A few FACTS about the Y&R Michael Muhney debacle and my final words

Here’s what we actually know:

On Monday, December 16, Jill Farren Phelps, Executive Producer of the Young and the Restless informed Michael Muhney that Thursday, December 19 would be his last day of filming, and his last episode would air January 30.

On Tuesday, December 17, Michael Logan of TV Guide tweeted “Can it B TRUE? I’m hearing 2morrow is the last day for @michaelmuhney at @YandR_CBS @YRInsider Will Adam B recast?”

Following that leak, Muhney announced his firing on Twitter, also on December 17.

On Wednesday, December 18, Muhney’s interview with Huffington Post Canada was published. He didn’t say (like most fired actors) that he was leaving the show for other opportunities or that he had creative differences with TPTB and was going in another direction. He said he was fired. He said why, he said it was all his own fault and he said nice things about Phelps, CBS, and Sony.

Immediately following, several of the actors, most notably Melody Thomas Scott and Doug Davidson, took to Twitter to say that there was “more to the story” and “any actor would’ve been fired under these circumstances” and other very inflammatory comments. (These tweets have since been deleted but are published in the January 20 issue of Soap Opera Digest.)

On December 19, a fan named “SharonRocks” posted on the Soap Opera Network message board that he/she had “a very reliable source” who “told me that Muhney was sexually harassing Hunter King.” And went on to give his/her opinion. This rumor showed up on multiple soap message boards and got a little flurry of attention but then died down.

On Saturday, January 4, TMZ published a piece repeating these rumors, creating the boob groping scandal, and drawing huge amounts of attention. News outlets of all types did NOT do any independent investigation, but simply rebroadcast the TMZ info, which quoted unnamed sources, making unsubstantiated claims, often leaving out the word “allegedly”. The root information for the TMZ story and every other reporting of it, came from this “SharonRocks”.

This person who started the gossip has publicly taken credit for it (in the comments section), claiming to “know the truth” and that he/she felt “the truth should be out there instead of vague comments.”

Some fans have been rude and accusatory and have attacked actors and executives from Y&R both on Twitter and on Facebook. The vast majority of the social media reaction, however, has been supportive of Muhney and King, both, but it’s been ugly out there. Some people are attacking Muhney (and his wife and family), some are attacking King, some are insulting their co-stars, some are attacking the executives, and the fans are also attacking each other… every kind of ugliness has been going on.

On January 6, Muhney tweeted:

“Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

And then:
“…and that quote doesn’t only apply to what is being said about ME. It also applies to others. Please be kind to everyone. #respect”

That addressed both the vicious gossip about him and others, and was a plea to stop the online attacks.

But people will be people, and they are going to behave in an ugly way if they want to, regardless of Muhney’s plea for sanity and restraint. He has been criticized for not controlling the online outbursts, as if he were able to do that, as well as being blamed for stirring up his fans to behave badly because he hasn’t said more.

In Soap Opera Uncensored eZine, which has a subscriber-only audience, soap journalist Nelson Branco published some VERY interesting info supporting Muhney’s innocence in this boobgate fiasco, but interestingly, no other news sources are picking it up.

He said he “first heard rumblings of a misunderstanding on set between Muhney and
King early last summer. SOAP OPERA DIGEST even printed a blind item about it last June, which prompted us to investigate. Turns out there wasn’t much of a story there: According to my sources, Muhney never “groped” King.”

He went on to say “Unfortunately, after speaking to several of Muhney’s co-stars and backstage crew, it’s clear the dangerous game of telephone over at Y&R turned this into the sensational lie that it is.”

And regarding the real reason Muhney was fired, Branco said this, “A backstage insider told UNCENSORED, “Michael picked a few too many battles, which is why he was let go. It had nothing to do with anything else.”

It appears that only the salacious quotes from unnamed sources are the ones that get any play. Including the ones from his co-stars who are giving ill-advised interviews that only make themselves look bad and opportunistic.

The media feeding frenzy and desire to score traffic from the salacious gossip has prompted “journalists” to spread other unfounded rumors about Muhney’s behavior in past years at other jobs. Again, without any facts or official statements. And again, all from unnamed sources and fan message boards.

Someone even went to Muhney’s Wikipedia page to add all of the accusations from the TMZ article as if they were biographical facts about him. This is nothing short of deliberate character assassination. Those remarks have since been removed but are visible on the editing history of the page.

In trying to dig up more dirt about Muhney, the only person brave enough to provide a quote to TMZ about his professional behavior and own it by giving her name is his co-star in a movie called “The Portal”. Jenna Zablocki, who was his love interest in the movie, told TMZ “He was a gentleman, professional, and a really cool guy.”

Muhney’s co-star and love interest on Y&R, Sharon Case, has been very publicly supportive of him as well, even creating a video tribute to her friend. Another co-star and love interest on Y&R, Melissa Claire Egan, also tweeted a positive and supportive comment about Muhney and Billy Miller, who both left Y&R on December 19. Interesting that three of his leading ladies, with whom he had numerous intimate scenes, are supportive of him and clearly never had a problem with his behavior.

What we see now, sadly, is that Muhney’s reputation has been shredded, based on absolutely no facts, no official statements, no evidence, only rumors and innuendo from unnamed sources.

We also know that Y&R, CBS and Sony haven’t said anything at all about this except to say that they don’t comment on “rumors”.

This has been an all-out attack on a man’s character, which had one original source and no substantiation. The ugliness that has resulted is disgusting. The lack of spin control on the part of Y&R, CBS and Sony TV is reprehensible.


  • Who is SharonRocks?
  • Who is the inside “source” that he/she is crediting with the libelous rumors about Muhney?
  • Why did they take it upon themselves to publicly attack Michael Muhney and try to ruin his reputation?

I watched The Young and the Restless to be entertained. I came to it because I was already a fan of Michael Muhney from his Veronica Mars days. This debacle and the horrendous treatment of Michael Muhney have completely turned me off. This is NOT entertainment.

This is my last blog post about this show. I’ll never watch it again.

I have turned off the comments, even though 99.9% of the comments you all have posted are supportive and positive and very civilized. I apologize for not giving my loyal readers an outlet to vent after reading this, but I’m unwilling to monitor and moderate comments. I’m done with this show and everything associated with it. My tweet announcing this blog post will be my last tweet as well.

My readers/commenters are some of the smartest, kindest, most eloquent TV watchers out there. I have nothing but love and respect for you, unlike those who disrespect and malign you for being Y&R fans or Adam fans or Michael Muhney fans. Thank you for stimulating discussions and years of fun. You represent what is good about social media, and I thank you and salute you!

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Gossip, Rumors, Allegations and “Sources” – Yawn

That sterling example of truth in journalism, TMZ, has come out with a weak report that is wrapped up in the safe words “rumors” and “allegedly” in order to what? Entertain us?

I personally believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, and I am disgusted by the slobbering haters who are gleefully repeating what TMZ has reported as if it were some type of legitimate news.

Piling on at Twitter and soap message boards are people who have nothing better to do on a Saturday than to excitedly repeat salacious gossip and hope that it’s true.

When these stupid rumors first surfaced, I didn’t want to dignify them by repeating them here. But I must say now, does any of that story sound remotely logically realistic? To not only just suddenly, unexpectedly reach out and touch a female coworker, but then do it again in front of a witness? That would be stupidity on a scale that defies logic. It’s patently ridiculous on its face.

CBS and Sony don’t ever release official statements about nonsense like this, and I doubt they’ll break that pattern to say anything about this situation either. And I totally understand the parties involved staying quiet and off of social media. Why would they want to dignify dreck like this with a response?

I’m taking down the Christmas tree and spending my time on real life activity. This has already occupied more of my attention than it deserves.

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Peace, Joy, Love and Hope – For All

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog taking shots at Y&R, cataloging all the things that frustrate me, that I wish were different and that I’m disappointed about. It’s because I wanted to see it be better. I wanted it to transcend the “soap opera” label and be a higher class of show. I wanted it to respect it’s loyal viewers; their intelligence and their investment.

I would still love to see that.

And today, turmoil aside, I’m wishing the best to everyone who is part of The Young & The Restless, all the hundreds of people involved in making and promoting the show. We are grateful for you and for all your dedication and hard work. You should be proud of what you have accomplished.

And all the best to the many thousands – millions – of fans who, like me, have invested their time and their hearts in this wacky group of not-real people in the most quirky city in the U.S.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, peaceful Winter Solstice and Joy for whatever holiday you may be celebrating! No matter what this season means to you, it’s a good time for reflection for all mankind.

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Life imitates art and hate is a cancer – Y&R

How much of the ugliness we are seeing surrounding the firing of Michael Muhney can be squarely blamed on who Adam Newman is? Human nature, being what it is, I think many people are unable to separate the character from the actor.

Before you dismiss the notion, consider these facts:

  • Adam is the interloper. The outsider no one wanted. He’s smarter and better educated than his half-siblings. He’s a threat to the established “royalty” in GC.
  • They have had him say (and act like) he’s the smartest person in the room, which is designed to get people to hate him.
  • Adam has been arrogant and isolated. Shunned and cut off.
  • Adam has hurt most of the core characters in a significant way, either directly or indirectly. Even stealing a baby, causing a miscarriage and now, killing a child. Does it get any more repugnant than that?
  • They have created story after story where Adam is alone and friendless, mocked and shunned. Stripped of everything. Yet not technically punished, like going to prison. So even though he has suffered, no one feels he has been punished.
  • Is there another character who is as universally reviled by all the core characters for as long as Adam has been?
  • Have they had any other legacy characters do the heinous things they have Adam do?
  • Even Adam’s father is always trying to “crush” his own son. Trick him and ruin him.
  • Only recently have they allowed Adam to have Jack as a friend. And lo and behold, Peter Bergman and Michael Muhney have become friends.
  • Sharon is the only female character to actually love Adam. And Sharon Case and Michael Muhney are dear friends.
  • Chelsea has been in and out of Adam’s life, hating him and loving him, though never like Sharon loved him. And Melissa Claire Egan seems to have enough regard for Michael Muhney to tweet that he’s her “buddy” and she’ll miss him.
  • On the other hand, look at the characters who absolutely totally despise Adam and want him gone, if not dead. And look at how those actors treat Michael Muhney in real life.

Coincidence? I think not.

If your character is supposed to hate another character all day, every day, and you don’t ever get to know the actor who portrays that character, how do you NOT feel negative towards them?

Many fans also have been unable to separate the actor from the character, and they haven’t been playing a role where they’re supposed to hate him. They just can’t get over the awful things the character has done to the characters they love.

That hate bleeds over. That hate is a cancer that alters your thinking and your perception, just like cancer alters the very makeup of your cells.

Michael Muhney is NOT Adam Newman. But doesn’t this look like the cabinistas? Where they gathered together and tied him to a chair so they could all beat him down, physically, mentally, emotionally? And then spit on his grave.

Food for thought.

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A Plea for Sanity and Good Manners

Hey people – not trying to preach to anyone, but I’m so dismayed at the tone of the conversations online about Michael Muhney’s firing that I am moved to say something.

If you really have any hope of being heard or seriously considered by CBS, Sony and Y&R, you have stop with the insults, the profanity and the negativity. Please be respectful. Let them know you’re heartbroken, let them know you’d love for them to keep Muhney as Adam Newman, but don’t do more harm than good by rudely venting.

Also, please stop badgering and insulting cast members! What is up with that? They need to be left out of this.

My opinion about the going away party for Billy Miller last night is that it was HIS night. He decided to leave Y&R and his friends, I’m sure, wanted to have a party for him to let him know how much they’ll miss him. What is wrong with that?

It wasn’t MM’s party. He didn’t choose to move on, he was “let go”, which is not a cause for celebration. You don’t need to be bullying Billy Miller’s friends. How does that help MM?

I won’t even dignify the ridiculous rumors out there with a response. Let them die a lonely death in the darkness of the rabid, jealous, fevered imaginations of the cowards who are spreading them.

It’s the Holiday Season. Hug your loved ones, snuggle up close and spread kindness to your fellow man.

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Michael Muhney “just let go from Y&R”

Just announced on Twitter:

“I’m so sorry,” he wrote. “It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on set is this Thursday. My last air date will be Jan 30th. I’m going to take some private time with my wife & kids, as I am most concerned for their well-being…I have 3 final episodes to film, and because they are my last, I will be giving it everything I have. More details will follow… #xoxoxo”

OMFG – Now I KNOW this show is doomed. They’ve lost their damn minds.


For those of you who are not sure, the language MM used to make his announcement is very clear. He was LET GO. He did not leave of his own accord. And he just signed a 2-year contract in June. So no, his contract wasn’t up.

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Grief and Gloom in Genoa City 12-6-13

We wouldn’t watch if it was  la-di-da happy times all the time, but I’m getting tired of the relentless darkness on our show.

I’d like to encourage the writers to do 3 things:

  1. Balance the overall “mood” of the show so the dominant theme isn’t depressing.
  2. Pacing. P A C I N G. Stop dragging out some storylines beyond the viewers’ tolerance level.
  3. Become familiar with your core characters; their history, their personalities, the things they would likely say and do.

I know they’re dealing with a major shake-up in the writing department, so I’m willing to overlook some problems, but this is the number one daytime drama and the writers are supposed to be seasoned professionals. They need to be up to speed already.

That being said, I don’t know how Billy ever recovers from the needless death of Delia. Ultimately, he’s the one responsible for her death. He’s an impulsive, angry person, and I don’t see how he will ever “get over it” and I’m not looking forward to the rest of this character’s life being dark and depressing and full of rage and destruction.

I don’t like the way everyone on the show is frothing at the mouth about Delia’s “killer”. As far as I’m concerned, Adam gets a total pass on not confessing to anyone about it.

  • First of all, he’s not 100% sure he was actually responsible.
  • Second, knowing who the driver was is not going to change A THING. Nothing. It was a total accident.
  • Third, no one would believe what happened. We saw it, and even WE wouldn’t believe Adam could run over a 7-year-old child and be completely unaware.
  • And fourth, what purpose would be served in convicting Adam of anything and depriving Connor of his father?

If it had happened because Adam was drunk, or texting, or if he knew he hit something and then just drove off without checking, that would be a different story. You’re not a hit and run driver if you don’t even know that you hit anything.


In other news, I like Chelsea a lot more when she’s out of Chloe’s orbit. But I’m still not thrilled about “Chadam”. I’d rather see them co-parent for a while and work on being friends and trusting each other, but it looks like they’re headed for romance.

The only episodes I have any interest in are the ones that Adam is in. Well, I also like Abby and Tyler (but I’m not interested in the mysterious stalker Mariah), I like the Jack/Summer dynamic. I LOVE Sharon lately. And Amelia Heinle’s Victoria is more convincing as a grief-stricken parent than either Billy or Chloe.

These are the storylines I am skipping:

  • Lily and Cane and their exciting new business adventure (gag me)
  • Lauren the eternal stalker victim and the ridiculous prison storylines for Michael and Fen and the prison gang
  • Kyle versus Noah
  • Noah and what’s her name and the mysterious Zach
  • Jack and Jill and Adam and Kyle plotting – who knows what – against Victor
  • Dylan and Avery
  • Nikki and Dylan
  • Nick and Dylan
  • Actually, anything with the expressionless, boring, vacant-eyed Dylan
  • Creepy Victor trying to lay claim to Adam and Chelsea’s baby
  • Throwing Stitch and Ashley together???

I’m hoping against hope that they don’t go forward with the “Nick is Summer’s real father and Sharon changed the paternity test” idea. HATE that idea.

And I’m hoping they don’t have some big reveal that it was Adam who killed Delia, turning that into another hate fest where Adam loses everything and everyone hates him again. If they do that, I’m done with them.

Oh, and could we please go back to the amazing background music we used to have on this show before JFP showed up? This music is annoying.

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A week of grief and it’s only 1:00 am – October 14-18, 2013

It’s still only a few hours after the accident, Genoa City time.

The thing about the current storylines that I don’t think the show took seriously, is how these events will permanently affect the viewers of the show. The Abbotts and Newmans and Chancellors et al are representations of real people to us. These over-the-top stories which have been created for maximum shock value and dramatic effect are not going to just be forgotten with the next wave of stories. We’re not entertained, even though we can clearly see the great acting efforts of all involved.

Billy, Victoria, Chloe, Kevin and Adam – at the center – will forever be changed by the death of Delia. People who lose their children are never the same, even though they react and recover differently, and try to go on with their lives. They never get over it. The show has just thrown a wet blanket of misery and grief onto Genoa City that will forever be there.

Killing Delia is not like adult Ricky coming back after spending his life off-camera, and being accidentally killed by his father. It’s not even like Saint Cassie’s death, which was really her own fault. We see how that grief hasn’t gone away, and this is worse. This is a small child who was killed by some “monster” who drove off and left her to die. And Billy feels very responsible, as he logically would, while everyone is building up a RAGE, as Chloe said, and they are bloodthirsty for the killer.

Did Adam do it? If he did, there was certainly NO INDICATION of it at the time he slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting Dash. It could go either way. It could be that he was responsible, but there isn’t a soul alive who would believe his story.”I swerved to avoid hitting the dog, I stopped at the shoulder of the road, got out of my car to check and I saw that the dog was fine. So I drove off. That’s it.” Right. Even though I saw it with my own two eyes, I don’t know if even *I* would believe that story. And we’re talking about the cabinistas here.

Or it could be that someone hit Delia just moments before Adam rounded that curve and that’s why the dog was walking loose. We saw Delia clinging to Dash, so when he ran into the highway, in front of Adam, Delia had let go of him for some reason. And that could explain how some of Delia’s costume got hooked on a branch and then got picked up by Adam’s car tire and got stuck in the wheel well. It was at the rear end of his car, and by the time he swerved towards the bushes, he was almost stopped. Had he hit a child, he would have known it. I think she had already been hit. But of course, he thinks he did it, and so will everyone else.

But here’s the thing, we’re all sick to death of everyone hating on Adam and calling him a monster. Sick. To. Death. I admire the acting of all of the principal characters in this story, and I think Michael Muhney and Amelia Heinle are, in particular, just nailing it. Of course, they are parents in “real” life. Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson have shown some good moments, but their performances aren’t quite at the level of MM and AH. Not that you have to be a parent in real life to convincingly act like a parent on TV. But it certainly gives you a lot of first-hand experience and emotion to draw from.

However, I find it lazy and cheap to come up with a heinous storyline like this for the shock value and then say “But it gives the actors such meaty stuff to work with!” Yay for the actors. I’ll bet they could have acted the heck out of the story even if Delia were just in a coma and then recovered.

I’ve never watched any other soaps, so I had no idea that this exact storyline was already done once under Jill Farren Phelps’s watch on another soap. That makes it even worse, in my opinion. It’s not even an original bad story.

But we’re stuck with it. As are the actors. We can only hope that the writers are capable of coming up with some resolutions that will help all of us get over our grief and find something compelling about the people in Genoa City that we, inexplicably, care so much about. In spite of the abuse they suffer at the pens of the writers.

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Farewell Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott – sweet angel

Not spoilered, but it’s quite clear poor Delia isn’t going to miraculously survive.

I could go over this point by point, and explain my disappointment, but I will simply say that I hold one person to blame for this cruel, dark and unnecessary story. And that is Jill Farren Phelps. Your idea of drama, Ms. Phelps, is sick.

I have no doubt that the actors we love will do a wonderful job of portraying the unimaginable grief, pain, regret, guilt, hopelessness, anger, despair and sheer misery that this accident will cause. But just because they are talented and capable, and can deliver heartbreaking performances, doesn’t mean we will enjoy this. There is no one who will enjoy this.

If little Connor Newman needed a cornea donor, it could have been from ANY unknown, offscreen tragedy where a child was killed. It didn’t have to be Delia Abbott.

If Adam and Billy needed some drama and angst between them to establish the next generation of Abbotts vs. Newmans (although, why?) it should have been over some business thing. Or Victoria. Or poker. THIS? This is not rivalry or drama. This is an unmitigated tragedy that people never get over.

How lovely Delia’s life would have been. How sweet were Billy’s daydreams of her future? If only we could have seen them actually live out those stories over the years. How cruel and devastating to see all that and then lose Delia at 8 years old?

And it better turn out to have been someone else who hit that poor child. Adam doesn’t deserve this. This kind of tragedy – though an accident – is something you never get over. Adam will never get over it. Billy and Chloe and Victoria and all of Genoa City will never get over it. The viewers will never get over it. So it needs to be someone else’s fault. It can’t be Adam’s.

I think they left it ambiguous and open ended so they could test the waters and see what the fan response would be. May I encourage you to make your feelings known? Tell TPTB how you feel about them killing off Delia and making it Adam’s fault. And keep telling them. Maybe they’ll decide to add a twist that shows it was someone else.

But even if they do, and Adam is exonerated, we’ll never get over this brutal and unnecessary violence. I think Jill Farren Phelps needs to be replaced. ASAP. Before she completely kills this show.



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Babies and billion$, business, lies and murder in Genoa City – 10-5-13

Observations on The Young and The Restless recently…

Please change baby Connor’s name to something that’s NOT from Dylan’s family. That needs to happen ASAP. He doesn’t have to be Adam Jr., but yeah, he’s not a MacAvoy and they better not keep that name.

Replay that scene where Adam holds his fussy baby and quietly sings “Row, row, row your boat”. So powerful. As much as Adam resents Dylan, he was completely selfless and put that aside, along with his ego, to sing to his son, just as Dylan suggested. Even clueless Chelsea was surprised. You see, Chels, you really made a big mistake. Huge.

Anyone else think Victoria (who looked like a scary vampire in her seduction scenes) will be pregnant now? I don’t know why she’s all obsessed since she has a baby boy already. Plus Reed and Delia. But it looks like we’re headed for a Villy baby.

I still don’t understand how she’s even on speaking terms with her father, let alone willing to travel and do his dirty work to get back at Adam and Jack. If a new baby gets her to abandon Victor, I’m in favor of it.

Don’t get me started on the ridiculousness of these business shenanigans. Let’s just all agree that NONE of this could POSSIBLY happen in “real” life, and the writers obviously think we are all uninformed morons, and let’s move on.

I love Adam and Jack as friends and business partners, but even I can’t fanwank an explanation for why Jack would throw money at Newman Enterprises just so Adam could get close to his father. That doesn’t make sense on any level.

And now, Victor the “mogul” has Chancellor (which also makes NO sense) and he gutted Newman and he’s going to combine them into one company and it will be the biggest privately-owned company in the WORLD. OMG, I fell out laughing while Nikki stroked the old geezer’s ego. This narcissistic abuser who lives in BF Wisconsin, in a tacky little “ranch” and conducts business in the lobby of the local hotel/athletic club/crime scene is king of the world. In his own mind.

It’s insane.

I do love, however, how both Jack and Adam don’t really seem to give a shit. It may not make any dollars and sense, but both of them appear to still have lots of money and neither one of them is too broken up about Victor’s latest… uh, victory. So, let the old guy shuffle off and play mogul. Offscreen, please. And, true to his character, he’s going to use whomever he can to achieve his goals, regardless of collateral damage. Watch out Noah!

And let’s get Jack and Adam back to some real business and storylines. Jack still owns Jabot and I thought Adam was a genius at investing. Does he still have the Newman Fund? Is that where he makes his money? Let Victor have NewChance. I hope it keeps him warm at night.

They’re dropping anvils about Nikki’s long lost retconned son, and how Victor isn’t going to be sympathetic or understanding about how she gave up her own child. If they go there, please make it be the LAST time those two break up and don’t ever make Nikki go back to that sick old judgmental manipulator. I have ALWAYS liked Nikki and Paul together since they were a couple when I first started watching this show.

I’m not understanding how inheriting billions of dollars now requires Devon to wander around shirtless, but okay. I am so uninterested in the Devon, Neil, Lily, Cane, Leslie, Tyler, Mason, Hilary story I don’t even care that it makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever and that it started out as a big mystery about “Rose” and Leslie and Tyler’s mother’s murder. How in the world did it get turned around into a “you let my mother die” revenge plot for Hilary against Neil? We still don’t know who killed Leslie and Tyler’s mother. Or how Rose was so deeply and secretly connected to the Candyman. I mean he died of a heart attack, calling her name. Is Hilary a half-sister to Leslie and Tyler? I wish I cared.

I have a fondness for the characters of Michael and Lauren, but I have been cringing lately at the nonsense they’re involved in. Lauren was businesswoman of the year? You’d think that would have been a posthumous honor for Katherine Chancellor, whose business empire must surely dwarf Fenmore’s department store chain. It was just a plotpoint to set up Carmine’s murder.

I kept expecting Carmine to rip off his pants like they were part of a velcro stripper costume and start singing Happy Birthday! He looked like he was heading to work at Chippendales.

Michael and Lauren were both so ridiculously over the top in their shrieking and incompetence, it was (unintendedly) hilarious to watch. The Carmine story stopped being relevant or interesting in any way a LONG, LONG time ago. He was never more than a grinning fool with big muscles. Please let this be OVER and fire the next person who suggests that Lauren needs another storyline where some lunatic stalks her and tries to kill her or ruin her family.

I never cared about Kevin and Chloe as a couple, and felt it was forced, but I confess that their scenes this week worked for me. I suspect Chloe does feel alone and like an outsider with no family now. So even Kevin’s crazy, dysfunctional family is better than being alone.

If I failed to cover something you want to talk about, feel free to discuss in the comments!

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