A week of grief and it’s only 1:00 am – October 14-18, 2013

It’s still only a few hours after the accident, Genoa City time.

The thing about the current storylines that I don’t think the show took seriously, is how these events will permanently affect the viewers of the show. The Abbotts and Newmans and Chancellors et al are representations of real people to us. These over-the-top stories which have been created for maximum shock value and dramatic effect are not going to just be forgotten with the next wave of stories. We’re not entertained, even though we can clearly see the great acting efforts of all involved.

Billy, Victoria, Chloe, Kevin and Adam – at the center – will forever be changed by the death of Delia. People who lose their children are never the same, even though they react and recover differently, and try to go on with their lives. They never get over it. The show has just thrown a wet blanket of misery and grief onto Genoa City that will forever be there.

Killing Delia is not like adult Ricky coming back after spending his life off-camera, and being accidentally killed by his father. It’s not even like Saint Cassie’s death, which was really her own fault. We see how that grief hasn’t gone away, and this is worse. This is a small child who was killed by some “monster” who drove off and left her to die. And Billy feels very responsible, as he logically would, while everyone is building up a RAGE, as Chloe said, and they are bloodthirsty for the killer.

Did Adam do it? If he did, there was certainly NO INDICATION of it at the time he slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting Dash. It could go either way. It could be that he was responsible, but there isn’t a soul alive who would believe his story.”I swerved to avoid hitting the dog, I stopped at the shoulder of the road, got out of my car to check and I saw that the dog was fine. So I drove off. That’s it.” Right. Even though I saw it with my own two eyes, I don’t know if even *I* would believe that story. And we’re talking about the cabinistas here.

Or it could be that someone hit Delia just moments before Adam rounded that curve and that’s why the dog was walking loose. We saw Delia clinging to Dash, so when he ran into the highway, in front of Adam, Delia had let go of him for some reason. And that could explain how some of Delia’s costume got hooked on a branch and then got picked up by Adam’s car tire and got stuck in the wheel well. It was at the rear end of his car, and by the time he swerved towards the bushes, he was almost stopped. Had he hit a child, he would have known it. I think she had already been hit. But of course, he thinks he did it, and so will everyone else.

But here’s the thing, we’re all sick to death of everyone hating on Adam and calling him a monster. Sick. To. Death. I admire the acting of all of the principal characters in this story, and I think Michael Muhney and Amelia Heinle are, in particular, just nailing it. Of course, they are parents in “real” life. Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson have shown some good moments, but their performances aren’t quite at the level of MM and AH. Not that you have to be a parent in real life to convincingly act like a parent on TV. But it certainly gives you a lot of first-hand experience and emotion to draw from.

However, I find it lazy and cheap to come up with a heinous storyline like this for the shock value and then say “But it gives the actors such meaty stuff to work with!” Yay for the actors. I’ll bet they could have acted the heck out of the story even if Delia were just in a coma and then recovered.

I’ve never watched any other soaps, so I had no idea that this exact storyline was already done once under Jill Farren Phelps’s watch on another soap. That makes it even worse, in my opinion. It’s not even an original bad story.

But we’re stuck with it. As are the actors. We can only hope that the writers are capable of coming up with some resolutions that will help all of us get over our grief and find something compelling about the people in Genoa City that we, inexplicably, care so much about. In spite of the abuse they suffer at the pens of the writers.

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109 Responses to A week of grief and it’s only 1:00 am – October 14-18, 2013

  1. catwoman1047 says:

    Perfect summation, ElliEmma. I have been depressed for a week now.
    I knew Amelia Heinle had it in her, I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile now. She seems real to me as a person as well as her character. Not Hollywood plastic. She is doing such fine work and I agree with you that she draws on her own motherly love.
    Michael Muhney too is a parent and almost owns every child he shares a scene with. I wish Adam could have had a second to enjoy his peanut before all this tragedy.
    The writers need to know that they have hurt us, whether that sounds logical or not. They must want to reach us….but, this way? It is just too real and so, so sad.

  2. bookrobot says:

    I can’t understand why the writers have done this to us. I’ve continued watching, even though I’ve cried every single day since the death. I have to disagree about Billy Miller. I think he’s done an excellent job, and his performance has really touched me. It’s like I can’t look away, even though I hate this story and wish to God they could undo it.
    I’m really upset about the continued destruction of the Abbott family, and the continued propping of the toxic Newman family. They’ve killed off John, Colleen and now Delia and sent Ashley away. And now they are tying Dylan to the Newmans. I really feel sorry for him. I know lots of people don’t like Dylan, but I think it’s nice to have someone truly decent on the show for a change. Now we get to see years of Nick treating him like dirt.
    I don’t feel good after watching this show any more. There’s no enjoyment and nothing to look forward to. And we’ll pretty see Adam and Chelsea reunite.

  3. bookrobot says:

    I meant we’ll soon see Adam and Chelsea reunite. Sorry. Shouldn’t write when pissed.

  4. Lauren says:

    As always, perfectly written, EE. I’m glad you agree (I posted about this on your last blog), that certain actors just aren’t conveying the emotion as well as Amelia Heinle and Michael Muhney. As a mother, I would not be able to function if I were in Chloe’s shoes. I agree that as good an actor as someone might be (and I always thought EH was good), when you have real emotion to draw on, it makes a difference. For some reason Chloe’s scenes have bothered me, but watching Victoria and Billy is heartbreaking. Even Abby…this was her niece…a mere child. They can’t do this kind of story without the raw emotion that goes along with it.
    It is also beyond my comprehension that Nikki can sit there while Victor rips apart Billy, even now that he lost a child. It’s time for Victor to meet the Grim Reaper. Then the viewers will be happy.

  5. noraoxford says:

    Hello ElliEmma,
    Just read your comments as usual done very eliqently, which I always appreciate and enjoy.
    As usual you have nailed it, I have not enjoyed this week at all I still watch as some great acting has been displayed, but I am sure it must have taken its toll on everyone to have had to portray this terrible S/L
    I just hope the stupid writers will come up with some happier stories soon or after nearly 30 years of my watching I am just about to quit watching my show ( as I have come to think of it )
    As you said MM AH BM are wonderful Michael said a few days ago he it had taken its toll on the other hand EB said the Writers had done a great job !
    MM ” peanut ” scenes are wonderful he is so hands on with his own little ones so the babies feel very safe and secure when he holds them, but MM expressions are just incredible ( one would think we all adore him ) makes it so tender when he has Conner.
    I to have never watched another Soap like you, so I was even more disappointed when I read somewhere that it had been done before.
    Son after a very sad unhappy week let us hope they will try and get things the way they used to be………..

  6. noraoxford says:

    Sorry should have been. So not son using my iPad must have touched the ‘n’

  7. teamAdam says:

    What I don’t get is why Sony and CBS hired this woman, with her reputation, if they wanted the ratings to go up. If they wanted the show to tank, they should have left MAB in charge. But I guess they want to alienate the viewers even more. Now GH is the top rated soap and from what I hear rightfully so. The actor’s can only do so much with the storyline’s, but they are so poorly written. MM tweeted to just go along for the ride and see how the story unfolds because there is much more story to tell. I love MM, but he has tweeted about other storyline’s before that never seem to amount to anything. They are probably trying to get the viewer’s to stick around, but from what I read on message boards, many just about had enough and are tuning out.

  8. cipro123 says:

    I have not been able to watch Y&R for over a week. I don’t know if I will ever watch it again. This storyline was unacceptable. Killing an adult is bad enough, but killing a child is not acceptable.

  9. iamcee says:

    On what soap did she do this story on before?

  10. iamcee says:

    I was on vacation last week and I am only on Tuesday. Please DO NOT tell me that Victor laid into Billy. Please do not tell me this or there is going to be one hella piece of journalistic (my major) artwork to be sent to CBS and anyone else that will listen to me about this storyline and Victor’s character. Period. End. Of. Story.

  11. ElliEmma says:

    I believe it was General Hospital.

  12. iamcee says:

    Thank you. That’s what I was thinking…Good grief.

  13. blee911 says:

    I read your post and am in full agreement. I have been reading comments on the internet the last week since Delia’s death, and the overwhelming response is that this is not what daytime tv is about – we want to see romance, intrigue, old women with younger men, beautiful people, sharp business people, and happy families. Yes there will always be conflict but killing a child just isn’t necessary. Are the writers so inept and so lazy that they need to kill a child to make the actors shine? I thought Michael Muhney and Peter Bergman showed fabulous acting chops when they took over Newman and Eric Braeden was brilliant as Victor – taking it all back I have loved Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle success as a couple despite “Victor” doing everything in his power to break them up I love Chloe and Kevin as a couple and was looking forward to their reuniting. And then this happens – Delia dies. I have been blogging about Y&R for years, but stopped the day of the accident. You see for me this is too much – I lost my 12 year old son 23 years ago and I know what goes on afterwards. Sony needs to get rid of Phelps immediately or General Hospital will continue to beat Y&R in the ratings (as they did last week). Phelps has single-handedly succeeeded in taking the top rated soap (for 2 decades) and destroying it. I will get back to blogging when this storyline is finished – but will it ever be finished. We are still seeing the after effects of Cassie’s death many years later. Because Delia was part of both the Newmans and the Abbotts we may never see the end of this horrible, sad and completely unnecessary storyline. I read online that Y&R lost 100,000 viewers the day after the accident. I think the only way TPTB of Y&R will get the message is if more of us just stop watching.

  14. soccermommy says:

    As I have stated before, I haven’t been watching. Not even MM has made me want to watch. I know I will start watching again, but it won’t be until after the funeral. I’m just not that much a glutton for punishment.
    You summed up my feelings, EE. This story just wasn’t necessary. So what if it gives the actors “meaty” material? They don’t need material like this in order to shine….look at some of the stuff MM has made watchable.
    I have to wonder how much it affected those actors who are parents in real life.
    The worst part of all this is that Adam is going to be the “monster” again. And other boards have people dredging up (again) all the awful stuff he did 4 years ago. I’m so sick of it. Why isn’t there the same amount of outrage about what Victor did 2 weeks ago? Destroying a company, and presumably jobs, just to spite Adam and Jack is pretty bad in my book. It’s really going to interesting to see how much crud is swept under the rug because of this “blockbuster” storyline.
    I still don’t think he did it. But it won’t really matter, because the writers are having him waffle about coming forward. Funny, though, I don’t blame him….considering the hypocrites he has to deal with. I think most of us would, too, at least a little bit.
    I hope this is over soon, and I can go back to fuming about Victor.

  15. sdl2003 says:

    The one thing in favor of it not really being Adam but being Nikki instead is it would make it a perfect parallel to the Jake story on GH–run over by a grandparent who didn’t notice it, and they did show her driving at the same time. But they do seem to be an a time warp as you point out since even now it is only 1. I swear Johnny’s been put to bed 3 times now and I’m only up to Wednesday.

    One thing I especially like about AH is she is completely willing to look like a real person wrecked by grief. Both Billy and Chloe looked relatively normal on the episode following Delia’s death–no swollen, red eyes, no smeary make-up or crazy hair. Billy looked like a train wreck the day before when the actor really had been crying, but then the next day’s episode starts and he’s back to normal, which I guess is more the make-up dept. or the director’s doing. It must be brutal to have to keep coming back to work and play tough scenes like that. MM captures so well the way Adam is in a very very dark place but still lights up when he holds that baby, which must be sort of how he feels when he goes home at night after filming those scenes.

    Someone needs to make Eric Braeden knock it off with his cute little nicknames for Jack and Billy. Maybe I am wrong but I have a very strong feeling that calling Billy “Billyboy” on hearing of the death of his adored daughter Delia is an improv on EB’s part. I just hate it so much.

  16. c07111 says:

    When I think of soaps, of course I want the drama, but I also want to relax and walk away not completely emotionally drained. And last week was so despressing. As an Adam fan, it’s always hard to watch him getting beat up by everyone and even himself (MM is fantastic at it), it’s going to be even worse when he’s suspected of being the driver. I really just didn’t understand the park scene between him and Billy, although it was amazing acting on both their parts, it seemed premature to have Billy so hateful to Adam. He has no idea that Adam thinks he might have done it and last time I checked it was Billy who had wronged Adam in his attempt to destroy Adam through Melanie. Kind of just ready for this all to be over and done with, so we can move onto the next stories for the year. Not to mention Delia’s death has taken out all the sting of retribution for Chelsea and her lies. It’s almost like it’s forgotten. At least Sharon is getting back on her meds and hopefully she will realize she doesn’t love Nick at all.

  17. jerseygirl08648 says:

    I am not much of a Victoria fan and I have commented in the past about what I feel is her inability to sometimes show some raw emotion at times when I felt it was called for. But she changed all that for me during her scenes this week. Her performances were magnificent. She allowed herself to truly be in the moment and was completely believable.

    I have a question about Nikki and the son she gave up for adoption that perhaps someone can help me out with. Maybe I missed something along the way. I know awhile back Paul told Nikki her son was in Genoa City, and a couple of times I caught her looking at Dylan and Stitch wondering if it could be one of them. How does she know for certain that it is Dylan? Did Paul give her some other news that I am not aware of?

  18. ElliEmma says:

    You’re not the only one asking that question. Apparently the evidence Paul had was shared with Nikki off-camera. They never showed a scene where he told her.

  19. jerseygirl08648 says:

    Thank you EE! I am glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who thought something was amiss.

  20. iamcee says:

    The moment when Penelope’s sister told Paul was also off camera…

  21. deelj says:

    EE, thank you so much for your time and expertise. Once again, you nailed it. We’ve put up with a lot of things over the years. I thought the s/l about the reliquary or whatever that, was the lowest of the low. But killing Delia for absolutely no reason disgusts me. They had to dive deep underground to come up with a story to signal the beginning of the end.
    I do think Billy Miller is very good in acting the mixture of shock, numbness and total consummated grief, but it would have been better all around if the writers had gone another route.

    I’m using that hour between 12:30-1:30p to go walking. I’ll not give CBS any more of my valuable time to watch such trash. Kudos to the actors for giving the best of what they have to a poor story that should have never hit the canvas. Delia Lives!(in my heart and mind? .NUTS to the writers! Next time if you want to kill someone off look to
    Victor(I’m your Faaatther) Newman. We wouldn’t miss him nearly as much.

  22. Lauren says:

    I read on soapcentral.com that last week General Hospital beat Y&R in the ratings for the first time in like, forever. That’s how the fans can speak the loudest…stop watching for a while. They managed to change the story after Jeanne Cooper passed away, so now they can appease the viewers and make this all a dream. I would venture a guess that the majority of viewers are parents themselves, and this is NOT something we want to see. I’m still in shock that they did this.

  23. kelsmith says:

    I stopped watching the moment the doctor informed Billy that Delia had died and haven’t tuned in since. I still come here to read posts and comments. I might watch again if they made it all a dream, but that is still cruel to the viewers.

    I hope the dog has been found or someone is looking for the dog or they at least posted “lost dog” signs. Or will the dog disappear like every other pet in GC?

  24. catwoman1047 says:

    I miss the pets too.

  25. sparkyman says:

    O..M..G. .. This show is a major downer. Not to be insensitive to the fictitious death of a sweet and darling 7 year old but this show is majorly depressing. Almost every scene, a week later and everyone is crying and praying and crying. I fast forward almost every scene today . It is getting quite tiresome given I come home from a hard days work and want some entertainment.

    And what happened to the Michael/ Carmine /Lauren storyline.

    Think I will just read the blogs for a while.

  26. iamcee says:

    Okay, I have a dumb question – and maybe nobody has the answer, but don’t writers sign some sort of agreement at other shows not to use previous work (even if it’s bad work)? Almost every other creative occupation has a “no-compete” clause or “no-use-old-work-at-a-future-job” arrangement (for obvious lack of a better term) to protect former employers. How can she get away with recreating this storyline?

    And forget that, how about the new employer (Y&R)? How freaking L-A-Z-Y is this that she would do this and still get paid? You would think Y&R would be against this, it’s like theft of salary. They should be able to fire her and sue her for her pay since it’s not creatively unique – which I’m sure they expected when they hired her.

  27. iamcee says:

    I mean, I can’t re-use old school papers in every class. That’s self-plagiarism. Technically, that’s what she’s doing…

  28. susany328 says:

    I’m in total agreement with all the other posts I’ve read. Seems like most all of the posts feel the same way. I just can’t believe the writers would even come up with or even go thru with this type of storyline. Not to mention, we just recently lost Catherine Chancellor & Phyllis being in a coma and now the writers are going to pull on our heart strings even more with the death of a sweet child? Since Dehlia’s death, I can’t even watch the show. What could the writers possibly do at this point to bring about a happier story? Even if they brought Phyllis’ character back, she would only be waking up to join in on the grieving. I really miss the old Y&R, the one I looked forward to watching each day with feel-good story lines that took you away from the real world for a while. And made you care about the characters and what happened to them. There are so many characters on the show now that I just don’t even care for. These recent story lines are way passed old and need to be hung out to dry as well as the writers!

  29. susany328 says:

    I’m soooo with you kelsmith! I think the viewers should boycott the show and not watch it. Watch how quickly life in Genoa City improves dramatically.

  30. susany328 says:

    Amen deelj!! Everything you said is right on it.

  31. deelj says:

    Another classic example of “sieve” writing, full of holes especially for the audience. Give me five minutes alone with the writing staff…just five minutes!

  32. Someme says:

    Y and R has so precious little going for it these days and just about all that precious little is bound up in the character of Adam Newman. Yes, Kevin, Michael, Billy, Chloe, and a few others are interesting characters, but I’m not going to sit thru an hour of YR daily without Adam. What have they done with this story that will do great damage to Adam. I think they are completely crazy for writing this story. Adam will never regain the tiny bit of respect he had gained in this story regardless what they do from here on out. To most, he will forever be the monster who at least thought he killed Delia and hid the evidence. Nothing will ever justify what Adam did for many viewers.

    I have such loyalty to the Adam character that I will continue to watch, at least for a time, but this damage is irreparable IMO. I no longer see the point. You just don’t do something this stupid without realizing it can’t be undone.

    I agree with comments about Amelia’s Victoria. She is doing a remarkable job and without a doubt she and Adam are stealing the show. Chloe and Billy are doing a good job but nothing holds a candle to the abilities of AH and MM in these scenes.

    I am so angry!

  33. sharon1188 says:

    It is REALLY irritating how its been less than 24 hours (show time) since Delia died, and people are pushing Billy and Chloe to move forward. OMG I couldn’t even consider “moving forward” for weeks, in the same situation. I know they are taking days to portray hours, and I’m fine with that. But don’t rush the death of a child just because it is taking weeks to tell the story! Jill telling Billy not to let this break him? Um, I’m pretty sure the death of a child breaks anyone. Victoria is the only one making sense, but even she could back off Billy some.

  34. Lauren says:

    Well, now that it seems it was definitely Adam who hit Delia, I’m done. I cannot watch this mess anymore. Favorite characters have been permanently ruined, there is no entertainment watching this show anymore. There is not one major person on this show who is not in some king of horrific emotional distress. Except of course Victor. No one cares about the Winters at this point. Adam, Billy, Victoria, Chloe, Sharon, Summer, Nick, Dylan, Jill, Jack…I don’t want to watch their misery anymore. Especially since the storylines cannot be undone and I don’t see a way back from this. I will keep up with the blog to get an idea of what’s happening, but I’m finally there…done.

  35. catwoman1047 says:

    Michael Muhney has said that this story will play out for a long time yet. I am hoping that means someone else actually killed Delia and will be found, although Adam thinks it was him.
    For me, this is like driving by an accident and not wanting to see but unable to stop myself from looking.

  36. sharon1188 says:

    I will never again say that a character is permanently ruined. After Adam gaslighted Ashley, stole Sharon’s baby, forged Victor’s diary, and then faked his death, I figured that was for the best as there was NOOOO way to redeem his character. Boy was I wrong….I do believe Adam can bounce back from this, even if he did hit Delia (which I REALLY don’t want to be the case). It’s just torture to watch it dragged out.

    I still suppose it’s possible, despite ALL the evidence piling up, that Adam didn’t do it. Boy, was Nikki cleared quickly, or what? From Adam’s reactions, there appears to be no damage to his car other than the cracked headlight. That’s hardly damning all by itself – a rock could have caused that. The scarf could have easily gotten stuck to his car even if she had been hit prior. His car didn’t even go up when he veered into the side of the road, as if he’d run over something/someone. Surely he would have definitively felt impact if he’d hit her. It’s just not adding up…

  37. catwoman1047 says:

    I agree…

  38. LucyLou says:

    I agree with the majority of everything EE said as well as all of the comments. I will add that I think Elizabeth Hendrickson has done an amazing job. I’m one of the very few people who like this character, but these last few weeks I’ve grown to respect the character more, as well as the actress playing her. She was so absolutely believable and spot-on in her performance of a grief stricken mother who doesn’t know which way is up and can’t make sense of the world around her without her child in it. There are so many terrible things in this world but I don’t think I can think of one thing that is worse than losing your baby. These last couple of weeks have been so very hard to watch but I’ve endured it all. In a way, I think it helps me empathize with the most unfortunate of people who’ve had to go through such a tragedy. I do look forward to brighter days in Genoa City and can only hope it’s not too far away. It will be very hard to watch Adam go through the next few months. Even if he did hit Delia, he did not know. How could he? We all saw it play out and from what we saw, he didn’t hit her. That doesn’t mean the writers won’t twist it around. This is one of those stories that I say “the writers don’t even know at this point who they’ll have the killer be.” Much like Diane’s killer. It’s like “shoot now and ask questions later.”

  39. gblinda says:

    I agree also, it was so weird because he just veered off the road to avoid the dog. He didn’t hit the rocks or anything, no bump. If that’s how they’re saying she died…really? He just rolled right over her but didn’t actually hit her? I think it couldn’t have been him because she was hiding behind those rocks with the dog and the dog was already in the road when he came along. This storyline is just…crazy. It is like a bad accident, don’t look…but look!

  40. sharon1188 says:

    I’ve watched the video replay too many times, like I’m some freakin’ CSI! It’s on YouTube (http://youtu.be/aewIMuIA33M), if anyone else wants to play crime detective, like I so crazily have. LOL

    Anyway, the sequence of events was:
    -Delia was on side of road with Dash, 12:25 in the video
    -Dash, for some reason, decides to run off at 12:27
    -Adam sees the dog in the road at 12:30
    -Delia looks back at Adam’s car approaching at 12:32
    -Adam veers to the side of the road at 12:35 with NO sign of hitting anything/anyone or running over anything/anyone
    -Adam gets out of his car, looks back to see Dash at 12:41
    -Dash runs up the street at 14:48, no sign or sound from Delia

    Now it’s ENTIRELY possible that they didn’t show the sequence of events as they happened, i.e. Delia had already been hit when Adam approached). It’s possible that Delia was still alive after Adam swerved, completely missing her (though really, wouldn’t she have been heard screaming for Dash at that point? Guess she could have been stunned…).

    But the way Adam looked so scared that he’d hit the dog, and breathed a sigh of relief to see the dog still alive – I hate to admit, but that really does ring of someone that felt they’d run over something and were relieved to see that wasn’t the case. :(

    Okay, I care WAY too much about proving Adam’s innocence! :) This story has REALLY gotten to me….

  41. sharon1188 says:

    Well it appears that Summer got the Abbott hair memo… LOL

  42. catwoman1047 says:

    I noticed it was more…..well, just MORE.

    I loved seeing Adam and Sharon talking like they could be friends again someday. Nice.

    Max Ehrich is doing a good job as Fen and is more handsome all the time.

    Billy Miller……breaking my heart.

  43. gblinda says:

    I see the Winters kids went to Switzerland…at least they aren’t teenagers but still…has it always been just Y&R that the kids magically go from baby to teen overnight?

  44. noraoxford says:

    I did not see that today they were just playing in the park or are you in Canada a day a head of USA ?

  45. mregl says:

    I just read about Monday’s episode at

    I believe that Devon did it with his new ferrari and that Mason has proof of it on his computer.

  46. another fan says:

    Interesting blog site. With true respect to all who are willing share their opinions I would love to know what you would like to see written for this soap, including what dramas.

  47. catwoman1047 says:

    Definitely a little more real romance. Not the sex on the desk stuff either. Adam and Sharon in New Orleans was the epitome of daytime romance and new love.
    Less murder.
    Fewer plots going at one time, with more focus on each storyline as it plays out.
    Not being a writer, I can’t be specific as to what I’m expecting. And I do appreciate that writing for daytime is likely stressful because of deadlines. But a show with actors as fine as Y&R has should use them to the fullest and not depend on plot twists and shock value to keep viewers.

  48. another fan says:

    I remember New Orleans, it was beautiful.

  49. kelsmith says:

    1) a Shadam reunion where they stand strong together against outside forces and judgmental hypocrites.

    2) an explanation of what happened to the cats Dave and Kitty Kitty.

    3) a new businessman comes to town (played by the talented William Fichtner) who is somehow related to both Hope and Colleen. He crushes Victor into dust for what he has done to Adam and with Colleen’s heart.

  50. teamAdam says:

    Where to begin?

    -Having characters act like themselves eg. Adam and Sharon
    -Stop rewriting history eg. Nikki and her long lost son never mentioned, Shadam’s love story or this new never heard of Abbott cousin (coming soon I heard).
    -Fluidity to story lines.
    -Stop making Adam and Sharon the town’s pariah or escape goat.
    -Stop treating the audience like idiots regarding business, medical or crime related story lines.
    -No more new characters.
    -Needs to get rid of some new character’s or dead weight character’s.
    -Story lines are either progressing too slow, they wrap up too fast or they are just dropped.
    -Same conversations talked about over and over.
    -No progression with some character’s like Victor.
    -Bring back the romance and love story’s. Stop making insta-couples with no chemistry.

    I’ve probably missed a few. We just need thought out and well written story lines that make sense, keeps the audience intrigued and that stays true to the character’s. Is that too much to ask? The writer’s should take a look at some primetime show’s and take notes.

  51. kelsmith says:

    Or Vance Abrams could come back to town. Surely a top attorney like Vance could put Victor in jail for all the illegal shenanigans Victor has perpetrated over the years including the deliberate sabotage of a publicly held company by one of its officers.

  52. catwoman1047 says:

    I miss Dave, and the horses, and the dogs….where is Dash, anyway?

  53. noraoxford says:

    I so agree more romance and intrigue, not to drag out s/l and no more new charachters, there are too many that is why there are so many silly stories.
    After the Delia being killed that to is dragging out I feel with everyone saying that they are upset with this dreadfull story they are having dificulty trying to end it, we still have to endure the funeral, I am dreading that !
    Then we have Adam hope they quickly resolve that problem I know he is not guilty,and find the culprit who actually did this awuful thing.
    I hope they give us a break and get back to a happier times at Genoa City so we will once again look forward to seeing the next episode instead of dreading it and FF half the show.
    Well enough already we are all waiting for Mondays episode.

  54. sharon1188 says:

    Really good point about the same conversations over and over again. Cane/Lily “I love you, we’re so lucky”, Neil and anyone will listen about the blogger, Nikki and Paul “Should I tell my son he’s my son?”, and if I NEVER have to see another Adam/Victor conversation about how Victor never accepted Adam, and Adam is a terrible son, it will be too soon. NO MORE!

  55. kelsmith says:

    Ugh. Dash is still missing? Does anyone even care? Hopefully he is microchipped and/or has found a better home.

  56. sharon1188 says:

    Yes, that is buggin’. They don’t know that is was kind of Dash’s fault that Delia left the car (although really, Billy, you should have used the child lock feature). They should at least address the dog – either find him, or say he’s still missing, or also got hit by a car, something. For a show that is always showing public service announcements at the end of their shows, this has really been an example of poor pet ownership.

    Yes, I know that it’s minor compared to the death of a child. But it’s a point, nonetheless.

  57. Lauren says:

    Dash is coming back…don’t worry!

  58. another fan says:

    Good answer and no, not too much to as for. I come from the Bill Bell regime and he set the bar very high (best soap ever). While I don’t remember him ever writing for children, he did focus on relationships, the slow build up, the dynamite consequences. Sadley, those days seem to be gone and we are left with the fast and the furious shock value gotcha moments.
    I appreciate the shared frustration, alot of passion is behind your blogs and that is what has held my attention.

  59. catwoman1047 says:

    Well, I watched today……the funeral. It was so sad, no surprise there, but the surprise came after, when I realized I was glad that I saw it.
    The acting has always been what I enjoy, and it was great today. The family support, the return of Eileen Davidson, and oh, so special, Max Page as Reed! How I have missed him.
    And little Dash returned home.
    Michael Muhney as Adam at the roadside memorial was just the best part of the episode. He looked briefly older as he read the tributes but even more handsome. A simply awesome scene.
    Billy and Chloe tore me up when they held each other before the service. It was just a very well-done show all the way.

  60. teamAdam says:

    That storyline was so ridiculous. Just to get back at Jack and Adam, Victor would tank the company he built and put his employees out of a job. It’s not only Jack and Adam that work there, these writer’s need to bring some kind of reality to this show.

  61. stlrfan says:

    Well SA has promised in her interview more romance for Y&R and I have a feeling she is referring to Shick and Chadam coming back…no thanks–I think I will pass.

  62. noraoxford says:

    Catwomen1047 I am with you completely,lovely to see Max Page again he is growing up, and a Eileen Davidson such an asset to the show I wish they would bring her back perminantly and get rid of some of the useless women they have added for absurd story lines which I and many others FF every day.
    Michael, as usual stole the episode so adiquitly acted, he is such an incredable actor, and such a delight to watch he gives so much depth to every word and every expression he makes, love that guy !
    The other actors have done a great job also.
    I must say I was was pleased the way that the writters did the Funeral it was done better than expected, I have been dreading it for two weeks, they did manage to do a better job than I anticipated, it was still heart breaking.
    I just want them to find the real culprit I hope they do not drag this out but I am sure it will be dramatic for the November sweeps……..well friends I am away until next time.

  63. sharon1188 says:

    We’ve all clamored for some happiness on the show since it’s been so consumed with sadness. I must say that Tyler and Abby’s talk in the par, where he assured her he loves her, was so sweet, and made me a little teary! I wish they had ended the conversation with a convincing, passionate kiss instead of a hug. Not that it’s all gotta be about something heavier, and a hug is sweet – but I must admit, I’m just not seeing a chemistry between those two, despite how beautiful they both are. Regardless, nice to see the show show some love.

  64. noraoxford says:

    ElliEmma. I hope you and your family are well I really miss you on your Blog I am
    sure that you are busy, but I was thinking about you yesterday then this morning I got an email saying Sharon1188 had posted so it made me think if you again so here I am, would love to see a few lines from you if you get a few minutes to spare.

    Take care & be happy,
    Kindest Regards,

  65. sparkyman says:

    Missin ya EE .

    Ya I am not into either Chadam or Shick. I was never a Chadam fan and still not. I was a Shick fan but no longer feeling it. As well, I think it is a mistake to reunite these two, it will isolate the characters from the newer residents of GC.

    Think that CH and AH are doing amazing jobs of the grieving mother and step moms.

    Okay… THE WORST STORYLINE OF ALL TIME, next to Kevin and the singing chick on the raft in the middle of the winter on the Hudson River, is……… Michael and Fen in the same jail at the same time. SO LAME! I am FFing that.

  66. sharon1188 says:

    Thank you, Young and the Restless, for all the Cane/Lily sauna scenes today. It really made watching the episode on DVR go much faster with so many minutes that I could safely fast forward through and know I didn’t miss a thing!

  67. noraoxford says:

    Well I just looked at today’s YR what a waste of time, the Michael &
    Fen story line is so silly and getting sillier by the day can’t stand it

    Then we had the Sauna scene which I think is ubsurb help me I
    suppose we will be having everyone in there, now they bought it.

    Sharon and Nick in the freezer, childish then we have to suffer
    Abby’s Birthday yes just the thing ! lunch in the park brillent in
    November, as you can see I am not any happier with Y&R

  68. noraoxford says:

    Sorry typo using iPhone (Brilliant )

  69. ColoDoug says:

    I have been gone the past couple months but just getting caught up on Y&R and everyone’s comments. Missed you guys. =)

    I think it is very sad the way they literally killed off Delia, but while everyone in GC is after Delia’s “killer,” the fact it this was an ACCIDENT. I don’t think there was anything Adam could have done. He stopped the car and seems to have thought that maybe he hit a dog that wandered into the road, but he didn’t see anything. You have to wonder how Adam would have passed a driver’s test eye test with his vision problem history…unless he has fully recovered his eye sight?

    The only thing Adam may be guilty of is covering up what he did, after the accident. I doubt he would get charged with murder. Maybe vehicular manslaughter, but if a child runs into the road and gets hit, sometimes it’s just a tragic accident.

    Also, why is Michael Baldwin’s black eye getting darker over time?….don’t they have a better makeup person? The whole Michael-Fenn in jail story has me rolling my eyes. I am glad missed the Lilly-Cane in the sauna smooch. Puke.

  70. deelj says:

    I haven’t watched for weeks, since they unnecessarily killed off Delia. Waaay over the top. Happened to flip it on yesterday and was greeted by the annoying Cane & Lily and the sauna scenes. eeewww. Victor still is unbearable; why Hillary is still there is belies belief. Devon is a stupid story as are Fen and Michael in jail. I see at least four-five characters they could trim immediately. Somebody please tell me.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE WRITERS? I nominate EE as head writer of the Young & the Rest of us. Or at least establish a Viewer Consultant. I’m going to pass that idea along to TPTB.

  71. noraoxford says:

    Well guys you are right the whole 47 minutes of Y & R I
    FF 40 mins even then I really do not understand how I am
    Still recording it, habit I ‘Spose but I am always hopeful
    they will get some exciting s/l to watch.
    I have been watching since 1985 old habits die hard. I really
    like the idea of ElliEmma being a writer or Consultant love
    and miss her I hope you are well EE

  72. catwoman1047 says:

    I will never stop watching Y&R as long as it’s on the air. I wonder how long that will be?
    I am liking the actress who plays Abby much more than when she started. And the young man who plays Fen, too.
    Noraoxford, like you I just don’t lose hope. And I am rewarded by my favorites and once in awhile surprised by others.

  73. noraoxford says:

    Love what you said I really agree with everything you said.

  74. ColoDoug says:

    Isn’t it a “conflict of interest” for Kevin to use his computer skills and time at the GSPD to track down his ex-wife’s daughter’s (Chloe) killer? When I was with the sheriff’s office you were not allowed to work these type cases. It seems like half of Genoa City is after the hit-and-run driver. Poor Adam.

  75. ColoDoug says:

    Ooops,,,,I meant Delia’s killer, not Chloe’s. =) Put the brackets in the wrong place.

  76. iamcee says:

    The “Hallelujah” song they keep playing every single time Billy and Adam think or talk about Delia is making me descend into madness. Make it stop.

  77. noraoxford says:

    I agree it is disturbing and creepy, I am ansiously waiting to get the whole S/L over it is now getting very boring with all the times they repeat the same thing over and over again enough already

    Bring on some happy times there is too much sadness in the world we need some uplifting on our soaps a little romance not death.

    Sick of the Baldwin drama TMM it is so far fetched and going nowhere, then there is Christine and Paul such a dreary story, as if they work 23 hours a day, then we have Devon and his billions I ask how insane is that S/L impossible I think the writers have no idea where to take anything as they have got so deep with all the crazy stories out there. I think you must know I am not too happy with Y & R I suppose after 30 years watching and old habits die hard !

  78. deelj says:

    I completely agree w/ you. Been watching for 30 years and it’s hard to stomach. Now there is yet another new face. They can’t write for the old faces and they’re bringing in new people. Mason couldn’t act his way out of paper bag. Name one story you enjoy. I used to frame my day around Y&R. If I catch a few frames now, so be it. What a waste of really good talent.

  79. sharon1188 says:

    Yep, not enjoying much of it lately. And as painful as it is to watch the Adam squirming story line, it’s even more painful to watch him engage with Billy in the online forum. Adam is NOT THAT DUMB. He would know that such actions would make him suspect and would be TOTALLY traceable. I understand suspending disbelief to some extent, but this is completely implausible!

  80. catwoman1047 says:

    I am champing at the bit for better things to happen, like the rest of you.
    That being said, I still am in awe of the talent these actors are showing us. Amelia Heinle is just perfect in her grief for Delia and her compassion for Billy. I’m loving her.
    Billy Miller, too. So good!
    Elizabeth Hendrickson….I’ve always liked her but now she has some meaty material and she is certainly up to it.
    Michael Muhney…..still the best.

    I’ll be watching.

  81. ColoDoug says:

    Yeah I agree…great performances by Victoria and Billy. I keep wondering how Billy is going react when he finds out Adam is the hit-and-run driver. He’s gonna go nutz. Ohhh and Devon can give me his $ billions….but I can see how money could ruin your relationships. I just fast forwarded through Cane-Lilly’s dancing, and dance studio plans.

  82. sharon1188 says:

    Ditto on the Cane-Lily FF! Does anyone still “root” for them? I know they used to be quite popular years ago, but still? And I’m STILL not convinced that Adam hit Delia. I’ve been thinking perhaps it’s Courtney. Is that the name of the girl Noah is dating? She’s been rather unremarkable up until Fen mentioned that she does drugs. Now I hope it comes out that she hit Delia in a doped up state. That would free Adam and get her off the show.

  83. soccermommy says:

    I’m finally easing back into watching the show, but between work and not wanting to wallow in all this sorrow, I’ve been fast forwarding. A lot.
    It’s amazing how much the show could just jettison and it wouldn’t be missed. Like Cane and Lily…after the gravitas of what Billy, Chloe and Victoria are going through, is any of this interesting? And then there’s Devon, throwing the weight of all his money around. He may be on more, which I do like, but money hasn’t improved him. Or his storyline.
    But the ultimate time wasting is going on with the Baldwin mess. It’s so beyond possible, even for a soap (and don’t you all just hate that line “it’s a soap” implying any ridiculousness is permissible). Fen sets himself up to go to prison to protect Michael? I’d say with Michael’s checkered history, he has a far better idea of what goes on in prison than Fen. Lauren is wringing her hands and stressing out. And Michael thinks that confessing actually helps Fen. Lesson of the day, teaching evasion of responsibility is okay. Only in GC…..
    On thing that is interesting is Chadam. Yes, I actually wrote that. I don’t know what is going on in the future with Shadam, but I do think it’s way way way down the road if at all. (Poor Sharon. Nick is actually sloppy seconds.) But it was nice to see Adam defend Sharon. And although I don’t believe for a second Adam actually hit Delia, it is good to see him actually growing up a little. He now can really put himself in someone else’s shoes, which is something a defensive Adam hasn’t always done.
    The other interesting s/l is Dylan being Nikki’s son. And I can’t wait for Nick and Victor to explode. Or implode. Either is okay.
    For one thing, it will distract Victor from going after Adam, at least for a nanosecond. His busy PI is trying to pin the accident on Adam, and who wants to bet Victor uses that little gem to horn in on Connor’s life? One thing I will say about Victor, he’s a lousy father, but who wouldn’t want him as a grandfather?
    Adam DIDN’T hit Delia. Who has ever run over a rock in the road and not noticed? Delia was much bigger than that. HE WOULD HAVE KNOWN. Stop insulting our intelligences, writers.
    Oh, wait. That might mean we have no show.

  84. catwoman1047 says:

    Soccermommy……I like the way you think!

  85. deelj says:

    soccermommy & sharon1188. You guys are, as usual, on point. Courtney would be the perfect fall> I don’t like her anyway and she’s not good enough for Noah. I see where the old Billy is coming back to replace Billy Miller who has chosen to leave. When David Tom left, I thought damn, I’ll miss him. Now I love Billy Miller so much, it will be hard to get used to the old Billy again.

  86. ColoDoug says:

    I think Dylan and Sharon would make a cute couple. Don’t you guys agree? Nick would lose his mind…and you know how Sharon likes to go from Nick to Adam to Victor, then back to Nick (in her mind), and now there is a new Newman man for her…Dylan. I should become a writer for Y&R. :-)

  87. catwoman1047 says:

    Dylan is not a Newman…..but he does get along great with Faith…..Nick would go off the deep end, all right.

  88. david66106 says:

    Is anyone else wondering when the prison rape scene between Womack and Fen is coming up? Hey, I used to watch Oz. If the rape is successful it will send Fen down one of two roads: back to drugs or it will finally smarten him up to the way the real world works. Or the big probability is that Michael will be released from protective custody just in time to save Fen, which will still give Fen his big epiphany.

  89. ColoDoug says:

    So now Nikki is all upset and banging the table at the GCAC because her family reacted badly to her blurting out that Dylan is her son. DUHHH Nikki, how do you think they were going to react? Nobody forced Nikki and Paul to go sniffing around in her past, looking for her long lost son. When she found out Dylan was her son, maybe she should have just kept this info to herself? Not all “kids” who are given up for adoption, or other reasons, want to be reunited with their biological parent. All Nikki did was create a big mess. Also, do you guys think Billy is going to have an affair with the lady from the support group who lost her son???

  90. deelj says:

    Don’t blink. They may find a way to kill Chloe too before the week’s out. Nothing makes any sense anymore!

  91. deelj says:

    I think it’s Courtney too who killed Delia, and the writers will contort some wild ridiculous explanation. Victor and Nick are sickening. Both of them are wallowing in how this Dylan thing only affects them. Not once did either one of those twerks show any compassion for Nicki and what a difficult time she may have had. Even though the story is ridiculous and came out of nowhere, both these guys only expressed “the what about me and how this affects me” syndrome. Nicki gets on my nerves too, but commit to the bit. Nobody but Victoria showed her any ounce of compassion. Nimrods!.

  92. deelj says:

    Yes. I do. That’s what the writers do ..let men cheat when they’re in pain because they don’t have the emotions to turn to the people who love them most. It’s pretty predictable and sad. I believe that there are men better than that. The writers have a limited passing thought of reality and what a real man might do, all in the name of”soapisizing”. Wouldn’t it be great if Billy would let his wife Victoria help him share the pain of losing Delia? Same thing before when Nick turned to Phyllis and away from his wife Sharon when Cassie died.

    I think there are some pretty dysfunctional people writing these stories.

  93. sharon1188 says:

    I think so, too. Otherwise, I keep asking “WHY is she all up in his face?” It’s one thing to try to help someone grieving, but she’s trying EXTRA hard. I don’t trust her (maybe residual distrust from her days on Guiding Light LOL). Victoria really has been the best. I never really liked her, but lately, she has had the best reactions to people and is playing her role perfectly. It will really be a shame if Billy cheats on her when she has done ALL she can to help him.

  94. soccermommy says:

    Hey EE, I miss you! I’m dying to get your take on all this “drama”. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the acting, especially MM and BM, this show would be more of a mess than most of us already suspect.
    I just can’t get over Nikki gathering the family in a very public place to drop the bomb about Dylan. At the very least use a private dining room, or better, the ranch. (I assume it has a dining room, too. It probably just doesn’t have a set.) But I really want to know where all the internet snoops were when all this went down. They went after Adam pretty easily, right? Why shouldn’t this juicy piece of nonsense be all over the place? And why should Adam have all the notoriety?
    Speaking of which, watching him with Peanut is so, well, nice. It has an ease and naturalness that contrasts with all the high octave sturm und drang we get with the Newmans. And did anyone see the turkey outfit the poor kid was wearing? It was hysterical, but, yeah, cute. But anything on that baby is cute.
    I’m actually warming up to Chelsea, and I’m beginning to suspect that Adam thinking he’s the driver that hit Delia makes it harder for him…and us… to hold things against her.
    I can’t wait for this to be all over, but I suspect we’re going to have to suffer more Adam hate before the good citizens of GC find out he’s innocent. Because no one has proven to me that he did run down Delia.
    Victoria has been surprising me lately. She’s probably the most mature “accepted” Newman right now. She’s doing everything she can think of to help Billy. She’s being understanding to her mother. She sort of tells Victor to back off. She even had a civil, almost wistful conversation with Adam. It’s unfortunate that Billy is being set up to betray her….just like Nick betrayed Sharon. I guess it’s true. It really easier to dress up an old carcass and call it dinner than come up with a new entree. And if a story works, why not reuse it a few times?
    But there a few things I never get tired of doing, like laughing at Victor and Nick. It’s gotten so easy, you see.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! And may we all survive Black Friday!

  95. catwoman1047 says:

    What if the support group lady (Kelly?) is the hit-and-run driver?

  96. noraoxford says:

    Not too sure about that she seems too Pleasant.

  97. noraoxford says:

    Oh dear I just wrote three chapters here and I am using my new iPad air ( first time ) and touched something and lost it ! So I will abbreviate it again.
    I thought the scene with Nick & Sharon was interesting, it is so great to see Sharon back to her old self, I wonder if they are getting them back together ?
    The Dylan S/l is to me boring, they rushed that along in a dreary way JMO but I hope it will develop into something more interesting, at least Victor is acting a lot more affably
    than usual.
    Than Heavens Michael is out of Prison, I ff that S/L it has been much too painful to
    watch, I hope they hurry up and find out the culprit and get Fen out too and Finnish with the hole Baldwin story.
    Then we have Adam doing such a great job with the wee baby and Chelsea, as usual Michael is so wonderful with the baby, it shows what a wonderful Dad he is in real life he looks so natural, I am sure that the baby really feels his affinity with little ones the baby smiles at hi often, not too keen on the Turkey outfit but ‘spose it is that time of year.

    I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, a special shout out to ElliEmma, we all miss you Hun I do hope that you are just very busy (EE ) and not ill.

  98. noraoxford says:

    Bye Bye everyone !

  99. deelj says:

    A very happy turkey and holiday season to all my favorites ..you guys, the posters. EE and all of you make this a great blog to visit and share and exchange opinions. It is a great gift and I am very grateful to participate and be a part of one of the best blogs on the ‘net! Now ..ready.. set. .go stuff yourselves! Oh, btw. Don’t like Kyl or his acting, but I looovve the haircut. It makes him at least tolerable ..still not a good actor, but decent to look at.

  100. noraoxford says:

    You said it deelj, I so enjoy all the participating guys who contribute to it a big thank you to ElliEmma for starting this in the first place…….. Away to my Thanksgiving pre cooking with some of Jessica recipes Cooking Blog

  101. bonnie-jean1 says:

    I think you may be right. That list of black suv owners that the private eye had for Victor has someone named Kelly on it right before Adam’s name is shown. This could well be the reason she is spending so much time trying to help him with his grief. She could be trying to make up for the guilt she feels.

  102. ColoDoug says:

    I hope CHADAM gets back together for good. They make a nice couple. Connor sure looked cute in that little Turkey outfit. I agree that Adam is a great dad. Kyle finally got a hair cut…..I almost didn’t recognize him, but he still has a very pointy chin. Heehee. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am watching my brother’s house and dogs so it will just be the three woof woofs and Me watching football and eating. =)

  103. noraoxford says:

    I am not at all keen on newLyle he cannot act at all and always looks uncomfortable TPTB made a bad choice, he probably is a relation to one of the producers or someone, with influence, he could not have auditioned for the job ! and unfortunately he is so unphotogenic.
    Today looked like there will not be a future for Nick and Sharon I liked seeing the family together.
    I like the scene with the Abbots at Thanksgiving dinner seem natural, nice to see Ashley back the Winder family on the other hand looked as if they were acting ! ( No pun intended )
    I wish they would let Phylis recover and bring in another good actor to take Michelle Staffords place, she was such a strong personality I miss Phyllis and her mischief,they are probably having difficulty in replacing her as Michelle played her so brilliantly.

  104. catwoman1047 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, ElliEmma, and all who post here, I love this blog. I hope you are all as content as I am today.

  105. sparkyman says:

    I am watching but the show is far from keeping me on the edge of my seat. Right now, I am in a different room typing at the show is running.

    NIce to see the old Sharon return. The Nick Sharon scenes are nice but I am not feeling the reunion. Feels a little toooo late and too old. Maybe they have reuniting Victor and Nikki umteen times but I don’t think they can get it back with these two.

    The show is definitely missing romance. We have not seen that since Shadam. Doubt we will ever see the likes of that again.

    Think I would like to see Dylan and Chelsea reunite. I liked them much more than Chadam.

    I don’t know. I am watching but nothing is grabbing me.

    I’d like to see Sharon get a job.

    Tyler and Abby is the best we have one the romance department. They are cute and getting cuter. But viewers need more.

  106. ColoDoug says:

    I wish they would move on from the Who-Killed-Carmine, Fen-In-Jail S/L. I like Lauren, but you can only see her crying about Fen & Michael for so long. Paul also should let someone else do these investigations…he always has a conflict of interest in who he investigates. This is almost as bad as allowing to Kevin to work these cases that involve relatives and loved ones. I wonder if Carmine is really dead? Seems like Lauren is getting mysterious calls again.

  107. noraoxford says:

    We’ll I have just finnished today’s Y&R ff 45.00 mins of the hour I cannot believe how awful the s/l are Baldwins are just dragging on now a mistery hang up for Lauren
    Fen being beat up in Jail it is all beyond me how TBTB think we are stupid with such a stupid story !
    I was pleased to see that Sharon has a job with Jabo that was good, especially as Sharon is getting a s/l and is back on track, I do not think that Nick and Sharon will get back together, hopefully they will give her someone to fall for at her new job, I think she could use a little romance.
    Nice to see Avery and Dylan getting cosy today although she not too sure of Dylan’s attention, I wonder where that will go, I think Nick has given up on Avery.
    I am not interested in the Neil story, or Lily & Cane all getting too far fetched.
    Now we have to wonder if Carmine will come back from the dead to save Fen ? Paul
    Seemed to have discovered a name or something in a file, how many weeks until we will find out, I hope not long as the prison scenes are so unrealistic to me.
    We’ll I am away having said my piece ?????

  108. catwoman1047 says:

    Today’s (Dec 5) episode was great. Jack and Adam, Jack and Billy, Adam defending Chelsea to Victor…..all great scenes with fine acting. And I am loving Abby! And Alex!
    Adam and Chelsea got very, very close. I did not want this, but it was so well-done.
    I am trying not to miss anything lately, with the exception of Cane and Lily and most of the Winters family drama.
    Michael Muhney still seals the deal for me.

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