About yesterday…

Rewatched yesterday’s episode and something occurred to me that should have been really obvious. But I finally realized: Victor has something up his sleeve regarding Skye. Besides how he’s encouraging Jack to use her and how he plans to steal all her money.

Why would TPTB have resurrected the elevator at NE and engineered a power outage to get those two alone together? And make it a situation where Skye is vulnerable?

Whenever Victor starts talking about Adam’s character flaws, it’s highly amusing because he could be describing himself. He doesn’t know how to love anyone. He’s manipulative. He doesn’t give a damn about your future. Hmmm. Look in the mirror.

But the dead giveaway that Victor has something evil planned? When he lied to Nick and said that he and Skye hardly spoke a word to each other. He’s definitely planning something.

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