consequences for her and her lies, they will hopefully make her pay…….well for someone who didn’t have much to say I have ranted enough ‘Bye ‘ Bye

  14. Someme says:

    I firmly believe the current crop of powers that be have no idea how special and important the character, Adam, is and could be. It feels like they are writing for Nick and Avery and Dylan and they really don’t care much about any other characters.

    I have watched this show since the first days it was on the air and have missed very few episodes in all these years, but it doesn’t feel like YR. One thing of which I am certain, it is being destroyed by bad writing and bad direction and that makes me so sad!

  15. catwoman1047 says:

    I’m sure people on this blog get tired of me praising Michael Muhney every chance I get, but he is the best, and like you said, the character of Adam is special and important. There is much more history to Adam than there will ever be to Dylan and so much could be written for him. I’m glad you see it like I do. But I haven’t given up hope. I will be watching and waiting.

  16. blondebart says:

    Hello everyone! I’ve been reading and enjoying EE’s posts and all of your comments for some time. However, I have never commented. After today, I felt like I wanted to throw my 2 cents in here. I ff through almost the whole show these days. I feel like the writers have made a mockery out of my beloved soap. I was angry when they killed John a few years back and I feel like it has just gotten worse since then. I too, really enjoy Adam with almost anyone. I love Sharon and always have. I hate what they are doing to her. It is so wrong!! And then, I watched today’s episode. I feel like they have made a complete mess out of KC’s death. It was so random. I feel like they haven’t said anything about her for weeks and then all of a sudden they randomly say she has died. Of course, I could have missed them talking about her since I ff through so much of the show, but it just felt random and wrong. I used to enjoy this show so much because it felt real and they dealt with real issues and I so enjoyed the characters, even Victor. Now it just feels like a joke!

  17. Lulu Sue says:

    I’ve been pondering why it’s been so hard for me to watch my favourite soap these days & I think it’s because I’m such a long time viewer that I simply cannot recognize people any more. It’s either that they’ve stuck on one little aspect of their character (Nikki’s fragility) or victor’s god complex (aka master of his own universe ad naseum ) OR they’ve destroyed the essence of legacy characters like sharon, Victoria & Neil especially. It’s hard for me as a long time viewer to care anymore since the new establishment has trod all over the characters I’ve cared deeply about for many years.

    I still love Adam & jack & I will tune in occasionally & pick & choose what I want to see. I’m looking forward to the Chelsea baby reveal & hope it pays off for us viewers. I still love coming here & reading your comments. But I have to say I feel very sad & it goes beyond shadam – I agree with the commenter that Kay’s death is treated a little too casually – I know they did a lovely tribute to Jeanne cooper but still- Kay deserves to have Brock, Philip chancellor, & tucker there – it’s very slap dash & much too late.

  18. sueb says:

    Very well said!!

  19. noraoxford says:

    Welcome Blondebart,
    I too have watched since I think 1984 a whole life time ago, and could not wait for the next episode every day, and the excitment has gone Eric & Melody were for me a tonic adored their stories always, never ever was I disappointed, Jeanne and Jess were also wonderful, I remember Sharon joining the cast so young and has grown into a wonderful actress, we lost quite a few actors but the replacements always seem to work now I have difficulty in warming to them except young Haley King who a natural love her !
    I really thank ElliEmma who is a busy young lady takes the time to do this for us, so that we can air our views, we are lucky this is such a great Blog the best ever.
    We must not ever forget the Princable actors who work so hard, Eric said them other day they have 8 pages a day to remember imagine.
    I am really trying each day to not be too negative but it is no easy task, I really hope that things will develop into some exciting S/L after Katherine’s will is read.
    Well enough of me already!……..)):

  20. Elle says:

    Lulu Sue, I couldn’t agree with your comment more. I have four recorded episodes that I have yet to watch. I have no desire to do so. I love this show, but it’s sad to see what is happening to the characters I have grown to love over the years. I don’t even recognize them anymore.

  21. sueb says:

    I just watched a little of today’s show: perhaps this is nit-picky, but did anyone notice that the bottles Dylan got for the baby were SIPPY CUPS???? Or did I miss something and he’s already been sorased into a toddler????

  22. Someme says:

    About the 8 pages of dialogue per day that was mentioned, I find myself wondering about that. It seems to me most of the characters repeat the same dialogue day after day, so I would think they would take the old pages, make a few changes, and – there you go – today’s dialogue was learned a couple of weeks ago, we are just standing in different places.

    I think the show creeps, and not in a good way. The story should build slowly, but there shouldn’t be so much running in place and repetitious dialogue.

  23. adamlives says:

    Whoever decided to write Victor saying”Jack-ass Abbott” twice in the same scene should be fired. I can see Victor not being thrilled with Jack playinga new kind of role in Summer’s life but even I have to admit his pontificating on the subject has grown tiresome and unnecessary. What is he going to do? Short of having Jack kidnapped (which would be within Victor’s powers, unfortunately) there’s nothing he can do to stop Summer from seeing Jack. Even someone as obtuse as Victor should be able to tell that his actions can drive Summer away from the Newman camp if he keeps talking in such extremes.

    Cant wait for Adam to find out the truth. This false rape charge storyline is just very weak and Muhney deserves something better to work with. At least no one seems to actually believe Adam to be capable of the crime, but no one in the audience (even the people who don’t like Adam) would really want this storyline to go to far with Adam possibly going to trial when we all know he is innocent.

    The show recently is pretty much playing catch-up with the audience. WE all know Adam is innocent but we still have to watch him try to prove his innocence to get out of the charge. We’ve known for a while now that Hillary was the one behind the blogs that Neil has been getting, but it’s taking an inordinate amount of time for the characters to catch up and find out. The reveal of Mason being her accomplice was really not all that interesting or shocking. No one in the audience really cares who Mason is anyway. I would have preferred they went with a character we at least have spent some time with so that the big reveal that they were part of some “evil” scheme meant something. Tyler might have been better suited for this or even Sofia or possibly even a recast Tucker who might want to ruin Neil’s reputation so he could get closer to Devon. When Mason was revealed as the person working with Hillary, most people in the audience probably had to struggle to remember who he was.

    The show is struggling creatively, but maybe there is better hope for the reveal about Chelsea’s baby. Hopefully, a new head writer can fix all this.

  24. kelsmith says:

    Agree with the above adamlives. I had to think for a minute about who Mason was and then I said “meh, who cares.”

    Victor’s over the top hatred for Jack is just ridiculous now.

    Adam holding his son for the first time was a heartbreaking scene for me. Not because he doesn’t know the truth, but because Chelsea is the mother. It should have been Sharon. Why does this newbie con artist get to be mother to both Adam’s and Billy’s sons while Sharon has only Nick the cheater’s kids?

  25. Roseann says:

    It seems like this is all preamble for Avery and Dylan to get back together. Sharon destroys Nick’s relationship and Chelsea and Dylan fall apart when the truth about the baby surfaces, setting the stage for Avery and Dylan to fall back into each other’s arms.

  26. kelsmith says:

    Or Adam and Avery end up together. That would really mess with Nick, Sharon, Dylan and Chelsea.

  27. catwoman1047 says:

    I cringe at the thought.

  28. kelsmith says:

    It would be better than a Chadam reunion IMO.

  29. Joaniejaye says:

    Now I am thinking that the baby will get sick and probably need something that Dylan cannot offer. Test may be done and will prove that Dylan is not the father. It probably came out that Adam is the daddy when he may have to give blood or so. To be honest, I do not want Avery and Nick to get married. For some reason I want to see Sharon and Nick back together, but I also want Nick to know that Summer is his daughter. The part where Nick does not know that Summer is his daughter is really bothering me.

  30. Joaniejaye says:

    I can tell that there will be no more Mrs Chancellor. They killed her off the show too. That is a great honor to her. I know that her character is over and done with. Phyllis character is not over so that is good because it left the door open for her to come back or for her to be replaced. I would rather if she comes back though that replace. I did not like how it ends and Nick did not get a chance to know about Summer. I did not watch the show for a week. This is real life story and I know I have to get with it, but goodness gracious, why don’t Nick take a test to prove Summer is his. If Jack take one it will show he is not the father. This is really soap opera and also the young and the restless.

  31. catwoman1047 says:

    I don’t like either option. But Muhney will be amazing with any lady. I just don’t think any actress can replace Sharon Case. They were magic.

  32. ColoDoug says:

    Anybody else getting sick of Jill and her “Whoa is Me” attitude over Mrs. C’s death??? I know she is upset Mrs. C checked out the way she did, but damn Jill is taking this the wrong way and is so over-the-top. Still a sock in your mouth already Jill and get over it. We all lose people we love, but we don’t turn into drama queens over it.

  33. deelj says:

    Welcome and glad you could join us. As usual, EE covered it all on point. I agree with many of you about what they’ve done to Sharon. As other long-time viewers, the show is very hard to watch. Here’s an idea. The network should hire a viewer adviser who would have input as to what works and what doesn’t with viewers. I recomend…wait for it..elli emma! Nobody else has the expertise and ability to reach inside all our minds and extract our reactions without even knowing us. Who’s with me?

  34. catwoman1047 says:


  35. deelj says:

    I disagree about Jill. Jill has every right to be a “bit over the top” about Katherine. She’s probably dealing with mixed emotions, some guilt about their relationship, perhaps. And she’s dealing with the reality of her actually losing a good friend in real life, and then has to come to work everyday and relive the loss through acting. When you lose a parent and a friend, you don’t just”get over it”. This is a fresh wound. Speaking from experience, I’m willing to give Jill a pass. Besides, it’s just nice to see Jill on the canvas, no matter what she’s doing.

  36. soccermommy says:

    Another week, another mixed bag.
    On the plus side, the stalker story is picking up steam. I haven’t decided if that means it’s good it will end soon, or we’ll have some more meaty stuff. But the Mason involvement is intriguing.
    On the really huge plus side, the writers seem to have pulled the plug on the stupid “rape” story. How else to explain that one conversation between Melanie and Chelsea made Melanie drop the rape charges? $5 million couldn’t do that? Melanie has seen the light? Is that even possible?
    Or did the turmoil that resulted in change of head writers cause this? Of course, this makes Chelsea look like the heroine of the hour, and how can Adam be mad at her when he finds out about the baby? Sorry, that didn’t quite do it for me, especially after she shut the door in Adam’s face when he came to thank her. As for Melanie, I had posited this whole backstory for her which would tie into the blogger story and become, dare I say it, interesting. But I read yesterday was EC’s last air day, so bye, bye, Melanie. Don’t let the door hit you on the behind as you slither out.
    I do think the show is going to do Katherine and JC justice, and those letters to Jill and Nikki could actually start something interesting. And if it causes Victor anguish, it’s fine with me.
    I’m beginning to think that if Sharon (of all people) has to be bad, she should be the baddest bitch of them all. Forget the mental illness, ditch “ghost Cassie” and go for it. It will royally frost the Newmans, tie Nick into knots, and possibly distract Adam from this potential reunion of Chadam.
    How am I supposed to forgive Chelsea (forget like her) after all this? Sharon as a bad girl might do fine with a “good”, well at least better, Adam. Because I don’t think there’s any interest in returning Sharon to the person we all used to see and root for.
    Hey, I’ll just root for her….just for different reasons. Like Armageddon.

  37. ColoDoug says:

    The Lily-Cane-Hilary triangle / blackmail story is just dragging on and on. The characters remind me of insecure high school kids who are always worried about their popularity, and are so insecure when it comes to relationships. If you are constantly afraid your spouse is looking around or straying, why stay with them? Get a divorce already and move on.

  38. sparkyman says:

    Hey all.. seems like it has been a while. Have been watching here and there. Honestly, the show is lukewarm at best. I guess I am waiting for the Chelsea baby paternity to reveal. Hoping it will play out well. I will accept anything except a Chadam reunion. That would be plain lame.

    Also hoping that there is a medication switch to explain Sharon’s medication. HOwever in reality if Sharon was off her properly medication, we would see erratic mood swings instead of manipulative behaviour… but that is the soaps.

    Really disappointed in the Adam storylines. And having Adam constantly telling Dylan how lucky he is to have Chelsea makes him Adam look like a heel and simple,, which we know he is not.

    Lately as I watch, I either FF or get distracted and forget the show. Not a good sign. Tonight, I started watching Shadam videos on Utube while the show was on….

    I know I have to let go of Shadam but it was those two on screen were so good. I wonder what the real reason that these two rarely have a scene together. I have a theory but never mind.

  39. catwoman1047 says:

    I miss them too. Those were the best days of Y&R.
    But I still love them separately as actors, especially MM, and I don’t FF anything just in case. My glass is still half full, I guess.

  40. deelj says:

    WOW. Sophia would have been a far better reveal and you’re absolutely right about nobody caring about Mason or even have a vague idea of who he is. The last time we saw him was during the photo shoot with Summer. Good call Adamlives

  41. deelj says:

    Why are Cane and Lily getting so much airtime? I can’t stand to watch them and Cane is very difficult to understand. The storyline about the blog..Hilary, Devon, Mason..who cares? This boat is like a ship without a rudder. Nice to see then bringing this Carmine/ Lauren thing to a head though.

  42. catwoman1047 says:

    Carmine rocked that bearded look….

  43. ColoDoug says:

    I was so hoping that Lauren would shoot Carmine today, after Michael and Carmine were rolling around on the floor. I think this would be justifiable self defense?

    Once again they are playing sappy music in Navery scenes. It’s so cutesy how the two of them are “holding out” to do the deed (again?) until after they are married. Puke.

  44. noraoxford says:

    Well it seems we are all a little dispondent, I am still waiting for great things from Mrs C will tohot things up, we really want some excitment.

    I do not like the Carmine story, they must wind that S/L up it is too silly for words !

    Cane and Lily enough already it is much too dragged out I do not care for thatvS/L either, blogs thingy is too silly for words, I like young Summer great acting Nikki, Victor, and Adam, and Sharon are always excellent in all their S/L I am looking forward to how Adam will handly his baby thingy his acting is lays a treat for me.

    I am away now to watch today’s episode. Hope it is a good one.

  45. noraoxford says:

    Sorry, that should read His acting is always a treat for me.

  46. c07111 says:

    I maybe in the minority, but I’m kind of liking the character of Hilary….she’s in the wrong s/l no doubt, but she has so much potential to be a grey character. I’ll attribute that to the actress Mishael Morgan. She’s playing Hilary with a mix of deviousness that for some reason I find appealing. I wish she was in a better s/l…preferrable one w/out the Ashby’s. And I did kind of like her and Devon scenes, I liked the tension but I’m sure that will go nowhere because Devon isn’t allowed to have an own screen love interest I suppose.

    Melanie recanting her allegations after a two minute convo with Chelsea is BS. Although, I’m glad this dreadful s/l is over, I really could of did without Adam feeling beholding to Chelsea the very same person who is screwing him over. And wow, not only is Dylan getting Adam’s child, he also getting all the well wishes and congradulations as well. I wonder will Avery send another “onesies” once it’s determined Connor is Adam’s.

    Not sure who to give the “Bad Advice” award too; Cassie ghost or Chloe…oh heck it’s a tie. Sharon needs an intervention for real…she’s hit rock bottom just for the sheer reasonings she scheming to get back Nick.*rolleyes*. But besides that, I want say Kudos to the hair department regarding the women. Their hair looks so shiny/bouncy lately.

  47. deelj says:

    How cute was it w/ Billy and Dylan having tea w/ Delia. Adorable. Ok..I have to say this. I think Hunter King is a great little actress. Very believeable. But geez poor little Summer. She’s got millionaires fighting over her attentions..not that’s it’s about the money. But it could be a whole lot worse. I just think she can learn to love everybody and move on. Jack is pushy and Victor is ###&&%%, but it’s not the end of the world.

    And just for the record…I think I posted last week about a problem with Chelsea/Dylan/Adam’s baby having eye problems. I love it when I’m right. It happens so infrequently. ha!

  48. ColoDoug says:

    Yep Deelj the baby may have retinitis pigmentosa….so sad. Good prediction. I am not sure if Dylan is aware that Adam and his mom also had this condition?, but I am sure he will put two and two together soon. I am sure Dylan will eventually go back to Avery, and Chelsea will go back to Adam. Soaps are pretty predictable.

  49. adamlives says:

    Many people may disagreed but I was disappointed that Adam’s “special investor” was Jack all along. It just didn’t make sense. Those two have had scenes alone together where obviously this could have been revealed. Plus, didn’t Jack need money from Abbey to get Newman in the 1st place? Maybe I’m missing something, but it just felt like an easy way for the writers to resolve a fascinating mystery that could have been a lot more interesting. I was hoping they would have recast Tucker as the secret investor or done something completely out of the box (Skye or a new character entirely with a soon-to-be explained-connection to Victor – maybe a long lost brother or something – or even an unknown son or daughter of Victor’s) Instead, we find out , it’s Jack all along which makes no sense with that characters development since he seemed since sincere about letting Newman go to focus on his on family and his own life without substances. He talked with the ghost of John Abbott about letting Newman go and why would he lie then? Unless, it’s just the writers being lazy, which is most definitely what this is. I know Peter Bergman will be great doing whatever the writers have him do and I like Jack as a character, but this move to make him this “secret investor” we were supposed to be speculating about all these months is just lazy writing.

    I enjoy Muhney’s scenes with Eric Braeden so that’s one thing to be grateful for. They have a great onscreen chemistry together and the humor of the dialogue plays very well. I loved the stupid nickname conversation, and it appears Victor is just enjoying his son being crafty even if they are working towards cross purposes. Both Adam and Victor relish the deception game they seem to be having and are therefore ironically “bonding.” This Adam /Victor intrigue is the best and only story worth paying attention to on the show lately.

  50. adamlives says:

    Plus it’s hard to imagine what the endgame for Adam and Jack will be? They already took Newman private. What’s the purpose of letting Victor be in charge again when they could have just let Adam have complete control? Maybe I just don’t get it but I’m having a hard time figuring out what this deception is supposed to achieve that hasn’t been done already when Jack essentially controlled Newman and put Adam in charge. If someone could explain what you think Adam and Jack are up to, please feel free to fill me in because I just don’t get it. Jack could have just taken Newman private by himself as the majority stockholder with Adam’s help and they could have just kept Victor away from the company and they could have just “won” that way.

  51. ColoDoug says:

    Happy Labor Day everyone. So instead of showing Y&R today ….NOOOOOOOOO… CBS decides to show reruns of last year’s US OPEN tennis tournament as it is raining in New York. That makes a lot of sense. I thought they were doing a tribute today (Monday) to Mrs. C?

  52. soccermommy says:

    I think Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be the tribute shows for Katherine/Jeanne, with Friday being preempted again for tennis. That’s kind of nice…the tribute shows will be a nice little pause from the craziness in GC, but that means we probably won’t see much fallout of Connor’s diagnosis, and Chelsea hopefully being outed and then being blasted to smithereens.
    I’m patient, though. There better be one epic confrontation when Adam finds out the truth.
    As for Jack being the investor, it’s a little head scratching, and certainly not a surprise, unless Jack and Adam didn’t feel the need to discuss anything until this week, or, even better, but doubtful, he’s fronting for someone else. I don’t really mind. Victor’s head will explode, and it will be proof positive (as if Victor needed any proof) that Adam can’t be trusted. Of course, Victor never ever trusted Adam. Taking a bullet for him…pfft.
    And people ask why Adam is so snarky with this family…who in their right mind would want to be a part of all the jockeying for position that passes for family
    I do think Chancellor is going to be up for grabs. Victor can talk a good game about respect and proper feeling, but I bet he has his own plans. Jack just may be positioning himself to get Chancellor, and making money through NE, but wouldn’t it be a riot if Chancellor went after NE? Of course, with Cane running things, I just don’t think he’s got the, well, stones, for it….but Jill would. I’d love to see her come out on top for once.
    But what I want to know is, when Victor and Jack go at it again, just where will Adam’s loyalties finally lie?

  53. sparkyman says:

    All I know is that we better not see Adam forgiving Chelsea , being all pining for her. And we better not see a Chadam reunion. It is a thousand fold more unrealistic than Sharon’s forgiving of Adam. Chelsea’s plan was far more pre-mediated. And if Adam wants Chelsea back after this, I have lost all respect for him…. writers please do not destroy this great character as well.

  54. kelsmith says:

    Ditto! I would much rather see Adam and Sharon get together and take custody of Connor with Avery’s help.

  55. catwoman1047 says:

    I just watched part one of the Katherine Chancellor memorial and it was touching. Everyone sure did look wonderful.

  56. sparkyman says:

    Hey anyone wanna do a post and keep our dialogue going until EE has a chance to post!!!!

  57. catwoman1047 says:

    Okay, you start!

  58. deelj says:

    Well..I just have a couple of comments, certainly not EE material. I do think that the tribute to Katherine was stellar and well-deserved for such a classy dame. It was art imitating life, imitating art. It was surreal watching Father Todd, Jeanne Cooper’s real son moving through the service so gallantly, knowing he is grieving his real mother. All the actors were grieving both Katherine & Jeanne. I teared up several times.

    It was really good to see historic characters such as Brock, her son and Nina. But I don’t know who dressed Danny. That grey jacket just didn’t fit him, and that rug he is wearing was way over the top. (My note to balding men..”let it go..women love that look’). That’s all I’ve got.

  59. deelj says:

    Oh yes.. and great to see Gina, though I didn’t see Danny acknowledge his sister and no mention of Chance. He didn’t die did he? Nina didn’t mention him either. But the service was beautiful and hopeful. It was great they turned an otherwise sad day into a most beautiful one!

  60. another fan says:

    I agree, the service was very well done. Seeing old favorites was pretty special but it does show that new writers can only give us so much depth. Y & R is such an awesome show with dynamite characters/actors and I can only hope that the new writers have some amazing stuff up their sleeves. It’s be about a year, so they should be getting some direction. I like that the these actors seem to enjoy the dramatic changes, that makes me feel better. I hope that after this week, Christine has more appearances. Looking forward to the impact of the will.

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